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  1. What's so interesting about watching a bunch of guys in their shorts running after a ball? Men!
  2. Bad body odor, men that over dress and own more shoes and clothing than the average woman, men that wear their pants low, or wear saggy clothes, men that talk too much about themselves (bad listeners), arrogant guys that look down on you, the know-it-all guy that thinks he's obligated to correct every single word that comes out of your mouth, the ***** who doesn't even know where in Africa Somalia is located, men that wear too much clone and hair gel, men that play hard to get (weret are we, in middle school?), men that say "i love you" the first time they meet you, etc... I can go on and on....
  3. Ever heard of Europe? I actually know Somali girls that are named Europe. I wonder what inspired that...
  4. This is my latest obsession but anything by Boqol and Saado Ali, I'm good.
  5. This video pretty much sums it all for me. I'm sick and tired of people sending me these videos. They used to be funny but it's becoming too much. Anyone else annoyed by them? Excuse the language.
  6. She needs some serious daqan celis. A friend said to me "this is the time when you need al-shabab" but I don't wish Al-shabab on anyone.
  7. Hello my fellow Minnesotan. Did they pay you to promote the school? lol
  8. I was at first wondering what you meant by 'Aydaan,' isn't it spelled as Adhan? When you say you haven't heard of the Adhan for "ages," don't you go to your local prayer gatherings or mosques near you? Don't mean to judge you but it kinda sounds sad!
  9. This is disturbing. When I first read about this story, I was appalled. The end is near, these are some of the signs that were mentioned in Qu'ran. The world is getting chaotic and bizarre by the minute.
  10. I haven't noticed it but what annoys me is when people say Somalians instead of of Somalis. Am I wrong to correct them when they say that?
  11. The number of divorce rates in our somali communities are growing faster than ever... Any reasons to why that is ? I just wonder sometimes what ppl are doing so wrong these days that they can't even keep a marriage together. Anyone?