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  1. These people had a much better "General Hospital" under the late dictaor. An angry man is an angry clan.
  2. DISCLAIMER: The author writes for this publication in a private capacity which is unrepresentative of anyone or any organization except for his own personal views. Nothing written by the author should ever be conflated with the editorial views or official positions of any other media outlet or institution.
  3. Count me in, read the deeds for me, just don't tell me that i am not throuh and throuh "ethnic Somali".
  4. It was just yesterday , you were shoving our throats that some Somalis were "Somalilaners" just because of thier clan lineage sham. You own your sham.
  5. It's not ONLY Ooweyne's sham , It's the Somali sham. The whole clan lineage thing of ethnic Somalis is based on this terrible fairytale sham, thanks to Islamization.
  6. I think it's quite obvious from your part that my redicule on the meaning of "Somaliland" in this very context (as you understood it) was lost on you. ofcourse, the clanish sentiment under which you secessionists labour ditcates to adress those you share clan lineage with as "Somalilanders", but you're off your rocker when you refer to a Somali who says he sends money back to Somalia as a "Somalilander", simpley because of his clan lineage, and at the very minute turn around claim that the secession is not clanish. I think if the concealed wisdom of "Somaliland" is clan affiliations , it is a cold day in Hell . cheese and chalk my Guru.
  7. "Mina kusiner nere i Somalia" means "my cousins down in Somalia" Where did you glue "Somaliland Entrepreneurs" into it? delusion^2
  8. Not to entertain the illusion that fighting Islamists is morally wrong and that Egypt is not capable of fighting Islamists. You haven't.sure equivocated on Egypty's ability , have you?
  9. I think this kind of topic serves only a one purpose, namely givng a Somali-Islamist mind the wrong end of the stick.
  10. Johnny B

    What to do

    True that we're not friends, hence the oceans apart advices, but tell me, suppose that you, me and Mooge were the last human beings on planet earth and you had to head one of the advices, sure you'd take mine and think Mooge's knowledge about girls in general and girls with ocd in particular is second to none? don't answer that ,just pulling your legs. Just because of the ocd, the guy thiks you're a desperate lonely chick
  11. Johnny B

    What to do

    FirstIy,I wildly protest against this rabble-rousing insinuation of male partner being the soloution for every Woman who is suffering from OCD or what kind of disorder have ypu, and kindly remind you that you've already taken the first step towards a dignified existence by sharing your situation with us. Religion is not like Math where you follow certain set of rules and solve related problems, hence don't blame your family for knowing less. It is important to understand that the disturbing thoughts, feelings and sometimes actions are a Problem. And that you can get better, much better. Try one or all the following: 1.Talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust, such as a mate, parent, relative or school nurse. 2.Move. For example, you can walk or go and work out. It usually reduces anxiety and worrying. 3.Exercise to make crazy thoughts and feelings come without trying to get rid of them. Obsessive and compulsive acts increase the more you worry and the more you try to avoid them. But if you only let thoughts and feelings come, they can decrease after a while.
  12. Johnny B

    What to do

    See a psychiatrist ASAP.
  13. If this is something to go by and for the first time, the Dervish community has lost it's internal compass. They're coerced to live under the very legacy of British colonial name by the dominating clan. The irony seems to have been lost on them, let's hope Hargeisa will not get an urgent call from London ordering them to have their sub-protectorate behave.
  14. Meter by Meter , Helmet by Helmet could of be equivoated upon by our fellow Puntlanders, neither are we in the somme , nor are the Puntlanders in the trenches , and my favorite president of Puntland is far more formidable than Keiser whilhem intellecually atleast. I'd to perfer something inline with, Well after Well,Barrack after Barrack in the Dervish lands, but never will you be able to berrage Garowe, for there ends the saga of the trajectory-Puntland whose phony constitution encapsulated an out of reach and somehow hostile-to-the-clan-brotherhood doctrine areas , but here begins the real-King kong Puntland-of the Royal-dynasty, whose military uses real Nails as Toothpicks. A side note, How has Puntland could of have failed the Dervish clan , so much, they jumped the secession ship? Has Somaliland's stick-carrot- policy towards the Derish clan paid-off? What am i missing here?
  15. What matters most in terms of misery? 1: It's closeness to "Garowe" aka Puntland's capital? 2: Puntlan's jurisdiction on the Town? 3: Somaliland's castigatory behaviour?
  16. Dahir, Next time your Car breaks or sounds like a heading-home Lancester in Mogadishu, find me at "Maxfalka" where the city's best Scrap-Merchant. "New Bambelmi" is located We offer the best price on parts to cars like old Bedford Lorries, Chrysler's Dodges and Fiats's 650 , but never a Japaneese, no single part for specefically Isuzu Lorries, for its history of bringing people like my Guru to Mogadishu. Aaah My Guru, me and my low-ball arguments are about anything but the "legality" of "Somaliland's" political project , but then how on earth can i converse with my Guru about the Lonon weather, when the answer is ALWAYS "Somaliland" is fine".? As for the drivel, don't let it go over your head, but despite it's demagogy ,scare tactics and personal attacks, it is the only thing somehow consistent and worthy o one's few minutes of reading , compared to the flying clickbaits of the section in question. . As for the manly man NGONGE, no chane in hell that i'll be that lucky to see a Police or MI6 mugshot of him, that day i'll Join the real IRA..
  17. And there you've proved your innocence. google NGONGE + Somaliaonline , Him changing usrName is like Shakespeare changing name to Bush.
  18. Hello Dahir, Asking who is Ngonge on SOL is like asking who is Mandela in Suwetto.