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  1. You need to go and get medical help yourself Mister!. The Title of this thread is one that comes from a sick mind!
  2. last I checked they are the only ones that have managed to take on alshaabab and beat the crap out of them starting in 1992 when Xassan Dahir awes was leading them through to recently when they launched an offensive against them in the mountains and took the mountains in it's entirety. Alshaabab is now limited to small incidents now. These incidents are ones that even the most powerful nations will have problems defending against- just look at US and France. However, it does pay for leaders to solicit for more equipment......something your pea sized brain will probably find hard to understand....wait a minute, you are taking cover in one of the Bantu tanks right?.
  3. I don't claim to know this law, but I feel I must correct you on another issue. We happen to be Somali, NOT Somalian as you have stated in your header. Please amend accordingly.
  4. this is significant. The story of lack of money is just an excuse, but their action is one that speaks volume.The Americans cut off their funds a while back and if this is a step in that direction, then it spells trouble.
  5. Oh dear, Malister must be having a heart attack right about now!, i called the town and indeed ASWJ has taken over. Efforts by General Diini to resolve matters ended in failure. The locals have categorically declared their area free from NusMudug admin!. Sorry Guled you are stuck with half of mudug and probably a quater of Galgaduud.
  6. horta yaabeye, kan mar waliba kasheekeenaya lagaroonayaasha iyo buryaqabka maxaa no keeney!
  7. Yawn yawn yawn---- sorry, what did you say mr dreamer?
  8. Adam Have you even bothered to bring yourself up to date with the reasons Puntland has issues woth Galmudug?....... I suggest you do that before you comment
  9. Madaxweynaha Maamulka Galmudug C/kariin Xuseen Guuleed oo maanta Boqolaal Shacab ah kula hadlay Magaalada Gaalkacyo ayaa soo hadal qaaday arrinta Gobolka Mudug iyo Khilaafka Puntland iyo Galmudug. The article you posted says he addressed a few hundred, yet you claim he addressed thousands. You say it took place in the stadium when it happened in Baraxley- southern tip of Galkacyo, for your information(since you seem to know very little of the said stadium), it is in North Galkacyo, which is administered by Puntland, so is the airport etc etc. Can you at least post something that resembles the truth?
  10. <cite> @Somalia4Somalis said:</cite> Puntland got too many enemies did you just find out?... they had too many enemies since time started!. Is there anything other than that which you can elighten us on?, only I invested a couple of brains cells reading your supposed list only to realise there was no one home. Please tell me you have more.
  11. <cite> @AbdiJohnson said:</cite> No, not 1000 years but in our generations time. Speak to anyone in Mogadishu or Hargeisa or even the recent refugees who joined us in the West; condom use and sex before marriage is widespread among the youth. This was unthinkable just 5 years ago. And Somalia is no longer dry... you can easily find alcohol. Forget about marijuana. Your sons will be punished if they try to hurt a homosexual or a disbeliever. Laws will be in place then which will make sure they are thrown into dungeons if they dare to even engage in hate speech, forget about laying a finger. I will never forget a video I've seen where an Al Jazeera journalist recorded an Al Shabab thug forcing a shop keeper to prayer who was clearly unhappy and was hesitant to do so. It was only the AK that made him follow the order. This is your typical Somali back home. They are not like the few Arab bootyclapper traitors who have held my people hostage. The bootyclappers want to destroy my people but you won't be successful. If I trace back to my last known ancestor, every single name is Arab. Every single one. Not a single Somali name. This is the case for many Somalis. The Arab bootyclappers are the real enemy of the Somali people. You call me slave of Johnson but I am really slave of Ahmed. My slave master is an Arab according to my abtirsi. I am like African American John Thompson from St Louis or Crystal Lee from Houston. Somalis like me can read Arabic but can't read Somali. I can recite the Arab's book I've memorized but dont know Somali poems. You will not humilate us any further. according to this deranged man his quotes include " you will not humiliate us, you will have to accept, we will impose" etc etc It's obvious he doesn't consider himself as part of Somalis which only means he is either a non somali, or one of the people he is defending. Don't you think it is better if you said so?. Why masquerade as a Somali when we can all see you are not. Dumb comes to mind
  12. slave of John has it crossed your tiny brain that we are Muslims and have our own sensibilities, beliefs, cultures, which we value as much as we value our lives and that we are not prepared to just simply adopt another society's way of life?. In short- we are Slaves of Allah as you are a slave of John. Keep your way of life and we will keep ours.
  13. It seems people have been fed a lot of scare stories about Reer Puntland which is being seen for what it is-FALSE!. I congratulate Reer Puntland and especially the Traditional Leaders plus the political ones. The recent support for their brethren returning home and of course how every Somali is treated the same as the local whilst there is very encouraging. The one thing I want to point out is that they hardly ever shout abut these good things they do. That says a lot. Good on ya!
  14. War geedyahow maxaa lagaa caayaa adaaba cay isugu filane?. War orod meelaha bidixda kasoo laafyood hanoola imaan qurunkaane
  15. war waxaad soo tukubtidba ma waxaad hada latimid lagaroonayaal haaku baashaalaan Soomalia, meesha nooga bax
  16. Reer Mudug say "ciyaar waa galinka dambe" . This was a major own goal by Hassan sheikh. By bribing Guled to the top position, he has actually made things far worse. His intention is to have a friendly region that will help him in the next election as the Regions will be the ones putting forward the next Members of Parliament ( at least that is how it is looking), Sadly he forgot a couple of things. Cadaado is too far out from Xamar. He also forgot that the H/d ( Mother of beans) clan is divided into several groups and the biggest from Guriceel - C**r ( The poor ones), are against this and are firmly behind Ahlu |sunnah Waljamaca Movement which enjoys considerable support from Ethiopia, the Region's kingpin. To make matters worse, this group has recently been re-equipped and ready to do battle. They have had more support from Hassan Sheikh's own sub sub clan in Xarardheer and also the Folks from Cabuudwaaq. The ethiopians have just pulled out of Cadaado and the Deputy President for ahlu sunnah arrived in Cadaado today. Their forces have left Dhusomareeb and are heading in to Cadaado, the seat of the newly put together Galmudug headed by Guled. If they manage to take Cadaado, that will be the end of it. Let's not forget the never ending mistrust between these factions. Puntland is another obstacle and if you add all these together, you are likely to see this project failing before even starting. Their problem won't be Shabab, but the very people they are supposed to rule over who don't seem to want them. Guled has flown off to Xamar and can't even stay there. What does tell you?.
  17. <cite> @Illyria said:</cite> War kan yari af xumaa miyaan loo istijoon markii uu uur galay? Ishaad katuurtey kkkkk
  18. Excuses excuses- if they are so incensed by the actions of their admin, how come we havent heard anything!. You claim it takes a while for such information to reach the general public and that the city of berbera is an empty city------ sorry, i am not buying that. The Sland admin went on VOA , BBC which between them reach over 90% of the Somali population in every region including Sland. Then there was the spectacle that the Slamd admin treated us to in Berbera with all its senior officials present. Dont insult our intelligence by claiming people dont know, they know and know it too well. They have deliberately been agreeing with the actions of their admin and if the admin thought they will get opposition on this point, they wouldnt have dared given this is election time. You say the blame lies with Kulmiye- so what happened to all the other opposition parties who are known to be so vocal?. What happened to faisal warabe?, he usually is very vocal when it comes to insulting his brethren. All in all- no one is buying this rubbish excuse.
  19. I suppose in this case , their written expertise doesnt matter lol. What matters is their engineering capability - which they seem to have in as far as building ports is concerned. Provided they do a good job , it wont matter.
  20. This is a disgrace like no other. The people that are claiming we should seperate the admin from the people are dreaming. The people of Sland would have been on the street demonstrating if Hassan sheikh had said a single word about them . Further , the incidents were widely declared by their admin on virtually every possible media format available. Even the geeljire in the most rural area knows . What happened to their "gurtida ", what happened to their "culimo ", why are they not demonstrating?, how come we havent even heard a single peep out of them ?, i will tell you why- they agree with this and in doing so have made their position clear- hatred without limits. They claim they were attacked by the last military government , a government with which they held most of the key posts and had been instrumental in orchestrating the first ever maassacres, one which was bigger is terms of numbers of civillians killed in mudug region than ever happened in woqoyi galbeed. led by their very own dhagaweyne and col tanzania, both of whom ars currently in the political system in Sland. They then have the audacity to claim victims?. Whatever may have happened between the warring sides in the rest of the country, the "somalinimo" was never lost and something like this will never happen. I am not here to condemn them for they made a clear choice, it is now for us- the rest of Somalis to make our choice. Live with it
  21. reer somaliland,khaasatan gobolada woqooyi bari iyo togdheer in ay soomalinimada kabaxeen oo hada noqdeen qabiilka Ibo ee Nigeria waanu ogeyne, diintiini maka baxeen tolow tani waa cuqube!!
  22. He acted like a true king and took it upon himself to speak for his people without any fanfair or expectation of reward. The very nature of his approach and subsequent result sets him apart from all his peers. He holds no public office, yet he achieved the one thing the combined political might of the country could only dream about! Thank you ya Boqor and please continue serving your countrymen. I wish others would follow his example and serve!