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  1. ASC all, What Does Human Rights Mean to You? Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Share with the world your thoughts on what Human Rights mean to you. What are your personal expressions, opinions, stories and experiences of what human rights are or should be in your views in Somalia. Respect for human rights and human dignity "is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world", says the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in English (to be found here eclaration-of-human-rights/ or for the Somali version here Please take a moment to study these documents as an honour to mark this important day and lets share opinions... Thanks,S
  2. lol @ Originally posted by NGONGE: Like a teenage boy let loose on his first bra. :confused:
  3. Can one follow this course from Somalia(Puntland) do they have sub-offices there...or maybe Online?
  4. wow so lovely, i was there...well nearly there...almost....close..
  5. I actually wanted to respond to the "Islamist thugs beat up Somali women in Oslo" story about Kadra Yusuf, posted by Peacenow beginning with "A brave Somali woman was beaten....", but decided to post it here instead. I am furious. I am so sick and tired of readin :mad: g the lies and lunacy of twisted stories depicting Somali women as brainless victims "escaping Islam" or oppressive Somali culture who must be rescued, such as, for example, the current Basra Mohamed story headlines on Hiiraan ( and "Engulfed in Mayhem" ( The last article disturbingly argues that "In Somalia, when a husband takes a second wife....the first "woman" is thrown out into the street". I am shocked to read this false story. Unlike some African cultures, where upon the death of the husband the wife looses possession of her children and property, In the Somali culture throwing a woman-especially a wife- out into the streets is not only taboo but also unheard of. If questioned though, both authors-Caroline Simon and Alayna Demartini- would argue that these stories were told to them by the concerned women they interviewed. But how much was told and how much was twisted in order to create sensation? It is very disconcerting that are some sick-minded fame and fortune-seeking Somali women, who by victimising themselves, think that the best way to get attention is to choose to target and ungroundedly intimidate Muslims and Islam. I have been closely studying these Somali women- half a dozen or so- throughout the world . These women have a common denominator; they all have: twisted histories of limited self-esteem and preconceived ideas of others based on prejudice and stereotypes; frustration-driven personal plans seeking sympathy and quick fame; some serious identity crises as they always take the victim-role ("i was put into an arranged marriage", "i was circumcised", "Islam is harmful to me and to women", "women are not EQUAL to men in Islam"). These ignorant Somali women's arguments are often based on outdated Western Feminist models that focus on EQUALITY between men and women INSTEAD of EQUITY. If men and women are EQUAL then a woman can do anything a man can do and vice versa. But we all know that that is not true!! Men and women have biological and psychological differences. For many years now equality campaigns blindly aimed at replacing the COMPLEMENTARY relationship between men and women with a competitive one; women should strife or should i say compete to be men! EQUITY, on the other hand, is about equal opportunity, fairness and having equality of access and taking steps to addressing them. It is about recognising and changing CULTURE and other structures to ensure fairplay and justice. And that is the number one mistake these women are making!! Western feminist ideology can not and will not work for Islam nor for Somalia where women are proud to be women. Somali women embrace womanhood and motherhood! Somali women don't want to be men's equals!
  6. Does anybody here have any experience with the software Mindjet MindManager please? I hear one can downlaod it for free on the net too, but couldnt trace it... know anything?
  7. ...hmm are we suppose to laugh? dee!
  8. Shumey

    Writing a book

    Khalaf, great aspirations! I myself have wriiten 2 books. I am busy with my third one!! I was inspired by Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe, Nuriddin Farah and other African writers/Philosophers too. Some tips: *Stay goal(story)focused; ENVISION your end-product, personalise and own it knowing you will take it to full completion. *Dont give up hope when your mind goes blanco.. and u stare at the computer... and computer is staring at you. *Dont always type, write it down sometimes with a pen, its alot easier and by so doing you get to structurally and creatively DRAW your story which can be very helpful. Also, always have a pen and paper with you; you may get a good story-idea while on the bus! *Create an enabling environment for yourself, surround yourself with books/tools that inspire you and ignite the fire and desire to write. I have some tools that may help you. It may also be helpful to write your story at significant places that cultivate ingenuity and you relate/associate with your story. *When you start to write, dont mind correcting/adjusting/rearranging sentences/spellings even chapters, work on the CONTENTS in chapter form. What helped me most was getting the main ACTIVITIES of each chapter in a sequence/flow. *its good to have high ambitions: wanting to produce a bestseller, but dont get too excited as this may frustrate you or distort the (long)PROCESS of writing. You have to enjoy writing your story every bit. Eliminate all potential for discouragement/negativity. *Get writing! *Keep us informed! *Good luck! Shumey
  9. looooooool this is so true!! Stare back i'd say! Or ask him what u lookin at fella?!!
  10. You for sure will get Nomads talking abou this after posting it so many times. It is really sad what has happened to this man, regardless of his religion. I have never heard this story before, so can you provide us with some sources?
  11. H to ask me to marry him and have his babies
  12. Dear Nehanda, Ghanima, J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o, Thanks alot for your advice and encouraging words!! I appreciate it highly! I will be working with an NGO in Puntland for 6-12 months. I will be assisting several women's organisations there with developing methodologies, organizational development, capacity building and program/project cycle- from planning to evaluation. I am a Development/Humanitarian worker with a specialisation on Gender, Development and Governance. I have never been to Somalia but the task in Puntland is really one i look forward to, hope to embrace fully and take to full completion. J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a., no, I have to take care of my own safety and accomodation. Is it possible for one to rent a fully furnished flat or house in Bosaso or Qhardo at all? I just need one room flat. Does anybody know who i contact about this there? I wouldnt want to stay in a hotel for all those months. Thank you so much!! Shumey