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  1. Wadani;980094 wrote: Not hadii ninka iyo naagtu ayna isku qornayn oo u ninku soo shaqeeyo. It's a dishonest way to live, but a lot of these families are doing ok money wise. Enough to build homes back home and drives new minivans lol. This is true.
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    Breaking Bad

    I only watch sports / news.. I can't commit to these types of long running shows, too much effort
  3. Good for a chuckle, if they were serious about the deen they would do something about Al-Quds/Jerusalem.
  4. GAROODI;979382 wrote: I once met an athiest and I asked him: why don't you believe in God. He told me all my life I have seen nothing but pain, my parents are dead, my wife left me etc. He said to me if there is a God how can he do this to a good person. So you see most of the hate from atheists is from mans desire to reason like children. But this form of reason is wrong because God knows best. How can you reason with the master of reason who not only created You but everything for you. He created your parent and thus you and maybe it was better that your wife left you but you will only realise later in life. Like children....this concept of why leads them astray. Everything happens for a reason. Atheists hide behind science but their problems are really personal. They believe the existence of God limits them. People like Alshabab only harm the perception of Muslims and play into the atheists hand. Their arguments however are none sense. Islam was the very foundation of the science they hide behind. That is actually a very good explanation for every Athiest I have come across. Its always "I am sure the starving kids and Tsunamis wouldn't happen if there was a God" They reason with the logic of a child
  5. Its funny how here in the US we know more about Iraq than we do Canada.
  6. Just how weak is Kenya to be held up for 3 days by a couple of teenagers with pistols..
  7. Thanks for your prospective guys, I do not think they've a prayer room as I did not see any Muslims when they were giving me a tour of the facilities. I am gonna try and bring it up to a supervisor when I start insha'Allah.
  8. I am starting a new job in a week, its a large corporate office and I am wondering how I can cover the Salaat insha'Allah. So how have you guys dealt with this issue?
  9. How can they call it Islam when its blatantly sinful act.. Anything to smear Islam, jokes on them though b/c with Europe's decreasing population they will look more and more Muslim.
  10. GAROODI;978448 wrote: The quran can't be compared to any book. . I am reminded of the challenged made by Allah for those who say it was fabricated to try and reproduce even as little as 1 Chapter comparable to the Quran. “Say: ‘If all mankind and the jinn would come together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce its like even though they exerted all and their strength in aiding one another.’” (Quran 17:88) Next, Allah made the challenge ostensibly easier by asking those who denied its divine origin to imitate even ten chapters of the Quran: “Or do they say that he has invented it? Say (to them), ‘Bring ten invented chapters like it, and call (for help) on whomever you can besides God, if you are truthful.” (Quran 11:13) This final challenge was to produce even a single chapter to match what is in the Quran, whose shortest chapter, al-Kawthar, consists of only three verses: “And if you all are in doubt about what I have revealed to My servant, bring a single chapter like it, and call your witnesses besides God if you are truthful.” (Quran 2:23)
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    Mad_Mullah;978296 wrote: You're not even enjoying your gaalo nimo.
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    Hobbesian_Brute;978218 wrote: one the chief reasons the Islamic world is in such doldrums intellectually, what a waste of time and brain resources. Boy are you obsessed
  13. Wadani;978045 wrote: Just because Islam is the divine truth does not make it a panacea for all of societies problems, . What a contradiction
  14. Safferz;977950 wrote: He's still black though, which doesn't help us either (tropes of black men and violence/criminality). But yes, thankfully we won't see the same backlash against our community as we would if he was Muslim. That is very true.
  15. STOIC;977949 wrote: Anderson Cooper just had a lady that knew him in Texas. According to her the guy was frustrated with theNavy benefits and the contractors not paying him the right amount.He was a Buddhists trying to learn the Thai language-very ambitious brother. Seems like a case of depression and taking it out on the world..she had good things to say about him and how he did contract work in out how white people will not blame mental issues...obviously the brother had some life frustrations that shouldn't have escalated to this level... Good to know, he must've been seriously humiliated and wronged to do something like this. Terrible situation.
  16. Mad_Mullah;977900 wrote: 1. I hope he isn't Muslim. 2. If he is, I hope he isn't Somali. Safferz;977909 wrote: They identified the shooter as Aaron Alexis, a civilian contractor from Texas.
  17. RedSea;977280 wrote: It's going to get worst folks, before it gets better. The Lavant(Ard As Sham) and Major Islamic centers like Istanbul will be captured by the Romans(Europeans). Then will be liberated once again by the Muslims led by a Army from Madina. Things are just beginning to unfold. With the current set back in Egypt, you are probably right.
  18. Haatu;977447 wrote: They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. Beautiful ayah
  19. RedSea;977280 wrote: It's going to get worst folks, before it gets better. The Lavant(Ard As Sham) and Major Islamic centers like Istanbul will be captured by the Romans(Europeans). Then will be liberated once again by the Muslims led by a Army from Madina. Things are just beginning to unfold. True it does seem that way with Sisi in power and Erdogan under fire.
  20. No better food in the world than Somali food
  21. Ridwaan;977267 wrote: Interesting. I didn't even know they cried
  22. Sticking with my Iphone 4, going strong on year 3
  23. This newborn elephant cried for five hours without stopping after he was rejected by his mother. Vets hoped it was an accident when the youngster’s parent stepped on him after he was born at a wildlife park. They treated his injuries and returned him to her two hours later – only for her to attack him again. A keeper drove the mother off as the calf sobbed under a blanket. One worker explained: ‘The calf was very upset and he was crying for five hours before he could be consoled. ‘He couldn’t bear to be parted from his mother and it was his mother who was trying to kill him.’ The new arrival, called Zhuang-zhuang, has now been adopted by the keeper who saved him at the Shendiaoshan wild animal reserve in Rong-cheng, China. ‘They have made a good bond,’ said a spokesman for the park. ‘We don’t know why the mother turned on her calf but we couldn’t take a chance.’ Living in captivity outside of traditional family groups can interfere with animals’ protective instincts towards their young.