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  1. Mind boggling. Comparing a genocidal army to Somaliland's Army. How low can you get? Prior to latest events, the Somaliland Army never even crossed paths with the locals. The local never even knew there was a huge army just stone throw's from the town. What took place in the North before 1988, can be classified as genocide. What took place during the 1988 can be classified as ethnic cleansing. The Gov't left no stone unturned to exterminate a whole clan. If they had chemical weapons, they would have used, no doubts. If 1% of what happened 1988 took place in Sool region, then the army is guilty as charged.
  2. Nothing wrong with he said. Whether you fire from a mosque or from your grave yard, you will not expect to get flowers in return. You will get smoked.
  3. The Garaado had a lot of political power before they declared war. Today, they have nothing. They came to a town that was live and with economy booming. They are now have a town where even sugar is running out, no fuel, nothing. A lifeless town. The army has been there in their barracks for the last 15 years and is not going anywhere. It has all the time to play the game it wants to play. The pressure is on the Garaads to come to the negotiations table.
  4. The Army will win and you will be a witness to that victory. All the fake news will in the end amount to nothing.
  5. The army has many different positions around the town and around Sool region. Ask yourself, why they will never face Tukaraq, Gambahe, Adhi Cadeeye, Kala Baydh. If you fire and then run hide behind mum's house. Of course, mum's house will not be spared. If you want to spare mum's house, go out of the town and lets see what you are capable of.
  6. Shirkadaha Somaliland oo qaadhan ugu deeqay dadkii ka baro kacay Laascaanood.
  7. F*ck around, Find Out. Probably he was expecting chocolate bars or something.
  8. I find it hilarious that you even raise Djbouti name into this. At least you could have waited for 1 or 2 months and claimed that Somaliland has run out of ammunitions or something. kkk Like I said, there has not been any major conflict so far. The Army's approach is softly softly and its aim is not to kill anyone but to force the Garaads to come to the negotiations table. If Army's brief included destroying the town, it has the capability, it can bombard the town night and day 24/7. At the moment, the army is only sending messages to the Garaads to come to the table.
  9. Korneel Cali xaashi jaamac (Cali Dhafoor) wuxu hogaaminaayay Ciidan ka soo galay dhanka Ethiopia oo Mudug ka yimid. Ciidanka Qaranka oo ku sugan Kala Baydh ayaa ku dhaacay shalay aroortii. Maanta ayuu u geeriyooday dhawaciisi. Isla Kala baydh wuxu Ciidanka Qaranku ku soo qabsaday ilaa 4 gaadhi oo mid yahay xamuul askatar qaada iyo dhawr iyo 20 maxbuus.
  10. Dawladda Somaliland oo gurmad u fidinaysa barakacayaasha ku sugan deeganaada Dawladda Somaliland maamusho.
  11. Dagaal maryo calasta miyaa mooday? Ciidanka Qaranku siyaasad ayaa hagta. With regards to the photos you mentioned. Truth is the first causality of conflict and certainly that also holds true here. The clan melitia and terror sidekick have nothing else going for them but to exaggerate everything and photoshop or whatever it takes. I don't blame them, because that is how they can sustain the momentum. The photos that still circulating among the melitia's media outlets including Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp are from the early days of the conflict. The deadliest day was the 2nd day when formerly friendly local clan melitia surprised the army and killed more than 20 soldiers. That is the only day the army left dead bodies on the field.
  12. Waxa jira oo kale ilaa 30 askari oo Turkey lagu soo tabo baray oo dhawac loo qabtay.
  13. Waxa cadaynaya dhimashada sarkaalka saxiibkii oo isna dhawr maalmood ka hor gacanta ka dhaawacmay.
  14. Ilaahay ayuunba mizaan saari kara. Kolka ku danbaabi maayo anigu. Waxaan huba inu ilaahay daalacdo qof walba qalbigisa. Ninka Somaliland u dagaalamaya wuxu u dagaalamaya waa Qaran, kan ka soo hor jeeda qabiil. Ilaahay ayuunba xisaabta kala saari kara.
  15. Shalay aroortii waxa lagu dilay Bariga Laascaanood sarkaalkii watay meleeshiyo beeleed weerar soo qaaday.
  16. Saaka salaadii subax waxa weerar lagu soo qaaday goobo fadhiisin u ah Ciidan Qaranka oo udhaw magaalada Laascaanood. Ciidanku markii ugu horaysay wuxu amar lagu siiyay inu ka dabo tago cidii soo weerartay. Waxa socda dagaal lagu baacsanaayo kooxdii weerarka lahayd saaka, waxa badan dhimasho iyo dhaawac iyo waliba maxaabiis. Saaka dagaalku waa ka duwanyay dagaaladii hore ee difaac uun ahaa, ciidanku waa weerar celis. Dhanka Tukaraq ayaa waxa jira dhaqdhaaqyo badan oo ay wadaan dhanka Puntland. Ciidan adag ayaa jooga Tukaraq oo loo baqi maayo.
  17. The war is not only fought on the battle lines but also on the media. The "ceasefire" is for the media and the diplomatic corp. Once this ceasefire no longer holds and the combined terror and anti peace elements repeatedly break it, that will give the Green light to Somaliland Army to carry its National Duty. The army has more than enough ammunition to carry it for months on end. Doesn't need anything from anyone.
  18. Possibly one of the few Ex-Warlords that still commands a lot of clout and power. Considered one of the most ruthless warlords of his era, a cold calculated but at personal level he comes across charismatic and lovable person. In these interviews you learn a lot from General Indhocade. The man who made Warlord General Morgan retire after he chased him from Kismayo all the way to Kenya, in one of the longest hot pursuits recorded in history. General Indho cade burned down every village that Morgan seeked refuge in from Kismaayo to Dhoobley to across the border in Kenya.
  19. April 1st will mark exactly 1 year anniversary of the Waaheen Market tragedy. The heart of the city of Hargeisa once gutted by fire, is today a huge construction site stretching as far as the eye can see. The new Waaheen Market will take shape come this April. A huge change from what it was just few months ago.
  20. Somaliland Gov't has declared unconditional cease fire today. This comes after a meeting was held today between the commander of the Local Somaliland Army forces Col. Mahad Canbaashe and Garaad Jamac Garaad Ismacil. The Somaliland gov't is prepared for all eventualities including the talks proposed by IGAD in Djibouti.
  21. So the latest news, Garaad Jaamac was on the call with Beesha Caalamka. Beesha Caalamka put on the table the only way forward which is to accept Ismaciil Cumar Gheele's mediation efforts. Also, the US Rep was unequivocal about Terror Groups seen inside Laascaanood and asked the Garaad to do all effort to apprehends the wanted terrorists and hand over to the US. This final demand has put spanner in the works for the Garaad. He is between a rock and hard place. Damned if he does, damned he doesn't. Very interesting. Somaliland Army is ready for action only waiting the Green light from Hargeisa.
  22. This is a temporary base. The Army's aim is not to remain in Yube. The stone structure does the job for now.
  23. What were you expecting? nice beds and hot showers?