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  1. Two weapons are proving very difficult for Russians to advance. 1. The nLAW is a UK made shoulder mounted Fire & Forget anti-tank rocket. 2. The Stinger anti-aircraft missile made in the US.
  2. That looks like Russians using their carpet bombers. It seems they know they are bogged down and the resistance from the Ukrainians is very strong. This, however, will not change the projected defeat.
  3. It seems Russians are being pushed back in many fronts. The Kyiv front is proving very difficult for Russians to advance any further. The supply lines are being harassed. The US/West is supplying valuable intelligence to the Ukrainians for pin point accuracy attacks. I would be highly surprised if Russians last the next week or so. This is shaping to become the mother of all defeats. After this war ends, the Russian Bear will be left with no teeth.
  4. It is obvious that Somaliland's Passport is not recognised world wide, although the number of countries accepting it is growing nonetheless. For example, UK accepts diplomatic passport but normal passport is accepted by case-by-case (for example students that are accepted in UK Universities). The visit by President Muse Biihi to Djibouti comes at a time when Djibouti is going through its worse political crisis. A number of high level officials are under arrest accused for orchestrating a Coup. A secret Audio was recently leaked where IOG is using colourful language in reference to prominent figures in Djibouti including the Opposition leader. At a time the relationship between Djibouti and Hargeisa is at its warmest and also the relationship between Djibiouti and Mogadishu is at its lowest point. Additionally, the top US Defence Chief is in the region and so there could be also a secret meeting between the two sides. All in all, this visit is coming at an interesting time politically and security in the region.
  5. Just shows how the West mindf*** the 3rd World countries.
  6. Nepal protest turns violent as lawmakers debate US grant WWW.DW.COM Police and protesters have clashed for a second time outside Parliament as plans for new infrastructure projects, funded by the United States, were debated by lawmakers.
  7. According to the same mindset, I wouldn't be surprised if they come here and tell us that the Anti-Piracy Force that is operating off the coast of Somalia led by the EU is also comes under Farmaajo. The 5 youth that died in Turkey were all graduates from local Universities. Obviously, they went on their migration journey not b/c they had to leave their own homes due to conflict migration. The reality is that these youth have Ego problem - there is a lot of work available. Not the work they probably qualified for, but non the less work is available. So essentially, they cannot be categorised as 'economic migration' either. Rather I think they are suffering from 'Ego migration'. The truth is, Europe is not the Europe of 10 years ago. Today, Europe is teeming with refugees from many different global conflicts from Syria, Iraq, Lebenon etc all the way to Afghanistan and Iran. As well as from all walks of life from Africa - the West Africans (Libya, Mouritania, Western Sahara, Mali, NIger, Nigeria, Camaroon etc) make up almost 60% of the people who arrive on boat in Europe. The percentage from East Africa has been decreasing since the Libyan civil war.
  8. They will become just like the other frozen conflicts in that part of the region South Osetia and Abkhazia come to mind.
  9. Why no one is talking about this is beyond me. Have they given up on 'sovereignty' and 'territorial integrity'. is that a lame card only pulled when it comes to Somaliland?
  10. Kenya, Ethiopian pledge to conduct cross border terror operations for stability WWW.THE-STAR.CO.KE Both countries have their militaries in Somalia to fight al-Shabaab.
  11. Like I said previously, the Fraud Group, those who represent no one but their back pockets, have actually performed very well when you compare it with the other groups. At the start of this whole farce, if I was a betting man, I would have thought the Fraud Group would be the last to finish. This is a group that has no credibility, no leadership (as far as legitimate leadership is concerned), no powers backing... it is all individuals that all have $$$ in their mind. Naturally this would be the group with the most squabbles; So one would have assumed. They have just concluded their s/election process with a number of day to go until the dead line. Which is not a small feat, considering all the other groups are in logger heads and it will take a herculean effort for them to finish their lists. At least, lets congratulate the Northerners for at least showing the Southerners how to do it even in their own farcical s/election processes. I am very sure the International Community members must be scratching their heads on why those from North are more organised and seem to conduct their affairs better than those counterparts in the South? It is a field for study really. --------------------- Doorashada xildhibaannada gobolada waqooyi oo lagusoo gabagabeeyay magaalada Muqdisho HIIRAAN.COM Isniin, Febraayo, 21, 2022 (HOL) - Saddexdii xildhibaan ee ugu dambeeyay ee doorashada xildhibaannada gobollada Waqooyi ee golaha Shacabka, ayaa maanta doorashadooda lagusoo...
  12. Let me update this: 1. Clueless 2. Careless 3. Those with "Blinkers" on We now have the 4th group. 4. The NISA Group - In the film Matrix - these are The Agents. Fahad Yassin's Agents. This group is cashed up to the teeth and they will not stop at nothing in getting their way to the top leadership of the Parliament.
  13. Hard to swallow that the road side explosion is the work of Alshabab. This is a politically motivated explosion. One thing is becoming very clear, Deni is losing control of the security of his region.
  14. In high school I watched a film called "What is eating Gilbert Grape", it was part of our English unit. It is starred by non other than Leonardo DiCaprio ('s_Eating_Gilbert_Grape) It is a classic film. None the less, your fixation about what I am posting here reminds me of that film. I would suggest you take a chill pill and just comment where you may and skip where you may not. You will have a very fulfilling life if you do that. Btw the what I post here is current news. Unfortunately all headline news from South Somalia is on the negative side. Ma anaa suudaanta keenay? maxaa iigu cadho burburaysa?
  15. The Pursuit of perfection. Horaa loo soconaya.
  16. Just like the drug cartels of Mexico cannot be eliminated b/c they are so entrenched in the system. Some police stations double as frontshop for drug cartel in some cities in Mexico. The same way Alshabab has entrenched itself into the fabric of South Somalia.
  17. PL collects around 72 million dollars from tax, while JL collects about 20 million. It is almost non existent in other FMS.
  18. I disagree somewhat. Yes there are a lot of problems. But there are equally a lot of opportunities. I have seen it with my own eyes. There is a cultural issue - which is very obvious also when you see our people in the West. No one wants a boss, or set hours. They want casual work, nice place, not too physical. Yes, there is a shortage of those jobs. But if you want jobs that require you to be punctual day in-day out, hard work, difficult work. Then there is actually a lot of these. There are also a lot of opportunities in the trades. But like you said, there is a lot of universities and they are preparing youth for a different world - not the world they live in. Instead of business school, they should be studying metal works, instead of marketing school, they should have engineering skills. etc.
  19. The issue with Somaliland's recognition is two folds 1. That it has no champion at global level. Never had it while it was struggling to free its country, never had it while rebuilding its country, never has it today. So that is a big headwind, specially when it comes to global forums like UN, AU etc. You have to have someone with considerable weight to advance your cause, diplomatically. 2. Somaliland's other issue is Somalia itself. Somalia is a country that has totally failed and for 30 years has no credible government that can fully represent. The so called gov't in Villa Somalia today is nothing more than glorified NGO that has no much of relevance to Mogadishu's residents let alone the whole of Somalia. This makes Somaliland's case very unique and very different from the cases you have mentioned in your post. You said that 'no sane nation will buy it", but the truth is no nation wants to be seen as taking advantage of Somalia's darkest hour. That guilt feeling is overshadowing Somaliland case. Which why the default position of these countries is for Hargeisa and Mogadishu to settle their issue together. Somaliland has a strong case - acknowledged by both the African Union and a number of key countries. But no one wants to be the first, everyone wants to be the second or next nation to recognise Somaliland. It seems the IC is finally getting it. That there is no hope in Somalia. And that Somaliland should not be held hostage to the continuous political failures and the never-ending quagmire that is South Somalia. The day of reckoning is very soon. 3. Unlike the other Secession states, Somaliland has been devastated by the war. It has to start from nothing. And (this relates to point 1) there has been huge shortage of funding to get anything started. Everything you see today is built from the ground with shoe-string budget. Hence, the other secession states have had a better economy, better links and better position to start the case from. This is just tip of the issues... there is more.
  20. That said, Somaliland has put in place the necessary foundations that will allow her to leap frog the region in the next 5 to 10 years. Berbera Corridor is all but completed, trade links with the region established, Oil/Gas to be extracted in the next 24 months. It is all coming together inshallah. Dhiisha fakhriga dhawaan ayaa la xoori doona.
  21. Amin inshallah. Very difficult times. You touched lots of issues, some that are global, some that are unique to Somaliland of which you have exaggerated and some that are valid. Let me start with the valid topics. 1. After 30 years, Somaliland should have been in a much better position. True. But the headwind (Somali politics, package) is too strong. Given the circumstance, this is the best you could possibly do, I know I know, someone living in Europe or North America this seems very odd. But "habar fadhida legdin wax ula fudud". Just getting people to remove their own rubbish is a huge undertaking. They will accuse you that you are doing this b/c you got some money from some external donors and you want them to do it for free, when you should be either paying them or doing it for them. Very difficult mindset. That is the least of the problem, asking people to get up and do something for themselves. 2. The issue with not enough has not been done is exaggerated. Somaliland's problems are multiples of current and historic problems combined which is rolling like a snowball ever increasing NOT decreasing. Just to get even with the problems will require billions of dollars of funding. Here is an illustration I found relevant to this issue. Our issues is that huge tanker.. and we only got shovels to help free it - not even the bulldozer. If you know what I mean. 3. Droughts and natural disasters are common global challenges. There are mechanism in place to dealing with such things, specially for the 3rd World countries like majority African states. Somaliland sits outside those mechanisms. For example, the World Bank is funding to the tune of 45 million to respond to the Somali Region of Ethiopia's drought situation. By comparison, Somaliland received $1.5 million drought assistance. The Somaliland Gov't allocated from its own budget close 7 million dollars. Budgets are not money in the bank. It is money that is being collected on daily basis which need to be disbursed on daily basis on expense and projects. There is hardly any money in the bank by close of Business. Every dollar is allocated. Current accounts do not fix droughts or long term issues. What fixes these problems is big loans or funding to huge projects like water storage and dams from sums of dollars from Global funding facilities like World Bank and United Nations Development Agency etc. Somaliland has no access to these. 4. The issue with Libya and youth migration. This is a global issue or Africa's issue when it comes to reaching Europe via Libya. Btw, the return project of the Somali Youth in Libya is a European project. They do not want these kids to reach Europe - that is their aim and end game. Rescuing these kids is last on their list. The question that remains to be answered is, what is making them leave their country when they have peace and there is a lot of opportunities available. I have seen thousands of foreign youth (Et, Kenya, Indian, Pakistani, Yemeni) all working in different trades from electric, to building to manufacturing. So, that tells me that Work is there. Why Somaliland youth are leaving the country when there is work available? To answer that question, it comes down to 'ii-do0r sal fududaa wuxu sugaayo muu dhawro". The majority of these youth are from Beesha Dhexe, like 90%.
  22. Somaliland could help a lot more not just in times of great need like droughts but in other areas like political issues and security issues. If only they knew.
  23. Also another thing I just seem to come across very often is the word 'Secessionist'. It doesn't really bother me or us. In fact, we have made the idea of 'Secessionist' fashionable. I wouldn't be surprised if some others start following our lead. The whole point is whether you are successful at what you do or if you fail. Simple.