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  1. Mr last nail on the coffin is back with even more vitriol.
  2. "Puntland and Somaliland were the only two federal states that meet the constitutional requirement of provincial charter. " yaa kugu yidhi somaliland baa federal ah.? waxay calooshu jeceshahay iyo runta ha la kala saaro.
  3. If jawahiri knows the outcome of the meeting then what is the point of meeting in the first place.
  4. Mr Osman is slowing but surely comment to his senses his khatumo political and traditional leaders spend the last year in Mogadisho to lobby for a powerful seat that would enable them to shot all the doors from the " secessionists" and got completly ignored. I won't be surprised to see Mr Osman advocating for somaliland in the near future the same way as Mr Xaglatosiye.
  5. I voted in MN; had to wait in line for more than 3 hours; in our polling place 90 percent of the voters were somali-american,and oromo)american , few of them knew about the amendments and the other names in the ballots, they were almost all focused on the obama- Romney; As of now it it is a tight race; let s hope O wins florida and Ohio the the prsidency is his:
  7. Here we go again, this time with the mother of all Bacaac as someone would say.
  8. caruurtan naftoodii khiyaantay ee wax barashadi ka carartay baa guulaysatay miyaa allow sahal amuuraha. waa ceeb marka wax walba colaad laga dayo. caruurtu wax ha baratee umadiinan western countries jogtaa carurta jar ha uuga boodina.
  9. Nadaafado waa caafimaad hadii dadka qaarkii gartay inay guriyahooda qashinka ka nadiifiyaan waa guul taasiba. dad keenu ma laha sanitation services markaa shacabka gartay inay is xilqaaman oo uskaga iska nadiifiyaan waa wanaag.
  10. somali politics is dysfunctional to the point you don't know who is doing what: the prez said he recognized them, celebrations were going on all over the world and all of a sudden this, what a jock.
  11. 'Liibaan';798052 wrote: [/ The last Nail To The Somalidiid-land Clan-Secessionists’ Coffin The secessionist enclave in the northwest region of Somalia is facing the wall, corned by the unionist communities like a carnivorous hyena being hunted down by an angry mob. The feeling of potency and invincibility created by the declaration of “independence” on 18th May 1991 is fading away fast as though it was good night’s dreams. The much talked topic of “Somaliland will be recognised soon” is yesterday’s fairy tale that only children will remember when they grow up. Indeed, when they grow, today’s children will be recounting to their children that there was a time when “our country” could have nearly being recognised by the international community as an independent state. That will be a sad day for them but not for the rest of Somalia. As we all know, since the creation of the secessionist enclave, integrating Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn (SSC) regions into the Somaliland project was always a thorny issue that has never gone away, only lurking around waiting to be invigorated. From Garaad Abdi Gani’s rejection of the secessionist project when he fell out with the late President Egal over power-sharing in the Borama conference to the present day violence in the Sool region are reminders that all communities in the former British Somaliland protectorate do not and will never support wholeheartedly the dismemberment of their beloved country. The fast majority of these communities knew that hand-feeding and cajoling some unscrupulous and corrupt politicians from the SSC regions by the secessionist will never deter them from pursuing their legitimate demand for a union with the rest of Somalia, and that the majority of the Somali people from Zeylac to Ras Kamboni and the international community will always support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Somalia. Surely, the tide is now turning against the secessionist enclave. At its door step, new regional states are being created by the day from Maakhir to now Khaatumo in the SSC regions. Even the Awdal region, the “loyal and faithful” boy of the secessionist project, has grown up, erecting his own regional state and flag, the Awdal state situated within federalised Somalia. Gone are those day when heavy-weight ideologues and intellectuals from the Awdal region, from Dr Abdishakur Jowhar to Bashir Goth, advocated painstaking for the balkanisation of our beloved country, the Somali Republic. The ink in their pens has dried up. Their day-dreaming has come to an end, waking up to the reality that the tide of unionists’ demand is gathering momentum and that people in these regions have spoken loud and clear: they want unity. Put it blunt, the secessionists have failed, the unionists are winning. At the international level, the highly organised campaign to secure recognition for the enclave led by some international lobbyists, from Prof J. Peter Pham to Matt Bryden have all gone badly wrong. No result so far, only disappointments. Gone are those day when these ruthless characters used to promote the Somaliland initiative through their biased reports: “Somaliland: Africa’s Best Kept Secret,” and “Somaliland: Time for African Union Leadership,” which was concocted by the International Crisis Group (ICG), which became a mouthpiece for the secessionist enclave. No matter how hardly they tried, the international community rightly closed its doors firmly to any lobbying campaign intended to dismember Somalia, a wounded and bleeding country. And finally, to the secessionists’ dismay, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has visited Somalia, becoming one of the few daring foreign diplomats to visit the warn torn city of Mogadishu. This is good news for the unionist intellectuals who have always been anxious of a British conspiracy and have had an eerie feeling that, Britain, a former colonial power of the region, would be the first state to recognise the breakaway region. Indeed, the secessionists have placed too much hope and expectation on Britain, conducting their campaign from London, lobbying British ministers and MPs to secure British tax-payers’ money to support their cause. One only needs to remember those years back when thousands of “Somalilanders” used to stage demonstrations in front of the Downing Street and the House of Parliament to support their ill-fated “Somaliland” project. One only needs to remember those days when British diplomats, ministers and ambassadors visited “Somaliland” and how this broke the hearts of the unionist communities who were sacred these visits were prelude to eventual recognition. Indeed, Britain was one of the very few countries that high ranking diplomats visited the region regularly. However, by his current visit and meeting with the Somali President, the Foreign Secretary has shown that Britain respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Somali Republic and that it is not interested in dismembering Somalia, a nation that was already divided into enclaves by his ancestors. While this symbolic visit allays fears of the unionist camp about a British conspiracy, it surely rings alarm bells in the secessionist camp which is now realising that it cannot use Britain as a surrogate mother for its conceived secessionist baby. William Hague’s official visit has applied the last death nail to the secessionists’ coffin, or perhaps as the saying goes: his action has hit the nail on the head. Long Live a United, Strong and Prosperous Somalia. Muuse Yuusuf How many nails this coffin needs, I read few weeks ago an article about the same title and the same somaliland is finished nonsense.
  12. SNM was one of the miltary movements that besieged the dictator by the name of Siad barre but I am amazed about how some people are still talking about SNM and not USC or SSDF and all the other ones. SNM did more than liberating somaliland it had some psychological impact on some people who always though that uncle Siyaad will be in power for ever and they cannot face reality up to now, what is left now for them is endless attaques on every one who may have any connection with SNM,my only advice would be: please move on....and let it go