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  1. I agree we need to let the pirates go free and create their own homeland. Somalia had only one chance and a dictator by the name of Afweyne killed that dream.
  2. The general who coined the term “kill all but the crows” is dead in Pakistan. Who knows Farmaajo might be planning a state funeral for the late general.
  3. Innaa Lilaahi Wa Innaa Ileyhi Raajicuun. Allaha uwadanaxariisto inti dhimatay iyo inta dhaawacaba. Aamiin. Aamiin. Haladaayo the good people of the Republic of Somaliland and their government. Muqdisho madaama magaca caasimad wadato group kasta ama local ha noqdeen ama international target ayeey utahay. Unfortunately this slow genocide will continue. I agree with MR.BK Somalia is better without Somaliland and vice-versa.
  4. At least the landers had one-night stand with the new man in Addis Mr Abiye Ahmed while the North Eastern pirates are still begging for one-afternoon stand with the new Oromo ruler. Tough times ahead for Somalia’s Woyane exes.
  5. Danta Dalka (@YoNabadi) Tweeted: Harun Maruf still hasn't reported on #Garowe parliament situation, no "BREAKING NEWS" this time, he still hasn't even reported the SNA takeover of Gedo. Any good news is no news for the analyst anarchy community, they are not happy tonight. They will avoid reporting on it
  6. I guess its hard for the sensationalist Harun maruf to report such “difficult news from the pirate land and Jubbooyinka”.
  7. Garoowe: 4 qof oo ku dhintay iska horimaad ka dhacay xarunta Baarlamaanka Puntland HIIRAAN.COM Arbaco, November, 06, 2019 (HOL)- Ugu yaraan 4 ruux ayaa geeriyooday tiro kalana waa ay ku dhaawacmeen iska hor imaad...
  8. Write Haa if you think the Oromo nation is more humane to the ONLF than The Tigre.
  9. Your avatar picture shows a child soldier from the heydays of mory@@@aan killing spree and this guy is proud his president can board an airplane and at the same time he can read a book. Big difference. Maybe it’s time for you to stop worrying about the SNM and pay attention to your neck of the woods.