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  1. ^^ she seemz to have only dated 3, is dat many?
  2. Watz so special bout arab women? u say they r hot, so wat makez them dat? myb we can try n fix thingz a lil' here n there.
  3. forgot to say, my all times song is 'i wanna b down' by Brandy n 'happy' by Ashanti. anybody knowz who sang this song tha goes like.... Don worry, b happy? I only know that line..itz a soul classic?
  4. Originally posted by Cambarro: Jumbo, Jumbo Jaana, Khabargani, Hakuuna mataata...very uplifting tune Gal, i juz hv to correct u. the song goes like : Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Habari Gani, Mzuri sana. Wageni, Mwakaribishwa, Kenya yetu, Hakuna Matata.
  5. I remember sometime back, came across one of his books,'Sardines' n i waz totally excited coz it waz the first somali novel i ever read.didnt go past pg10, coz he kept glorifying unislamic ideas like drinking wine n stuff. i didnt like it.bt itz bin so long since i heard bout him that i waz sure hez dead.
  6. It kinda weird to imagine somali galz in low cut pants that partly showz the a$$ when they sit. Subhanaallah. At least in my part of the world, i never get to c dat.Bt when i c it on other women, esp when in class, i feel shy for them bt the sad part is WAT CAN I DO? Peace.
  7. Mashaallah, wa billahi tawakalna. my eyez came back to me in a state of humility. Allahu Akbar. Tnx a lot 4 the picz.
  8. Abaayo macanto, try n ask wat pple who know him well think bout him.check how he treatz his own family. find out more bout how important deen is to him n last but not least, pray istiikhara, n ask Allah to guide u to wat is kheyr. i wish u all the best.
  9. Saddam was hanged 4 killing 143 pple over God knowz how many yearz, yet Bush killz 100 nomadz in a day.Subxanaallah, Allah is most just.check out this link.web page
  10. I agree, she is a somali.gal, stop lying to us
  11. Originally posted by Socod_badne: What do you get when you put Hijab on camel-toe showing thingy? KITSCH! Listen ladies, any judgement of what you wear is between you and your maker is to state the obvious. It's your prerogative to dress as pleases you and no one has a right to sass you about it. However, dismissing those who question the appropriateness of wearing the Hijab while at the sametime sporting body-hugging clothes that'll make Britny Spears envious, is specious. It's not an arguement, it's mere handwringing. Further, you know full well there are valid reasons people heckle you for wearing the Hijab while displaying your belly-button ring. The Hijab is sacrosanct garment and you're defiling it, desecrating it, devaluing it for selfish ends. Either wear the Hijab with it's dignity unviolated or don't wear it all. What does all this mount to? If you wanna work in the kitchen you better be able to handle the heat. You and only you brought all this unwanted attention unto yourselves. Either put up with it or shut up. U said it all. Ladies, pliz respect the hijaab n to all y sisterz that don wear it, U DON KNOW WAT U R MISSING!
  12. Nice topic......i don like the fact that i give up on thingz too fast. but am workin on dat
  13. This waz one heated discussion, we nid to have more of such. all i wanna say, BE CHASTE!! Remember nobody ever died coz of not doin dat. Allah is watching nomatta where u r or who u r wit.May Allah by His mercy keep us chaste, Ameen.
  14. Well........now that i think bout it. itz really difficult to find that sweet well-educated somali gentleman. most got huge egoz n r unsupportive. but my mindz still open, myb therez gud onez.........