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  1. Puntland sending 60 delegation with faroole only show how they are divided and how there is no one leader. When there is a real government structure they send two to three ministers. But in the puntlan's case the whole village went
  2. Ok do you really want us to beleive this. Come on turkey wanted somaliland delegation there and had no restrictions on the delegation and getting somalia passport isnt even that hard. So try next time dukey this little self opinion article doesnt f:Dly
  3. Oh man here we go with the again. Osman please spare us. puntland has nothing to be proud of . They come under the TFG and do some shaddy pirate business behind close doors, that is about all. You are not even a country or a real democracy. Take it easy bro lol
  4. Dr osman talk is cheap bro. show me pics. and that little video that you posted that look like it was recorded back in 1950s is a joke. The whole world knows who is more developed. By the way forget about Galkacyo I am going against any city in puntland. We will leave you in shame
  5. -p.s forget about galkacyo show me any where in puntland that can match up to hargeisa...hmm I didnt think so . now keep on moving
  6. The three stooges Faanka joojiya the whole Somalia knows. Puntland is 12 years behind Somaliland lol ku raxaysta
  7. lol puntlanders are funny and too much . sxbyaal faanka waa laydinku xaman jiray laakin waad cadaysateen
  8. Caafimaad ayu u tagay. Oman dhakhatiir fiican ayey jooga
  9. MMA I agree with that was a nasty post and there was no murti in it and for anyone to call that a poem is even more insane
  10. Interesting read . What do puntlanders have to say about this I wonder
  11. lol I like the governments tasctics iyagaa laysku jabinayaa
  12. This dude just posts for the sake of posting... U r a joke king
  13. If you look at evey mamul gobaled inculuding the tfg are all located within their state, while khatumo spends their time in hotels in nairobi