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  1. After the Ukrainians have whooped the Bear's behind, I think many armies including China's are reassessing their war strategy. Intelligence was the decisive factor in Ukraine, more than anything. The Ukrainians knew everything the Russians were doing. And in war, if you know your enemies strategy and plans, you are one step ahead of them. Which is why Russia lost so many Generals and high ranking military men, b/c the Ukrainians knew exact location they were.
  2. Somaliland's Businesses pledge 8 Million dollars towards Waaheen victims.
  3. Nin kan ha laga gar-baxo. He has a point, when they overlooked the daylight robbery which took place in Bosaso for example and Kismayo, they shouldn't be so picky on what took place in South West. In fact, the South West was probably much more cleaner than the other two. Good to see SW folks standing up for themselves.
  4. Bickering little brats, these two are. Why can't they just F**4ing take each other out like real men and move on, or make up and move on.
  5. They just want to be relevant ain't they? Somaliland's position with regards to Donor money sent to Mogadishu remains the same. We have no changed our policy. And the fact that Mogadishu has kept these sums from the World Bank for the last 3 years is not lost on anyone. Why send money when no one requested it? Somaliland Government will consult with the World Bank on the methods and the behaviours of the Mogadishu Mafia with regards to their funds from World Bank and how they are misusing it and politicising it. Somaliland is engaging with her bilateral friends such as the UK, UAE, Taiwan and others to help setup a fund to rebuild Waaheen as well as reimburse those who lost their livelihoods in the fires. Also the personal contributions by private business or individuals will be welcomes from anyone including South Somalia. But we totally reject any funds from the Mafia in Villa Somalia.
  6. Alshabab has distanced itself from NISA's press release. Says that it is a smokescreen for NISA to carry out its bombings. Again, no one really know who is killing who these days. Both NISA and Alshabab are taking turns. The only difference is that NISA's targeting killings are more deadly as they have access to more information than the terror network.
  7. This actually confirms the fact that NISA and Alshabab have morphed into one. No one knows where Alshabab ends and NISA begins or vice-versa. Roobleh first confirmed that he received threatening messages on his phone - it is only fair to assume the PM's number was leaked by NISA agents. We can also deduce that the collaboration between Alshabab and NISA does not only end leaks messages but has evolved into a full fletched working relationship. So for NISA to come forward with a message like the one above, it just shows that Rooble's comments were spot on and that the same people who murdered Amina in Beledweyne are also after him. The addition of Farmaajo to the list of individuals that Alshabab is targetting is just nothing but smoke-screen.
  8. The Russians must be so demoralised that they are willing to abandon their own fella soldiers behind.
  9. Somaliland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs retweets the Spokesman of Tigray region's tweet about the Hargeisa fires. Somaliland enjoys excellent relationship with all sides of the Ethiopian conflict.
  10. What is left of the 40km long convoy. The amazing thing is that the Ukrainian Army has not lost much probably less than 5% of its hardware. Whereas the invading Russians have lost almost 50% of their military hardware.
  11. This is how Russia was defeated in Kyiv region. Columns after columns of wreckage.
  12. Another eye witness who saw the fire engulf the whole market within minutes - in his own words "the first started by a electrical short circuit". And further explains how shockingly the fire quickly just spread like he never seen a fire engulf before.
  13. Ukraine will bounce back and Putin will go into the history books as one of the butchers of humanity along with Hitler, Saddam Housain, Mengistu, Pol Pot, Siyad Barre among others.
  14. This nothing more than just another version of the misrepresentation and fraudulent s/election process. They are not fooling anyone but themselves. You think dollars will work where 'Sooomaaliyeey toosoo' failed? We see through it like an X-ray sees through your bones.
  15. You are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  16. Amazing stories coming out including how the fire licked the front side of a Masjid but stopped destroying it. How a Maktaba that stores Quran and religious books was completely spared eventhough fire raged all around it. Another amazing story is about a Warehouse owned by family of orphaned children, while all other surrounding warehouses were destroyed. Another story about this man who was well known charity person whose building survived.
  17. Actually the money is part of 70 million dollars earn marked for Somaliland by the WorldBank/IMF but went through Mogadishu. Somaliland refused to accept any funds that comes through Mogadishu before and won't accept it today either. Our position is clear, if the IC wants to help us, they need not to come through another party, deal with us directly or just keep your money. Our people is able to cover the costs of rebuilding ourselves.
  18. Here is one business lady who lost 100s of thousands of dollars worth of goods. She owns 8th warehouse from the the one that the fire started from. And says she saw the electric cable sparking lots of fires, with ember flying all over the area.
  19. Connecting dots that are unrelated. Probably you should include Ukraine while you are at it and somehow connect the Ukraine war increased food prices etc etc. I hate to say this again again but the fire that happened on Friday night is actually known where it started and how it started. What more could you ask for? We also know how it spread so fast like it was something that was out of this world, jumping from one building to the next within minutes. The issue is not about who started the fire anymore. It is how it got so big so fast, how the authorities couldn't help it despite throwing even the kitchen sink at it. It was masiibo rabaani ah. Qofkii wax kale ka dhex raadiya, waa qof waalan. Needs to admit him/herself to the closest mental institution.
  20. Absolutely agree that "negligence" from all sides from Centeral Government, Local Government, Chamber of Commerce all the way to the Vendors and stall owners. Previously, the stall owners would cry foul that their small shops are being targeted when this the only way they can make a living and support their family. And they would always challenge the Government to provide an alternative source of income or place to trade. This was a powerful case. But no longer that is going to be as powerful as the fire that ravaged everything. The Gov't will have the support of the city's residents and businesses to do whatever it takes to have this never repeat again.
  21. Soomaliland:askartu shacabka ma rasaasayso ! Waxaa qoray:Weriye Ciise Talyaani Todobadii fiidnimo ayey ahayd markaanu New Hargaysa cashada unimi oo aanu soo dhaafnay meheradii shaaha ee Yamaniyiinta oo ku taalay Suuqa Waaheen dhanka laamiga bartamaha soo xigtay. Waxaanu markaas ka soo laabanay, safar aanu ku tagnay Gabilay iyo Boorama, saacad hadaanu fadhino halkaanu ku cashaynay, ayaa nalagu war-geliyey in Hoteelkii aanu deganayn oo ku yaalay Suuqa Waaheen aagiisa uu dab wayni qabsaday. Saaxibkay Maxamed Xassan Dhalo oo aanu wada soconay ayaan is-waydiinay sida aan ku tagi karno Hoteelka, kolkaas ayuu iiga sheekeeyey dabkii qabsaday suuqa Bosaaso 2011-kii Dec, waxa uu iiga waramay xalaadu siday markaas ahayd, iyo dhibaato askari ugaysatay isaga iyo laba nin oo la socotay, wuxuu kaloo iisheegay in rasaasta askartu habeenkaas riday ay uga xasuus badantahay dabkii suuqa. Aniga oo aan meesha Huteelku iga jiro u kicin, ayuu dareen dheeraad ku ah dabkaasi igu abuurmay, mana anan jeclaysan inaan aado. Raggii aan wada soconey qaarokood waxay gaari u qaateen beerta libaaxyada oo ilaa casarkii laga sheekaynayey. Laakiin aniga iyo saaxiibo kale oo ducumentiyo ka war-wereyey, waxaan u soo kacnay xaggii dabku naga xigey. Waxa ugu wayn ee aan ka baqayey marka laga yimaado dabka waxa ay ahaayeen askarta. Waxaan filayey oo run noqotay in dad tiro beel ahi ay meesha isugu imanayaan si ay u arkaan xaaladda, deedna sida caadada u ahayd askarta magaalooyinkii aan joogay, sheekadii saaxiibkay Dhalo ee dabkii Boosaaso qabsadayna ka mid ahayd, in askartu xabad u isticmaali doonaan kala baacinta dadkaas. Gaarigii na waday wuxuu na dhigay meel in doora ujirta suuqa, saxmadda oo badnay awgeed, waan soo lugaynay aniga iyo saddex nin oo aanu wada soconay, markaas anigu waan dareen soconayey, saxiibadii ila socdayna ila mid bay ahaayeen, waayo isku meel ayaanu ka nimi. Lakiin markaan gudaha usoo galnay suuqii oo aan in doora-soconayno niyad ahaan su'aasha igu taaganna marka laga yimaado dabkaas damintiisa ay ahayd, rasaasta oo aan dhawaaqeeda la'ahay, ayuun baan ku nimi askari suun wata oo dadka hortaagan. Askarigaasi oo Booliiska Somaliland ka tirsanaa waxa kaliya uu isticmaalayey waxa uu ahaa suun, ciddii soo jiirta uu isaga caabinayo, cidi may dhaafayn isaguna ma xad-gudbeen, waxa uu hadba sii daynayey dadka hantidu ka tiilay suuqa ee hadba kartoonka la soo ordayey. Hoteel Barwaaqo oo aanu degenahay hortiisa ayey dadku taaganyihiin, askarigii suunka watay ayaa na istaajiyey, wuxuu na waydiiyey ujeedka socodkeena, markaas anigu lama hadlin lakiin raggii aanu wada soconay mid ka mida ayaa la hadlay, wuu na fasaxay hoteelka markaanu galnay oo aanu soo qaadanay kumbuyutaro iyo dukumantiyo ayaanu soo laabanay. Runtii dhibaato ayaa ka taagnayd suuqa, dadka wajiyadooda waad ka aqrisan karaysay halaagga dhaqaale ee dhacay, dhabtii la dareen ayaan ahaa, waayo waxaa marba na dhaafayey haweenay ama ganacsade ladnaa cabaar ka hor oo aragoodu kuugu filan yahay dhibaatada jirta . Dareenkaas ka sokow waxaa ila waynayd oo aan hadba sii jaleecayey askariga suunka watay, waxaan la noolaa askari daruufta amni khasbayso lakiin dhibaatada dabiiciga ah toodu ay ka darantahay, waxaan usoo joogay askari si uu waddo iiga celiyo madaxa qori iiga saaray. Waxaan bartay bulsha kasta inay udhaqanto sida dawladeeda iyo askarigeedu udhaqmaan, waxaan arkayey idinna aad sawiradooda aragteen arday iyo shacab biyo iyo cunno siinaya askarta shaqada dab-daminta ah gacanta ku haysay, waxay taageradaa bulsho ciidanku ku helay waa dhimrinta ay sameeyeen, marka laga yimaado waajibaadka ay gudanayeen. Haday askartu xabad is-ticmaali lahaayeen, khasaare nafeed ayaa isaguna raaci lahaa dabka. Ismaan lahayn waxaad arki khasaare caynkaasa, ismana oron askari Soomali ah oo suun wata ayaad la kulmi, lakiin Somaliland ciidankeedu way ka duwanaayeen kuwii aan horay usoo arkay. Hargaysa dabkeedii, waxa uu dhammaantaya noo ahaa waaya aragnimo, aanu ka baranay casharo dhigaal inoogu noqonaya in aysan mar kale inagu soo laaban, waxaanu baranay wax kasta oo sabab unoqon kara khasaarihii nagu dhacay oo ay ugu horayso muhiimada ay leedahay wadooyinka oo laga fidin karo gurmadka deg-dega ah. Waxaan kaloo baranay inuusan jirin garab laga maarmo, indhahayga waxaan ku arkayey dameerle biyo kaga qayb-qaadanaya dab daminta, booyadle aan nasanayn iyo haweenay caawinaysa hantiile mirar kortoono ah carwadiisii waynayd ee dabku qabsaday ka badbaadsanayey. Hargaysaay kabo oo hormuud ahoow.
  22. If there was even 1% of suspicious activity related to the fires, you will hear it first from Hargeisa's residents. Because nothing is hidden in Hargeisa. Waa dad xor ah oo wixii ay arkaan ka hadla, runta ka sheega. Reer Hargeisa beenta ma sheegaan si ay siyaasad daciif ah uga dhex raadiyaan. The fact that this 'suspicious' rumour is going around by anti-Somaliland elements, just tells how they will not stop at anything. If iyo aakhiro way seegeen. When you look at the how the people, strangers and friends, are moving the goods out of warehouses to the Dooxa Hargeisa where it stayed overnight without a single box missing. That shows, how true and honest the people are to one another. An unmatched spirit that is only found in very few places on this Earth. For example I give you the case of Simoodi Gold shop which belongs to Reer Awdal investors. Their whole gold inventory were stored in the middle of Dooxa Hargeisa with zero security.
  23. There is zero suspicious about the fires. It was traced back to electrical cable in one of the warehouses. The warehouse's doors were locked completely and the first people tried using whatever they got to try to break the gates. It was too late as it expanded to engulf the whole warehouse and as they watched jumped from one building to the next. Two things why the devastation occurred: 1. The area which is highly dense, highly fire-unsafe in terms of being shoulder to shoulder shops with highly flameable goods like Clothing, plastics like toys, Dry food like rice, wheat and sugars etc. 2. The road access which is extremely non-existent. Both the vendors and shop owners acknowledge that it was very unsafe place but they refused to help the government make the emergency entry/exit ways clear. Everytime the government clears, the next day they occupy again, to the point that the government just left it alone and the semi-permanent stalls became permanent shops in what used to be road way. The circle shows the location of the warehouse where the fire first started. The rectangle shows the area it engulfed and destroyed. Every little orange dot is a small stall that is occupying access roads. And to give you perspective of the size every little white dot is equivalent to a Toyota Coaster bus.