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  1. Why do you always defend him to the death, bro? Does your clan mean more to you than your Somaalinimo? If so, why?
  2. lol, the man has no shame. How any self-respecting Somali can call for a conference in the country of a traditional enemy is beyond me. What a loser this man is, and the fact he has so many supporters just goes to show how clan mentality can make people actually sick mentally.
  3. I feel sorry for him, he's probably a teenager who has seen nothing but violence since the day he was born. How easy is it to brainwash vulnerable people like that? It's a piece of cake. He has fallen prey to Shabab's satanic recruiting. May Allah save us from these psychopaths. Ameen.
  4. lol, what does this fool know about Somalinimo? He has personally been complicit in sending young OG boys to Ethiopian jails. To hell with him and all the other "odoyaals" who sell out our citizens.
  5. lol, you're kidding, right? Why on Earth would the Americans do that? U.S foreign policy for Somalia is summed up in one word: Chaos. For as long as chaos prevails in Somalia, the U.S has absolutely no need to intercede whatsoever. It does not matter to them who is fighting for who or for what reasons. Chaos = mission accomplished.
  6. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Yeah right, adeer that argument does not wash anymore since even those who waged "jihad" on the Ethiopians are making deals. Faroole has ensured the survival of the state and for that one is satisfied. The rest we shall see inshA Allah. Thank You for summing up in one post everything that is wrong with Somalia today. And then we wonder why we haven't had an effective government for 20 years and our country is in turmoil. Firstly - just because those who once waged "jihad" with Ethiopia are now engaging in diplomatic talks means Faroole's crimes are okay? Even if for arguments sake we agree Sheikh Shariff is a sell-out, does that make it okay for Faroole to hand over innocent OG boys (who are SOMALI, by the way) to our enemies? Secondly - "Faroole has ensured the survival of the state and for that one is satisfied". Translation: Faroole has taken care of my region and my tribe, so who cares about his shortcomings? Where is your walaaltinimo, your somaalinimo, and most importantly, your islaaamino? I am not from the Puntland region nor am I from the OG region. I am from Hiiraan but it pains me to see ANY somali suffering from injustice.
  7. He is a sell-out, he handed over OG boys to Ethiophia as well as religious figures. Where is the pride in that?
  8. Originally posted by Thankful: Because of the title of the thread, which says that the man was handed over by "Puntland!" If you are going to accuse the state of doing this, than atleast provide evidence! Yes, because Puntland has never handed anyone to Ethiopia before, right?
  9. Originally posted by Sacad *Ducaale: when infact you won't respect our decision to secede? Get lost, we will never respect our accept your ridiculous and unjustified decision to annex our beloved homeland. Insha Allah, God-willing, Somaliland will never be a recognized country and will always be a part of Somalia. While we have become the laughing stock of the World, there are many like you who still do not understand the simple concept of national unity, the only solution for our homeland and our people.
  10. Originally posted by Mr. Red Sea: And you think we are not doing that? No, the poor excuse for an administration in Hargeisa and Garowe are typically selfish, self-serving regimes that care very little for the people. Originally posted by Mr. Red Sea: These two 'clowns' are only good spots of what is left of the republic. So give credit to where its due! Good spots? Sure, if you can call extortion, deportation, high unemployment, soaring crime and general incompetence as "good spots" . And that is not to mention the quite hilarious democratic system you have going on in "Somaliland". Sure, Somaliland and Puntland have enjoyed relative periods of "peace", but that is only because you have not been subjected to outside interference . If you look at Beledweyne, Galkaacyo, Luuq and other cities in the midwest/south you'll note that those regions have also enjoyed years of peace. Trouble consistently breaks out in the capital precisely because it is the capital. Our enemies know that if they keep the capital from peace, the rest of Somalia will never stabilize.
  11. lol, I always laugh at these two clowns fighting over something that belongs to both of them . They should concentrate their resources on improving the lives of their citizens.
  12. A 20-year-old woman divorcee accused of committing adultery in Somalia has been stoned to death by Islamists in front of a crowd of about 200 people. A judge working for the militant group al-Shabab said she had had an affair with an unmarried 29-year-old man. He said she gave birth to a still-born baby and was found guilty of adultery. Her boyfriend was given 100 lashes. It is thought to be the second time a woman has been stoned to death for adultery by al-Shabab. Under al-Shabab's interpretation of Sharia law, anyone who has ever been married - even a divorcee - who has an affair is liable to be found guilty of adultery, punishable by stoning to death.
  13. The warships are there to protect their own national interests - escorting their trade ships whilst protecting their illegal trawlers. This is what happens when people take you for a bunch of idi0ts, which is exactly what most Somalis are, frankly.
  14. Shabelle

    Honorable Exit

    Originally posted by me: Sharif Ahmed has today the unique opportunity to transfer the sovereignty of the Somali state directly and without interference to a legitimate Somali political movement . This is the problem. They are NOT a legitimate Somali political movement. Al-Shabaab take their orders from a wahabi-infested, sickening, twisted brand of Islam led by none other than Al-Qaeda. They have foreign fighters on our soil and have been seen on the streets burning the Somali flag. They are FAR from being considered a SOMALI political movement. The Somali people will never accept to live their lives under what would effectively be a prison. How can a movement which openly claims responsibility for a SUICIDE bomb attack be considered a legitimate political movement?
  15. Originally posted by Somali Pirate: no sympathy for his death. He took the eithopians for auliya and protectors. He has become one of them. Good riddance to every eithopian *** kissing somali What is the alternative? Al Shabbab aka Al-Qaeda? I'd rather have Ethiopians on our soil than disgusting Wahabi, fake muslim, arab a$$-kissing sons of biitches.