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  1. Hi Guys Thanks to all of you for your honest advice. I think you guys all have been very helpful.I know it is not easy for both women and men to find the mr/miss right, but advice from people in general and from his/her friends do help with decision making. I could personally handle a guy with little money, but not with little religion or personality. that is noooooooooooooo
  2. Please help!I am realy confuse. How do I know a if a guy is Mr Right, what do I look for,ie signs.Cause my moto has always been I want a guy who has the three D's (Diin,Dadnimo & Duunyo). But finding out about these things once I meet a guy (specialy his Personality)is not very easy.
  3. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend is haram. In the old days most guys never used to marry a used woman and wanted their wives to be virgins. However in the western world we live in a lot of Faarah's put presure on xaliimo's to sleep with them,by promising them marriage and undying love.So guys need to stop pressurising girls to commit sin, that they will both regart later.