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  1. I hope that opinion these hold of the rest of Somalia isn't shared by majority of northerners. This naked unadulterated hatred is the stuff of genocide. Just for the record, I have no grudges against northerners. I consider them my Somali brethren and sisters. Mr. Diarrhoea, please don't reply to my post. P.s. me thinks Mr. Diarrhoea is a Putin bot
  2. I don't think the minister will. He's part of a delegation. Unless Mogadishu is part of their itinerary. The look on Abiy's face greeting minister Ahmed says a lot. Some one should meme it
  3. ^spot on. The most important thing in this world is principle. You lose your principles, you don't know who you are and what you are about, i.e the Arab gulf despots. They sold their souls to the highest bidder to stay in power.
  4. If everything in the news is right, American elections are a farce. It used to be that the man (normally a male) who can raise most money wins. Now it seems not only do you need money but you have to circumvent it. And that's modern day DEMOCRACY.
  5. Wallaahi I sometimes think their whole secession thing is based on the fact they're colonised by Britain. How effing low!
  6. Dhaqaale, beautiful reasoning and points of arguments. Democracy doesn't put food on the table. Give me a well run state and economy peppered with a bit of nationalism any day over democracy.
  7. When Russia was weak, prior to Putin, Russia's federation republics governors called themselves presidents. Putin came to power, cleaned politics in Moscow and laid down the rules. Eventually law was passed they can't president title. Roughly. I think this is the direction we need to go. Federal yes, mini states within a state, no.
  8. Create or form proper federal regions that know their powers and then slowly mould them into governors and bang you have a country that works.
  9. You have it from the horse's mouth- former insider- saying that the current administration is not being toyed with by every one in the so called IC.
  10. MMA what I don't seem to understand is why some not all Somalis seem to see the Turkish involvement one sided, meaning only Turks benefit which is not true. Prior to 2011 no one entity, be it private or governmental will bother risk any investment in somalia. I think generations to come should be taught how turks came to this country's aid when she needed most.
  11. Can you elaborate on this? I fail to see the muscle that these two countries have to prevent Turkish influence in the region. Unless other powers are using them.
  12. I don't know but this very thought occurred to me, wallaahi few years back. Handing everything (and I mean almost everything) over to the Turks until we recover consciousness. To the naysayers, we are lucky we have partners in Turks, not to mention the gesture of brotherhood Tayyip has shown us in 2011.
  13. ^cantarabaqash! Like I'm going to read your effing verbal diarrhoea. Full of shyt.
  14. Aaaah ar beerka! Matag buu meesha la yimaadaa and thinks anyone is going to read. Go back under your bridge, troll.
  15. No one can guarantee their safety and safety of their property in the biggest city where the money is hence why they are investing in the rest of Africa.
  16. Even worse, when your mobile phone is on night mode, you can't read it, the text goes funny as it doesn't recognize the mode. Lazy ownership.
  17. Like others said, you're reading too much into this. Kenyans have realised that its better for both countries to normalise the relationship despite the maritime border issue. They will probably wait until Farmaajo's term is up and deal with the next fellow, might probably be more accommodating, who knows.
  18. Regurgitating the past ain't gonna change the now or the future. It's been 30+ years. Get your heads out of your backsides.
  19. MMA, It could be a rumour, but I heard it was cancelled. I used the so called service, and it's true, it's an effing racket. In the words of one Somali politician-cum-comedian, "HSM's administration wasn't corrupted, they were looters ".
  20. What a beautiful mind! You're an asset.
  21. Mindless. Your analogy doesn't work. Clothes are Banaadiri, hence southern Somali culture, not 'laba qayd', which obviously you don't want to be with, so piss off and leave everything proper Somalia and that includes soor, canbuulo, etc. I'm not being serious, there are decent, somali unity loving northerners. So I'll leave at that.