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  1. We now need someone with an iron in him. 'Unukaa leh ' are all about 'maxaan cunaa, seriously.
  2. Fck beesha lixaad. Deni should of ccourse align with Lafta, but HSM and his crew need a real wall to stop them in their tracks. I think he should stand up to the beesha lixaad.
  3. ^ in few years ' time, Taiwan will be no more. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. No. The solution is very effing simple. Fck Mogadishu. It will never be a Somali capital. Just move everything to a federal government. Their shitty gravy train is over. This lot 'unukaa leh ' have all Somalis hhostage as long as the capital remains to be Mogadishu and is the center of everything, literally. Let's see then if the land looted has the same value! Besides, there will be no more 'Maxamed ow soo bax' bs.
  5. Reer Waqooyi waa walaalaheen, laakiin dad waalan baa xariga u haya. Waa iska kaftamayey.
  6. Qaran kee? It's pointless and he's right to say 'non'.
  7. Reer Puntland sold most of their stock. They don't mess around, you know!
  8. It's a farce to call xamar a Somali capital AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME.
  9. It's a farce to call xamar a Somali capital.
  10. ^Neutral capital is badly needed. No more 'unukaa leh '.
  11. SubxaanaAllah! Soo dhawoow, Noolow Elizabeth-eey! Dadku maanay is qaban? But then they celebrate the 60 year old woman in the queue to see Charles! Sick.
  12. I am telling ya! Iyagay ka dhex bilaabanee! You watch!
  13. 'Unukaa leh ' and their lot are literally cashing out the country in retail, wallaahi. Again, I want to see this country balkanized, so that they ruin their bit and not all of us. The fight against Farmaajo was so they could let loose and loot.
  14. 'Unukaa leh ' ma xishoodaan. Hold on, Where's the uproar. Previous government was heavily criticised for an iota of nepotism. This is blatant, yet nothing happens. Is it cause Mogadishu is their capital city therefore the seat of government belongs to 'unuka', so 'we can do as we please ' in which case the case for balkanizing this country is now. Hsm cannot continue to call himself Somali president and behave as such.
  15. ..are officially running the government. His daughter is his right hand wwoman now. I can't wait for him to declare an 'unuka' government in Mogadishu. To all purposes and intent, this is what this shyt is shaping up to be. Just declare as such.
  16. Ina Omar Geelle waxaa lugu xantaa baan maqlay inuu ethiopian yahay. Given his actions, there's something to the rumour.
  17. Qori isu dhiibkaas bey Puntland nabad ku tahay. Ha yeelina, xittaa haddii American mercenaries la keensado.
  18. All Somalis should turn this into our Ukraine. This should unite all unionist Somalis to keep this land of ours together. Laascaanood needs all of us! Nothing against people of Waqooyi Galbeed. They're our brothers and sisters. Just the administration and politics.
  19. It's classic kompromat! Russian style. Ninka ma la soo xooga oo cajalad laga duubey? Waxani wax ka badan.
  20. This is about getting rid off of Mr Laftagareen than anything else. HsM is power obsessed. He's positioning himself or whoever he grooms to become unchallenged in future elections. This man has gone.
  21. ^ I don't know how he wasn't found out in all those years in the last administration. Clever snake. The man for the Somali politics of today. No principle, always go where the grass is greener. Maybe just maybe, his next move is political seat in hargeisa?
  22. ^Put other way. What have you got to prove that this so called jjourno is correct?
  23. You would post anything, however worthless. War waxan ha dhagaysan