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  1. i know abwaan Max’ed Jaamac Joof Allaha u naxariistee becouse i knw Mohamed Abdi(Aar) he's realii Good .... garbahayga gamuun baad ka taagtayo gibilkeyga suntii wada gaadhayee goblamaaye god aakhiro aan galee naa inta aanan go'in i gunaanadee GOOD Chice
  2. AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...Kix Kix Kax Kax...Dhiq Dhiq Dhiq...Dhaq Dhaq Dhaq... lolz dat was funny "Walaal waxba. Ma sharqan baad maqashey?? LOOOOOOOL good 1
  3. LOOL Qooq as cunto ,i thout FaaNis inay tahay :cool:
  4. Wuu waynaaday ,,, and he is now Sheekha-Jacaylka LOOOOOOOOL Ma Saas ba Doq ba lanaqoday miyaa Wanagaratay Rayaana abaayo am good alahmdulilah,yeha i knw i been relaii busy dis days with lots of things uni and work....yeah i didnt come becoz i prayed at kewdale on friday.. even thou i love to see ya guys but i couldne be bothered i was so taired
  5. alla u changed ur name Sheekha-Jacaylka ku laha loolz jaceelbaro xagu aday??
  6. the story was going alright untile she said Two and a half hours later, when the placenta came out, Eric cut me off a small piece to eat; the mild taste was surprising THAT IS DISGUSTING YAAAAAAAK
  7. Perhaps the very reason why no one her or got involved is because everyone was like 'naa waa nin xun iyo naag xun oo is haysta'. I AGREE WITH U 100% RUNTI ITS SUCH AN AWFUL ACT BUT BOTH OF THEM R GULTY MAYBE THE GUY 110% GULTY
  8. LOOOOOOOOOL i likw what's going on here even thu i just came now from a holiday Hola Back meee SOL Singles ONLY LOOOLZZ
  9. Marxab Marxab Ya Ramadaan Wa Yaa Marxaba Bika Yaa Ramadaan,,, CANT WAIT I HOPE ONE DAY I SPEND MY RAMADAN NEAR THE Ka'bah Makkah i mean or Madina i relaii wished if it was ramadan when i went there last year during the Haj but alhamdulilah. LOLZZZ Faarax-Brawn u remaind me of my sis
  10. loooooooooooooool, dis is da 1st i hear this!
  11. i wish for u all the best Mj I don't have many things to offer to you other than get a wife while you are there and please pass my sincere regards to my future wife (third) in Borama and tell her that I'm coming to get her soon Insha Allah. R u Serious man a 3rd wife,becarful don't lose ur 1st one inta mid kale rad raadinayso... LoL
  12. Masha allah it's awesome Nasheeeeeeed
  13. amatillah

    My Love!

    ohhhh hows sad my dear freind runti u remaind me of an old friend.... Never over-estimate pain. Whenever someone speaks to me of their pain, I want to say "yeah, and so...", but of course I don't.I mean, why take away their only joy? There is a time to speak up, and a time to be silent. A time to read and a time to write. A time to learn and a time to teach. A time to listen and a time to be heard. A time to lose and a time to gain. And for all of these things the time is now. Do not pray for a path less difficult, but pray for a path more challenging. Only then will you not pray to find a partner to love you, but pray to find someone worthy of your love.
  14. Deep down inside, I've always felt like a strong black woman, which mean im still alife! I ‘m a strong black women my mom use to say You better mind me or you will pay Stand straight hold your head up You have something to be proud of Your ancestors worked so hard so that life would be this way You better mind me or you will pay