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  1. ****************************you are banned from somalia online for insulting other nomads*******************
  2. Anybody who makes a pirate cry like baby is good in my books. The indeginouse communities of Xammer and it's surrounding areas deserve peace. Lets all support their unity and strength..
  3. Dufaan, Khatumo is like an adopted child, nobody wants it accept Somaliland, but everybody feels sorry for it. Lol As for there attendance, I agree they will be their in the shape of Xabsade the democratically selected representative of that region..
  4. Abtigis, give it a rest. Your like a broken record constantly playing the same tune over and over again. "Somaliland will fall" "Somalia is rising" blah, blah. The problem with your theory is the have zero substance and is all based on wishful thinking. This Somali you speak of is about to be placed in an African trusteeship. Can it get any worse. Furthermore, I would honestly as you for ones take of your anti Somaliland blinkers of and tell us all what you measure your success and failure by? Dufaan, your speaking like you give us livestock for free. War soon you won't be able to visit Togdheer through Hargiesa. Instead you will like your cousins Gedo be forced to travel from Kenya.. Plus the price of simple commodities will go up.. Don't forget Buhoodle is a small part of Togdheer and not Hiiran..
  5. Carafat, Abtigis has been consistent in his dislike for all things Somaliland, which he sugar coats with crumps of compliments every ones in a while. The only thing more consistent has been you always having two feet outside the majestic Borders of Somaliland and running back when the sheep take the fake fur off and show you their wolf fangs.lol Adeer, you are a leftover from those 60's freedom fighters who for a minute took their eyes if the ball and ended up in the mouth of a beast called Afwyene. You seem like an intelligent lad. Why make the same mistake? These people you want to unite with have only one unifying factor;there hate for us by any means necessary.
  6. Xinn, no matter how will written it is, it's targeted audience is you, Khadar, Taleexi, and the rest of the disgruntled group. In another word his preaching to the faithful. It won't win him any new fans from Somaliland. We all see Abtigis, as the worst kind of F*qas*. Those who play on their blood relationship to the people of Somaliland whilst always endless preaching, praying for there downfall..
  7. Abtigis, it's called democracy. The majority decide on the leader who they think will lead them down the path they conclude is best for them. This might be difficult for a man who's ancestors were a step away from slavery and haven't progressed much since to understand, but, free man be it president or the man at the Market as you put it have equal control of their common destiny. If your people could replicate this formula and apply it to your long suffering divided people. I assure you that your suffering would reach it's conclusion. However, with you having an exceptional IQ for the people described best by Cali Dhuux, not able to agreeing or understand the logic and benefits of respecting everymans wishes to further the group. I see no hope for your people and I'm left to pity you fools..
  8. What's your point. It's a possibilty that all those groups mentioned could have been involved in the fight. You only have to see how passionate they are against Somaliland here on SOL. it doesn't take a great leap faith to see that these mentioned groups would want to help there poor defensiveness cousins against a common enemy. Is that not why you keep crying wolf Khadar with all fake claims of massacres..
  9. Comical Khadar, why are we freaking out. Are we not according to you the ones committing massacres?
  10. Moonlight I condemn the killing of your uncle. A senseless killing perpetrated by individuals acting on what they perceived in their eyes was justice after years of being targeted by the government he most likely worked for. I'm sure you are intelligent enough to understand that the SNM did not make the targeting non SNM a policy even though that was what we suffered be it in Xamer- jazira massacre- or our own cities which were levelled to the ground. The SNM came out of the dustruction of Somalia smelling of roses. In fact you could say it did a Mandela and forgave it's former enemies..
  11. Moonlight, the Darwish struggle is complicated. On one had it started as a national struggle which must Somalilanders at the time supported, with both man power and money. However, at some point it morphed into something ugly which was consumed by tribalism. This is the final lasting memory of the Darwish movement. He respect those who on principal grounds met their end fighting for what they thought were higher ideals. Those that died were proven wrong as the real enemy was and still is those who cry Somalinmo and cry crocodile tears for something they don't grasp, and not the British then or now. The SNM's struggle was pure it's enemy truly evil and it's victory absolutely crucial.
  12. Why are you guys trying to divide the pirates into good and bad pirates. Lol child's play