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  1. Ala fuleysanaa "Waanu Argagaxney-Land" looooooool this is just a cry for help which in reality translates to "PLLLEEEAASSEEE AMISOM COME HELP UUSSS" :-D WAANU ARGAGAXNEY INDEED
  2. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> Pirate tactics they can't fight, they can't enter somaliland so what next... Hadal the only skill they have mastered for 400 years... " somaliland is Alshabab" Which means according to the pirate dictionary... " please help me somaliland is bullying me" Hahahah... Don't take these people seriously... Yes somaliland supports Alshabab haha... Now what write a book about it why don't you. Loooooooooool absolutely, couldn't have said it any better
  3. I don't think "Waanu Argagaxney'Land" wants a war with S/Land since Garowe is in range of S/Land's BMs and other heavy weaponry. Which is the reason why they're hesitant to make any kind of an offensive move and are playing the submissive role.
  4. the simple plain reason is because puntland lacks in every field, whether its economics, Infrastructure, geographical location, population, there is nothing to invest in and you will most likely be throwing your money down the drain. hence why nothing original ever comes out of puntland.
  5. ahahahahahaha daaam, you gotta love sl, they made the arrogant samatar bow dowwwwwn, epic photo
  6. garowe is a tiny dry village with less than 20.000 souls, it shouldnt even be called a city.
  7. kastuumo state always end up loosing and end up either dead or being captured. dont bring a knife to a gun fight yaa usheega
  8. this video was recorded in 2010 in a village called MALQAQA, on may 17 liyuu booliis killed 73 people villagers after a clash with onlf the day before. source = http://faafanonline.net/2012/09/23/muuqaallo-aan-horay-loo-arag-oo-cadaynaya-tacadiyada-liyuu-boolisku-u-gaystaan-shacabka/
  9. ow well, puntlanders can always go back to piracy as a last resort
  10. is this a Dinner hall or the actual Parliment.??
  11. ngonge;846556 wrote: ahem... kkkkkkkkkkk waaryaadhaheen, odaygii faroole waxa loo xidhay a "visitors badge" humiliation baa ku dhacay
  12. I hope i can put my Viza debit card in there, when i was in addiasaba in 2010 there was a cash machine inside sherington hotel which took viza debit cards, but it only gave out Bir Money, and to make it confusing all the controlls were written in Amharic so i just had to press something %$£%£$"£$!"£!"$!"£%"£%^
  13. i also heard that the sl troops broke into a shopping mall in tukaraq and looted some plasma screen televisions.
  14. walaahi this joke of a parliment reminds me of my high school canteen dinner room, with plastic chairs and metal held tables. i believe all that ethiopian gin/khamri flowing in puntland has severly effected the creativity of the designers kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  15. miss somalia has been divorced, sadex baa lagu furay. mr somaliland has moved on with his new life ee naagtan waalan ee rafaadka ka dhamaan la maxaa ninka daa dhigay. ileen they say theres nothing like a woman scorned. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  16. thank you akhi i needed this...... ka naxoow nafta waa.. viva 18 MAY 2012
  17. abdul in 10 years i have only 255 posts, you on the other hand in under 1 year accumilated nearly a 1000 posts of pure nonsense. it seems to me to you need to get employment and join the real world my friend kkkkkkkkkkk
  18. reer sool sure do come with too much calaacal, why can they behave like reer awdal or sanaag as their role models. kkkkkkkkkk waxaaan u malaynayaa reer sool are the black sheep in the sland family.. viva 18 MAY 2008
  19. walee somaliland is doing an excellent job, did u know before 2007 before sland captured laascaanood there was only 1 school and no hospitals. thanks to sland laascaanood has become meel lagu noolaan karo viva 18 MAY 2012
  20. it seems mr silaanyo has a huge fan base, look at the way these women in the photos adore him. nooloow ahmed mohamed mohamud, ilaahay raali hakaa ahaado waligaa viva 18 MAY 2012
  21. okaaaaaaaaay, it all makes sense now. the reason why the kastuumo militia are so eager to get captured in large numbers and spend a year or two in captivity is all for $50 dollars, alot of the websites are reporting large numer the prisoners are repeat offeneders oo ubartay $50 dollars kaa la siinayo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  22. ^^ looooooool easy there Chump, lets not get excited im sure we all had the same thing in mind, no hard feelings.