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  1. Looool, war moogow wax ma ogidee cagaha dhulka dhig....
  2. Woow here we go with that BAQBQLAND kumbaaye again now the savior of somalia has arrived because he is my clansman and the SAVIOR OF THE LAND AND THE PEOPEL loooooll Subhana' Allah Somali ilaahay baa u maqan Alla ragaan maxay fannen.
  3. I couldn't stop laughing, but why not.... this should have been posted on the joke section....
  4. Ilaahow somali quluubtooda isu soo jeedi Su'aasha ah ilahay waa noga hiiliyey cadowgiii Soo jireenka ahaaa balse cadowgaas haduu wali naheesto oo anaan xor aheen ma waxaan ugu magac darnaa 1 juulyo mise waxaan ugu magac darnaa maalinta uu cadowgii aan kaxorownay 1960 kiiii uu dalkena hada siyaasad ku heesto??? Aniga hadan ahaan lahaa inta talada heeso dalka ayaan cadowga kasaari lahaa intaan dabaal dagaayo anigoo lahesto ah cubucdaydana dhulka taal!!!! Figrada waan kuka duwanahay saaxiiba yaal jirkaaa idubaaxshooo riyaan kucaweeyaa inta tuunay wadankayga lagu raqleen........ Somaliya hanolato!!!
  5. Haye soo'wad sheekada.. and how would that help bubuland again....
  6. My qabill is Somaali and will always be.
  7. Lol this is low its supposedly bombed by Kenyan drones!! Is this a joke./
  8. malistar2012;982980 wrote: It will be Naive and ignorant to say amsiom troops are not in the front line , However SFG are working on building strong SAF with moderate weapons so far they are doing good job . Once the arm embargo is totally lifted and SAF receives moderate weapons amsiom will be no longer needed . Walaalkiis malistar2012 Thanks for clarifying my Naiveness/ignorance, but I assumed you were in the front-lines with the ugandan generals as they looted from their own troops, anyhow that doesn't answer the real reason for their long stay for 20yrs+, and why would they live if people like you are making arguments for them. On the Lifting the complete embargo, they our dear friends (AMISOM) have stated {when they showed up in Minneapolis as our Gov} this will not happen until there is one-man one-vote nation-wide election, embark on real reconciliation, and federal constitution process finalized. Real peace and stability comes from the Somali people and the Somali government looking at the bottom 80% and working towards returning functioning institutions such as capable and effective security forces, respecting the human rights of the average Somali people.
  9. The (AMISOM) has played a decisive role in the Somali government’s reconquest of territory in xamar and parts of the country from Al Shabab. It's Sad and pathetic for the so-called un/international community to consider them equal, Somalis are the ones fighting in the front lines all amisom is doing is shelling, now we hear the want their mandate extended indefinitely so they can help the government in state building, This would be way passed the 2025 I would be very surprised to see AMISOM leave Somalia in 2025. It will be interesting, though, to see what happens with the arms embargo issue and the charcoal issue.
  10. Clevah


    one of three somalis are mentally ill and see she is the one.
  11. Dr_Osman;976684 wrote: UNOPS oo soo bandhigtey tartanka dhismaha garoonka Diyaaradaha ee Bosaso Hay’ada Qaramada Midoobey u qaabilsan Mashaariicda (The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) ayaa maanta soo bandhigtey Ogaysiiska tartanka shirkadaha daneynnaya dhismaha garoonka Diyaaradaha ee magaalada Boosaaso oo kaga dhigayo Laami. Dhismaha Gasroonka Boosaaso ayaa yimi ka dib markii dhawaan ay heshiis ku kala saxiixday magaalada Nairobi Madaxweynaha Puntland Dr. Faroole iyo wasiir ku xigeenka Arimaha dibada ee dalka Talyaaniga, dawlada Talyaaniga ayaa Mashruuca Garoonka Diyaaradaha ee Boosaaso soo marisay Hay'ada (UNOPS) . Halkan ka akhriso ogaysiiska UNOPS For the SOL at heart. The specific details Can we all say HELLO BOSASO INTERNATIONAL Diktore. Where are the render this photo you posted is clearly not bosaso, Kansai Airport Runway
  12. I don't know why we blame the arab/others for the problems we've created all somalis are equal sinner's and took part in this destruction regardless what you claim HAG or QABILAND supporter.