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  1. i know at least 5 somali confirmed christians personally. There must be at least 10,000 christians in all somali lands by conservative estimates, but due to persecution and fear the true figure will never be known. Their numbers will only grow larger in the future. I think the government has no business banning or allowing religious celebrations in the first place.
  2. who worships cadaans ?? why do you always project MM, you come across as a novice. aiming for democracy is a worthwhile goal.
  3. Che -Guevara;992260 wrote: Any African country stricken with poverty, high unemployment, and finite resources are susceptible to the inevitable Add bad leadership and ignorant masses who are loyal to the only institution [tribe] they know, it is recipe for disaster. What is so amazing about South Sudanis is the efficiency in which they kill each other in such short time. If we are to believe news outlets, there are already mass graves and the casualties are in tens of thousands. I disagree with you, the problem is different tribes inhabiting one country. Remember each tribe is a nation unto itself with its identity, language, and so on and will not accept a rule by another tribe. Catalans and Basques don't accept Spanish rule, Scots in the UK want to be independent, Quebecers in Canada as well - all are affluent developed societies without the problems you mentioned. Unless each tribe is given its own state, most African nation states can't be viable going into the future, they will be endless strife, instability and when there is no conflict an uneasy fragile peace. The other option is far reaching autonomy for the tribes who decide on everything on their behalf, basically a confederation of tribes in one country.
  4. ^ there will lots of fatalities on this tarmacked roads
  5. all base are you being paid my friend ? don't you get tired with this topic.
  6. Y'all who replied to this trifling topic fell hard for this somalinet ciyaal suuq. shame on you. pls i never reveal my clan tell any san ku diifle.
  7. Mad_Mullah;992103 wrote: LOL couldn't be further from the truth. I'm pro-Jubbaland by blood. They're corrupt thieves that wouldn't be anywhere without the Kenyans but in this Qabeel based country called Somalia that's the only choice we have. corruption is the somali way, not just somalis but all people who stay in and around the tropics are habitual thieves, crooks and liars. just a fact of life.
  8. You love two things i have noticed; 1. AS 2. Niiko
  9. I agree AID groups facilitate dependency and learned helplessness. why do you bring up niiko though in every post ?? a freudian slip perhaps ?? no shame in enjoying niiko MM, lot of people have weirder fetishes.
  10. i will win this next year guaranteed.
  11. Who ever in the world convinced all the peasants of ethiopia and eritrea they can all immigrate en masse to the west recently ?? Before them they were the RRA folks who use to die by the boatloads, both groups are docile and don't fight back when abused. The ethiopian government should warn its citizens of the dangers and perils of tahriib. What a tragedy.
  12. i don't like music, i find it an assault on my ears whenever i am forced to listen to it in malls and in other peoples houses. Music = Noise.
  13. Horrible musical tastes all round. feeling kinda smug right now :cool:
  14. ^ i concur, he could've at least taught them something useful. sad