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  1. Jimce wanaagsan, all. I woke up to snow this morning, which, as you all know, calls for chocolate and banana cake for breakfast.
  2. Hello Nuune, hope all is well? *Waves* at everyone else.
  3. Hi MALIKA, hope you are well? I haven't listened to Somali music in ages. Today was a day of complete relaxation, A'H.
  4. Wa Salaam Ms Moons. Juxa, abaal darada waa lagu yaqaanaa Soomalida ee forget about it and have a cup of tea. It's a nice sunny day, at least, soo maaha? STOIC, I hear you. Society is not always kind to vulnerable people.
  5. Honestly, NG has an enormous khasnad for a mind. Wixii galaa kama soo baxaan. I wonder if Serenity has seen this yet? badan baa dareemi lahaa shabuugeeda otherwise. It was a lovely party and the boys should not feel bad for not being invited, it was a women's only kinda shindig. May Allah bless my lovely Serenity's marriage and future. Amiin.
  6. Howdy STOIC. You would think the police have better things to deal with than a stolen packet of crisps.
  7. Bless you, Blessed, and thanks very much! OdaySomali, many thanks for the the heads-up! Nin-Yaaban, I have been around - just got a bit busy. Hope you are well!
  8. My Dirac does. How disloyal do you think I am? I have the day off and I spent the morning working. I can't seem to switch off! :mad:
  9. Thank you both. Is that a safe site, Apophis?
  10. I would like to download the entire Qur'aan to my iPod - any tips on how or where I can get this done would be very very helpful. Waad mahadsantihiin in advance.
  11. I voted. I now expect some xalwad for my effort. Iyo koob shaaha with hayl. How about it, Nin-Yaaban?
  12. Cara.;893354 wrote: She's pretty, she's saying misogynistic nonsense to rile up liberals and make the rightwingers squeal with glee. If she's married, I see 100% chance of a sex scandal in the forecast; my money is on her husband and another man at a truck stop... or maybe her teenage daughter getting knocked up... I have missed you, Cara.
  13. Naxar Nugaaleed;878450 wrote: I was actually looking forward to seeing this, was it not good, even though I have been conditioned by experience to disregard others views of movies lol No, it's good. It's very stylish. The story just wasn't what I expected. You'll see what I mean when you get a chance to watch it, I'A.
  14. ^ Tuulooyinku don't disappoint miyaa? Insha'Allah khayr, Che. Hope you get it. (Kigali is on my list too, Insha'Allah.)
  15. Congratulations, NG. May Allah make your little boy one of the righteous.
  16. Incredible pictures. The ocean and beaches are the best aspects of Xamar.
  17. Saw Looper recently. It wasn't what I expected at all.
  18. Congrats Narniah. First job + first paycheck - best feeling ever. Good advice from everyone too. Keep the Y-chromosomes away from you - they tend to complicate a good set up.
  19. She's cute. I can't get that stubidh song out of my head.