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  1. http://ethiomaalia.myminicity.com/ DAMM IS THIS THE END
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lhjIYzfti8 Funniest thing i ever heard
  4. I Remember they used to diss The name SOMALILAND, saying why do u have LAND at the end of the name SOMALI, but now guess who's NEXT ON LINE TO COPY CAT SOMALILAND
  5. Mogeh at an early age of his adult life knew his role in society was to educate the masses as is clear from the song mentioned above. He could never have composed and sung his later famous patriotic/nationalistic songs without having an honest love, deep seated feeling and a clear and visible commitment for his nation and people. His songs always had a message. It was impossible for him to have left London, England in the late 70's, when most Somali intellectuals were moving to bigger and better pastures in the Diaspora. He joined the liberation struggle in Ethiopia without an undying faith and love for his people. Mogeh's revolutionary songs attracted thousands of students and youth to the liberation struggle spearheaded by the Somali National Movement (SNM). In order to fully understand Mogeh's deep commitment against military rule and his fearless stands, the following story by one of his close friends and co-singer Faisel Omer Mushsteeg is illustrative. Faisel says, "In 1970 all the civil servants were forced to go through a one year course in "Xalane" a military camp near Mogadishu. The function of the training camp was to "re-educate" the civil servants to their new environment (military dictatorship) and end "civil society". Mogeh composed a poem or "Afar_leey", a smaller version of Somali poem. I also added a few lines to the "Afar_leey". Others in the camp also added a few lines of their own. The military officers in their version of "the big brother is watching you", heard about it and immediately informed their superior officers. They in turn informed the president, Siyad Barre. Siyad Barre became furious and instantly called for a general meeting of all civil servants in the camp. He wanted to know the person who composed the poem. To the dictator's utter surprise, Mogeh raised his hand and took credit for the poem. Apparently, that was not enough for the dictator, so he asked to recite the poem. Mogeh recited the poem in its entirety, including the lines we added to his original pieces. The poem went like this: Do you know that the food I eat does not have any nutrition? Do you know that I take orders from an ignorant soldier? Do you know the person I blame is you! In Somali Ma ogtahay anfacadaan cunna ma laha iidaane? Ma ogtahay Askari jaahilaan amar ka qaataaye? Ma ogtahay qofkaan eersadaa adiga weeyaane! The president of Somalia went crazy and ordered the officers to immediately put him behind bars. Mogeh stayed behind bars for the duration of the training period. It took me and some friends of mine to perform a pro government play during the closing ceremony of the training, which was attended by the dictator and his ministries. At the end of the play, we went to the President and asked for a clemency of our fellow artist. He accepted our plea, but warned all of us to stay out of political songs and anti-government activities". Mogeh's political consciousness began to grow and mature. In 1971 in a visit to Djibouti a small Somali inhibited area which was under French colonial rule at the time Siyadd Barre accused him of fomenting trouble and put him in prison again. When he was released later on, he sang a song demanding and explanation for his incarceration. He says: "If I visited Djibouti on a holiday, an area stolen from us, since I did not break the law, why was I imprisoned?" In Somali "Xeebtaa Jabuutee Somali laga xadday haddii aan xaggaa tagay maaan jabinin xeerkee maxaa laygu soo xidhay" Mogeh knew the difference between singing for your people and nation singing for a regime. He recorded two songs for the two radios in Mogadeshu and Hargeysa in his whole life as a singer; which spans nearly three decades of being number one. The song he recorded for Radio Hargeysa was a love song called "Mar Aan Xalyato Toosoon", When I Woke Up Last Night". The love song that he recorded for Radio Mogadishu was a patriotic song dealing with education and schools called "Waanada Macalinka" or "The Advice of the Teacher". As we have mentioned earlier, Mogeh's musical career span nearly three decades of being at the top. We have compiled most of his songs in our Webpage HTTP://shunuuf.tripod.com and we have at least 50 top songs and we believe we still have more to dig up. Besides being a singer, teacher and revolutionary, Mogeh was also a great stage actor, for he was the leading singer and actor in "AQOON IYO AFGARAD", the famous play written and directed by the Great Somaliland poet and play write Hadraawi in 1972. Mogeh believes in integrity and deep commitment to his people's values and culture will hopefully be imitated by the young artists of today, so that his life will not be in vain. Mogeh was murdered by the enemy of Somaliland people in June 1984, fighting the good war against the military dictatorship.. Mogeh has been gone for more than 17 years, the distinctive sound and his prophetic lyrics resonate with a force still seldom rivaled.Mogeh epitimises Somaliland culture and his music became the anthem of a displaced generation and the power behind his voice and lyrics remains to this day. He left a daughter and two grandsons who live in Addis Abba Ethiopia. Somaliland misses its own favorite son deeply. In the summer of 1999 the Somaliland people, in recognition of Mogeh's vast contribution to music and songs of Somaliland, named a new suburban residential area in Hargeysa as " Mohamed Mogeh". This is an acknowledgment to Mogeh's commitment to the preservation of Somaliland culture through his music and songs.Mogeh's legend lives on in all who sing and listen to Somaliland music today. LISTEN TO SOME OF MY FAVORITE MOOGE_SONGS [1] ADUUNYOY http://maantanet.com/music/page1/aduunyo1.rm [2]DADKA HAYSKA WEYNEYN http://maantanet.com/music/page1/Dadka%20Hayska%20weyneyn.rm [3] IDIL http://maantanet.com/music/page1/idil.rm [4] WAYEEL DADOW http://maantanet.com/music/page1/walaac.rm
  7. Ciidamada Somaliland ayaa Shalay lagu arkayey Degmadda Laasqoray. Posted to the Web Apr 27, 11:36 Laasqoray:-Waraka ka imanaya Degmadda laasqoray ee gobolka Sanaag ayaa sheegayey tan iyo shalay inay degmadaas ku sugnaayeen saraakiil iyo madax ka tirsan maamulka Somaliland. Mar saakay Idaacada Midnimo khadka teleefoonka shirkadda Gollis kula xiriirtay nin lagu magacaabo shucayb oo xiliigaa ku sugnaa degmadda Laasqoray ayaa u xaqiijiyey inay shalay degmadaas soo gaareen Ciidamo ka tirsanaa maamulka isku magacaabay somaaliland iyo weilba madax la socotay. Ciidamada Somaaliland ee soo gaaray shalay Degmadda Laasqoray ayaa tiradooda lagu qiyaasay ilaa 100 askari iyo Gawaarida Teknikada oo dhan 11 Gaari, waxaana ciidamadan u madax ahaa nin lagu magacaabay Col.Muuse Jaamac Delf. Magaalada laas qoray ayaa 130 KM dhinaca Galbeed ka xigta Magaaladda Dekeda ah ee Boosaaso. Wararku waxay intaas ku darayaa in ciidamadda Somaliland ay fariisimo ka samaysteen labada meelood ee la kala yiraahdo Xamilka iyo Xarshowga ,.Ciidamadani intii ay joogeen Magaaladda Laasqoray lama aysan kulmin wax iska cabin ah oo kaga timaada Ciidamadda Puntland, Saakay 9:00 subaxnimo ayaa tiradii ugu dambaysay ee Ciidamadda Somaaliland ka baxeen Degmadaasi. iyagoo dhanka xeebta Galbeed sii maray. Sababta ka bixitaankooda ayaa loo qaatay markii ay heleen warar sheegaya in magaaladda Boosaaso ay kaga soo baxeen cutubyo ka tirsan Booliiska Puntland .Todobaadkan Gudahiis ayey ahayd kolkii ay gacanta ku dhigeen ciidamadda Daraawiishta Puntland ee ku sugan Magalada Laascaanood ciidamo ka tirsanaa Maamulka Somaliland,dhacdadan shalay ka dhacday Degmada Laasqoray ayaa iyana loo malaynayaa inay dabasocoto iskuday maamulka Soomaliland ku doonayo dhulfidsi. Ilaa iyo iminka ayaan maamulka Puntland wax war ah kasoo saarin xadgudubka ciidamadda Soomaliland ku soo galeen degaamadda Puntland. Isha Warka.Radio Midnimo Daabacaada:Puntlandpost.com
  8. Uganda's president presses African countries to send troops to Somalia Print E-Mail March 14, 2005 12:39pm AP Online ENTEBBE, Uganda_President Yoweri Museveni on Monday pressed African countries to send troops to secure Somalia's transitional government as it returns home from exile in Kenya _ even without the support of Somali warlords who presently control the country. SOURCE = http://www.hoovers.com/free/news/detail.xhtml?ArticleID=NR20050314140.6.24_25fc001d44a9df35 "Somalia has suffered for the past 14 years and we have to deploy troops with or without the support of warlords," Museveni told defense ministers and officials from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development that is planning to send a regional peace support mission ahead of a fuller peacekeeping force. "For the warlords to say that they are protecting the people and yet they have guns and are holding these people hostage is wrong," said Museveni, who heads the seven-nation regional group. "It is a shame for one of the ancient races in Africa to suffer for so long as we are looking on." The defense officials later agreed to send 6,800 troops to Somalia, including some from Ethiopia and Djibouti, for a mission that would last for nine months as the African Union gathers a fuller peacekeeping force. The troops will deploy to all regions of Somalia, excluding the breakaway republic of Somaliland, beginning at the end of April, Lt. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda's army chief, told reporters. The decision must be endorsed by foreign ministers who will meet in Kenya on April 16-17. The decision, however, is likely to raise tensions in Somalia, where Warlords-turned-Cabinet ministers have said they are prepared to accept peacekeepers from the African Union and the Arab League _ but not troops from neighboring Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. They, along with Islamic clerics, some Somali residents and the U.S. State Department have warned that sending troops from the neighboring countries would derail fragile efforts to end a 14-year civil war the Horn of Africa nation. Warlords and lawmakers from a clan that controls the capital on Sunday offered to withdraw 15,000 militia fighters from Mogadishu to guarantee the security of the country's government _ but only if troops from neighboring countries are not sent. Ethiopia actively supported Somali factions with money and weapons in the civil war that started in 1991, and its troops could seek to advance Ethiopian interests if deployed in the Horn of Africa nation, some Somali lawmakers said. Somalis also remember the war they lost in 1977 over control of Ethiopia's southeastern ****** region, largely inhabited by ethnic Somalis. The Somali army never recovered from the defeat, a fact that eventually helped warlords to overthrow dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Somalia's government is based in neighboring Kenya because Mogadishu is considered unsafe. Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi's Cabinet asked the African Union and Arab League earlier this month to send between 5,000 and 7,500 troops with a one-year mandate to protect the government as it organizes a police force and army. The AU Peace and Security Council authorized deployment of an interim force ahead of a fuller AU mission.
  9. Kampala - A controversial 10 000-strong regional peacekeeping force planned for Somalia will deploy across the country except in the breakaway region of Somaliland, a senior Ugandan military officer has said. "The force will deploy throughout Somalia, from Puntland all the way to the south, but not in Somaliland," the officer said after meetings of east African military experts at which the eight-battalion deployment was worked out. Somalia has been without any functioning central authority for the past 14 years but the region of Somaliland has established its own governmental structures and claims independence from the rest of the war-shattered nation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The officer said the first phase of the proposed deployment, which has been recommended to begin on April 30, would see three-and-half battalions of troops sent to lawless Somalia to assist the country's transitional government relocate there from exile in Kenya. Somalia has been without a functioning central authority for 14 years The first peacekeepers to go would include a battalion each from Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia and a half battalion from Djibouti, he said on condition of anonymity. He stressed that the proposal, presented by defence chiefs from the seven-nation Inter-Governmental Authority on Development on Monday, still had to be approved by IGAD foreign ministers. The officer added that the proposal did not take into account strong opposition from some Somali warlords and Islamic clerics to the participation in the force of troops from Ethiopia and Djibouti. Those two countries, as well as Kenya, are seen by opponents as having ulterior motives in Somalia. "The foreign ministers will handle those policy matters," the officer said. "We wrote down the concept and it is them to decide the implementation policy." However, on Monday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, the current chair of IGAD, said the force, to be known as the IGAD Peace Support Mission for Somalia, would deploy with or without the support of the warlords. "We are going to deploy with or without the support of the warlords," Museveni told defence ministers from IGAD, which comprises Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and nominally Somalia. - Sapa-AFP SOURCE = http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=68&art_id=qw1110881700989B254
  10. u guyz make me laugh, why should the CommentS made by a old faarax who's Nation is enslaved by ethiopia get to you Lot. allow the long thing man AND mOVE on
  11. It's a common fact that these refugees of mostly Bantu and Bay&Bakol descent are expected to leave Pland u call urself Nationalist and u call Children who are in their own Mother_land the so called SOMALIA refugees, i pitty u walaahi and i also pitty the so called SOMALI_WEYN with such talks
  12. The question is why and what is being done to help these youthz.? Caruurta ku Dayacan Waddooyinka Boosaaso -------------------------------------------------- Waxaa ku soo badanayay guud ahaan Soomaaliya Caruurta Wadooyinka ee Jiifata Darbiyada ama wax ka cunta meelaha Qashinka lagu soo qubo oo qaarkood aad arkayso iyagoo isticmaalaya daroogooyin ka tan badan sida Koolada 99-ka layiraahdo oo ay Nuugahayaan, xashiishada nooca Murjuwaanka la yiraahdo oo sida Sigaarka loo isticmaalo, qaarkoodna markaan wax ka waydiiyay in ay Cabaan Qamriga ayay ii sheegeen hadii ay helaan Lacag ku filan ay fursad u helaan. Caruurta oo Qashinka ka doonanaysa waxay Cunaan, Booasaaso, Soomaaliya ....Xeebtii ayaa u muuqata, haddii malaha loo samayn lahaa laash ama huuri ama sixiimad loogu kalluumeeyo!!!!!! Caruurtaa oo aan haysan wax daryeel ah ayaa ku dayacan wadooyinka iyo Darbiyada ayagoo marka ay waynaadaan badankood qaata Qoriga Dagaal huriyayaasha la shaqeeya, Caruurtaa oo guud ahaan Soomaaliya Gobolo ka mida mar aan socdaal ku maraayey magaalooyinka waaweyn qaarkood ayaa waxaa aad ii damqay dhibka ay ku jiraan Caruurtaa, aydoo Qofwalba Hanuunkiisa uu hayo Illaahay, Caruurtaa ayaa iyagu ah kuwo aan daryeel ka helin Bulshada ay la nool yihiin badankood. Caruurta oo ka Doonanaya Waxay Cunaan Qashinka la soo Qubo, Bosaso Carruurtani ma haystaan cid daryeesha, mana garanayaan meel ay u ciirsadaan oo aan ka ahayn goobaha qashin qubka Caruurta ku dayac wadooyinka oo qaarkood nuugaya Koolada 99 ka, Bosaso ...Carruurtani ma ganaaayaan halista ay leedahay daroogadaasi Caruurta ku dayacan wadooyinka Boosaaso mid kamida oo koola Dhuuqaya Sambabkiisa ayuu ka buuxinaya sun uusan garanayn halisteeda.... Waxaa xusid mudan oo aan arkay mar aan tagay Hargeysa Ururka Dhalinyarada HAVAYKO oo ay wadaan Dhalinyaro isku tagtay ayaa Daryeel u samayay Caruur aad u fara badan oo ay waxbarashadooda, Raashinkooda iyo Jiifba u sameeyeen iyagoo ii sheegay in ka helaan gacan Hay'ado kale oo Caalamiya oo ka mid yihiin UNICEF. Dhanka kale mar aan booqasho ku weheliyay Mas'uuliyin Ururka YODA oo ah Ururka Horumarka Dhalinyarada xaruntiisu tahay Boosaaso ayaa Gacanta ku haya Iskool ay dhigtaan Arday ka mida Dadka soo bara kacay ee ka yimid Koonfurta Soomaaliya, Iskoolkaa oo ku yaal Xaafada Boqolka Buush laguna magacaabo, DARYEEL ayaa waxa Dhigta Arday aad u Da,yar oo ugu badanaan ah Caruurta Waalidkood marka ay waayaan waxa ay siiyaan iyo Iskool ay ku bixiyaan Lacag dayaca, kadibna noqda Caruurta ku dayacan Wadooyinka. Bahda SomaliTalk.com waxay bulshada Soomaaliyeed gebi ahaanteed ku baraarujinayaan in haddii aan si degdeg ah wax looga qaban ay dhumi doonaan laba fac (ama labo Jiil) oo Soomaali ah, kuwaas oo noqon doona qayb ku talfa goobaha qashinka macaluul iyo dacdarro awgeed, iyo qayb noqon doonaan kuwo aan waxna qorin waxna akhrin oo seega waxbarahada asaasiga ah, arintaas oo halis weyn ku ah jiritaanka mujtaaca Soomaaliyeed qarnigan 21aad. Barnaamijka Gurmad waxaa isku soo dubarida: C/fatax Jaamac | SomaliTalk.com | Boosaaso Email: somalitalkpl@yahoo.com LINK: www.Somalitalk.com/gurmad CABSIDA LAGA QABO MUSTAQBALKA CARUURTA SOMAALIYEED.
  14. what president, ow u mean the hotel president,
  15. She is very Lucky to get only 5 Years for Attempted Murder.
  16. Bishaaradii Nafteydaaaaay Lugta Waxaaan Ku sooo Maray Ba'talaalihii uu Boodhari Ku aasnaaa Ilaa Buurtii Daalo Buran iyo Hadaafitomooo Ceerigaabo iyo Badhan Baladadii Kalgacalada iyagoo Barwaaaqaaaaaa Biyuhuna Qul-Qulayaaaaaan Baliyaduna Buuxaaaaan soo Bookhay owgaaaaaaaaaaa