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  1. Miskiin calm down is your Sheikh a leader in the ICU or not. If yes then the credibility of the ICU goes down the drain and they are just like the TFG no difference. I'll keep on been a broken record till you guys get your memories back. I am here to help you guys
  2. occupied Somaligalbeed. What is the problem can't say their name? What type of support is that when you are denying their land's name? Take a deep breath accept the reality that land is called O.G.A.D.E.N.I.A. What are you going to do next send al shabbab to blow themselves up in the markets because people will not change the name?
  3. if only indhacadde would give a blanket out of sympathy... :rolleyes:
  4. Let me add one name to your sentence for those of you who have selected amnesia because of clan loyalties Are they blind to Xabashi and ICU atrocities, crimes against humanity or other cruelsome savage, barbarous acts committed by them? Do you think Indhocadde (Sheikh for you ICU supporters) is different from Xabashi? Wasn't he terrorizing the innocent somalis long before the xabashi came? And why you are never mentioning his crimes instead of rewarding him with title Sheikh and giving him a role in the so called Sharia lovers ranks?
  5. crash course on wahhabi ideology and blow myself up at the bakara market? No no no not me I value life especially mine
  6. The tusbax is bid'ah. A little wahhabi in training. Brainwashing a little gifted child like that what a waste :mad:
  7. Why are you angry at Koora? He is just telling you what these kids are thought by your sheikhs. Who is mocking Islam? Maybe you should start investigating the teachings of these people instead of blindly defending them. You would be surprised what you will find out.
  8. do you agree with Sheikh Cumar Faaruuq's Fatwa? They will never answer that question. As they didn't answer when he followed Ibn Baaz on the issue of "the earth is flat". What they will do is to ignore the question and change the subject and then start attacking you personally and then withdraw from the subject on the ground that every body is insulting each other. That is how wahhabis are taught to do when they get though questions. I am not kidding ask the ones who gruaduated from the Saudi Universities. As so called prince Badr said "We know how to play the game. We've been playing this game for centuries"
  9. for anybody who wants to rape somali women. Does that include somalis disgused as sheikhs? Now do the math. Which party raped more the ethiopians or the somalis. How many illigitimate children are ethiopians and how many are somali. Peace is the only solution and right now these self appointed sheikhs are blocking it. :mad:
  10. They predicted then caused it. Wake up brothers these people's ideology is very dangerous. They don't want peace they want to force people on their born again muslim ideology. They will never agree on any peace talks unless you guys all accept the Wahhabi brand of islam.
  11. didn't know alshabaab existed in 1935? Well you've train the ethios well. Except ethios use their killing trainig for somalis and somalis use it for SOMALIS. Seems one group is brainless here
  12. you call alshabaab fighters hiding behind women and children. Firing from their neighbourhoods and then run leaving the innocent they claim to be defending to be killed by ethiopians. So who is the coward here unless they change the meaning of coward in the dictionary nowadays. Isn't strange their leaders are killed sipping tea while the teenagers they brainwashed are killed in the frontlines. How about the ones screaming genocide from the comfort of their couches in eritrea? What would you call those?
  13. I think Jacaylbaro is talking about Somaliland.
  14. wow talk about recycling. Maybe you guys should promote this in the west of course patent it as well and maybe make some money do you know what I mean?
  15. because that was their job and ethiopia took it from them. How dare ethiopia kill and rape our women when we were doing a better job already i.e killing and raping.
  16. get a grip they probably learned from alshabaab the killing like goats. by the way has alshabaab ever cut ethiopians throats? Noooooo just their brothers.
  17. No they are not lies. Rape, looting, killing..... all true but just wondering are you sorry the ethiopians took over the job the somalis were doing for the last two decades in the name of clan? Feeling nostalgic perhaps? Are you going to punish the people who did that... the victims know them by name so it shouldn't be hard to find them and punish them. Oh no I forgot you crowned them Sheikhs. Immunity achieved. Rape, loot, genocide then just call yourself Sheikh all sins forgiven.
  18. There are good gaalo and bad gaalo Good gaalo ; the ones feeding and clothing ICU and helping them fight the TFG Bad gaalo ' the ones helping the TFG fight the ICU Good gaalo ; The ones with a military base in Somaliland Bad Gaalo; The ones with a military base in Djibouti. Or viceversa depending which side of the tribe you belong to
  19. Will the ICU declare war on the infidels Eritreans?
  20. Give him a break. Maybe he came to know only now. There was this christian guy and he met a jew. The christian slapped the jew. The jew said "why did you slap me?" and the christian "you guys killed Jesus" The jew goes "but that happened centuries ago!" the christian "well I came to know only yesterday!"
  21. hey I said moryaans why are you hiding it and showing the next one :rolleyes:
  22. So are you saying kill each other just don't let shisheeye come. Few ********s? Aren't those moryaans representing both sides? Why are you supporting one side and ridiculing the other? Because the other made the big sin of getting shisheeye instead of keeping the dirty laundry..... the scary part is that you really really believe in what you are saying May Allah help the somalis