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  1. Welcome Nina ! I am new to the web too...
  2. Taleexi, you are absolutely right about this ,but you missed another cheap tactics that the One-Clan-Based Secessionist have used to get international attention and this is their cheap talk "We enjoy peace while other somalis in Somalia do not have a peace" . Is this something that they can get what they called independent state from Somalia ? Peace all and god bless Somalia no exceptions.
  3. Xaaji, dadka meeli bugtaa waa la yaqaan, waa dadka Soomaalinimada diidan.........I love Somalia regredless what happen there .........I beleive there will be many good days to come our homeland in the near future.
  4. Xaaji, dadka meeli bugtaa waa la yaqaan, waa dadka Soomaalinimada diidan.........I love Somalia regredless what happen there .........I beleive there will be many good days to come near future.
  7. My recommendation for Dr. Jowhar would be to start healing the current leaders of Somaliland from the hate they have for other Somalis. He should probably start with the current president of Somaliland, Mr. Silanyo, who many believe is suffering from mental disorders that have plagued him since taking office last year. Many in Somaliland jokingly state that Silanyo still thinks that he is in the opposition side of the aisle. Then there is his chief of cabinet, a semi literate man who carries a six inch knife under his shirt which he uses to chase those who anger Silanyo down the long corridors of Silanyo’s Presidential palace.
  8. Somaliland militia attacked and killed 27 civilian in Kalshale indiscriminately on February 7, 2011. The enclave secessionist, a self-declared of Northwest of Somalia otherwise known as Somaliland, had mobilized its clan based militia to attack Bohdeleh District of Ayn region of Somalia. The Somaliland administration took aggression against unarmed civilian in Kashaale area, just 18km from Bohodleh. The latest attack of Somaliland’s militia was to support Silanayo’s sub-clan who wanted to occupy the land of other clan’s properties. The other important thing to note is that the Kashale residents belong to different clan than that of Northwest of Somaliland in Hargaisa and Burco. The SSC people have refused to be part of Isaq’s secessionist movement for the last twenty years. The Somaliland militia and administration belong to **** clan who inhabitant in Burco and Hargeisa regions. The SSC people belong to *****,*****-Dhubahante which is one of the biggest of major clans in Somalia. The Somaliland militia’s genocide in Kashale of Bohodleh District committed human violation against humanities. According to IRIN, the humanitarian news and analysis service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, says “…. that more than 500 families (3,000 people) were displaced from the village of Hagoogane. "Most are pastoralists." On top of that the death casualties were more than 30 lives. This is not the first time that the Somaliland administration violated human rights .The current and previous Somaliland administration ordered their militia to attack unarmed civilians in SSC regions because simply they are against secessionist. Loud and clear, the SSC people and their leaders made appeal to international community again and again and they said “we are part and parcel of Somalia.” So, they are not part of NW clan based on administration in Hargaysa. The people of SSC become victimized because they are pro unionist and they want to remain Somali Republic as a one nation under one flag. Thousands of SSC people were displaced by Somaliland army, a self-declared of Northwest of Somalia. Since 2007, Somaliland forces attacked innocent people of Sool, Sanag, Ayan and Somaliland invaded the capital city of SSC. The Somaliland occupation of Las- anod caused displacement and lost of lives. Sadly, United Nations, EU, and USA donate to Somaliland administration a millions of dollars each year on the name of humanitarian reasons and yet this self-declared administration uses these funds to kill and maim innocent people. This is the time, the international community, and neighborhood countries investigate the situation of the SSC regions. The people of SSC were tortured, kidnapped, and killed by Somaliland militia, and it is time that international community holds Somaliland accountable for their actions.
  9. Please don't generalize Somali women. Personally, I don't believe that we have what we called "Somali culture" so; this kind of women who are talked about the sex and size may exist and live within our society. Let us say that they don't represent all Somali sisters. I would argue all Somali man to respect sister dignity and privacy. If you have a date with girl, you are not dating all Somali girls and they have different manner and personality in individual bases.
  10. The Hijacking of the SCC leadership By admin at January 9, 2011 | 3:09 pm | Print . Marred since the collapse of the central government, the political and geographical structure of the Somali republic has been heavily defamed. Staunch supporters of Unity reject the one-clan sponsored self-declared entity known as “Somaliland.” Taking advantage of the havoc following the downfall of the Siad Barre government in 1991, the inhabitants of Somalia’s two Northern regions in the North, Northwest and Togdheer, led by the Somali National Movement (SNM), a one-clan (the Isaaks) rebel movement, have been mobilizing to form a breakaway state they called ‘Somaliland’. Claiming that the borders of ‘Somaliland’ extends to regions that belong to other northern Somali clans families, who are against secession and are pro one-Somali State. They unilaterally declared that Awdal, Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn, with the last three abbreviated as SSC, as part and parcel of their ‘Somaliland’. These four regions are more populated than those that wish to breakaway in Central, and Southern Somalia. Two decades, and four different ‘somaliland’ administrations (including the current one headed by Silanyo) have passed since they came up with this clan-driven pie-in-the-sky project Mainstream Somalis still have yet to recognize Somaliland, but Somaliland’s leaders are diligently working around the clock to win their recognition. Campaigning around the globe, putting forth their self-interest, and demeaning the value of the rest of Somalia, Somaliland has forged documents showing that they have in fact been an independent, autonomous country forever, but the fact of the matter is that British Somaliland’ Protectorate was given independence by the British. Politicians fulfilled the plan, and Somaliland joined Southern Somalia in one-State Unitary Government, the Somali Republic. The resultant imbalanced power sharing between the North and South was the fault of the North. Ahmed Mohamoud “Silanyo,” the current ‘President’ of ‘Somaliland’, in an attempt to outwit the four pro-Unity Regions has come up with a new strategy that he hopes will remove the last but formidable obstacle towards the relentless march to Recognition as an independent State, separate form the Somali Republic. The strategy centers around holding secret unauthorized talks with non-Isaac’s leaders from the four pro-Unity regions. Silanyo, conferring with Ali Khalif Galaydh, a former Prime Minister with roots in Sool Region and a well known political chameleon, via telephone numerous times, has been seeking a way to magnetize his fellow regional politician. Pondering the situation of Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn, and the public protests against secessionism, the two have reportedly agreed on restructuring ‘Somaliland’ into Federalism. In cahoots, the two plan to form a nation that shares a flag, military, and currency— with each Regional State enjoying an autonomy and administered separately. Assuming the tactic is viable, Silanyo and Galaydh have reached a pre-election agreement. The plan coincides with the general uprising of SSC Diaspora and the formation of the Northern Somali Unionist Movement (NSUM). The NSUM is a political organization established October 15, 2007 right after the capture of Las Anood, capital of Sool Region, by the secessionist forces of ‘Somaliland’. The NSUM leadership contacted leaders in the region for a national conference intended to form an SSC liberation organization. Then, after learning about the uprising, Ahmed Mohamoud “Silanyo,” contacted Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh. Meeting in Abu Dhabi they agreed to hijack the outcome of the meeting by buying influence. When the team of hijackers succeeded to elect their own sycophants to the interim SSC Standing Committee, they created what is now commonly referred to as the Hogaan. Trying to legitimize the meetings held in Hol-Hol, and Burawadal, they moved on to the SSC regions. The NSUM grassroots movement, unaware of the conspiratorial schemes that had taken place, believed its purpose was to liberate the land from Somaliland. When Silanyo’s earlier tactics resulted in failure, he organized a militia comprised of Habar Jeclo clan members to take over Dhulbahaante-inhabited grazing land in the Cayne region, establishing settlements in Kalshaale area, and causing the deaths of countless civilians from both clans. This ultimately spurred Silanyo’s realization that Mr. Galaydh has no tangible influence on the ground in SSC regions. Upon learning in November 2010 that Mr. Silanyo was in London seeking medical treatment, Galaydh flew to London to be at his side, requesting to meet with him at a hotel. Silanyo rejected, forcing him to meet him at his London home instead. According to individual in the proximity to that meeting Mr. Galayd showed his boss, Silanyo, pictures from the celebration of the capturing of Las Anood 3nd Anniversary—celebrations held by Hogaan supporters in many cities worldwide. Galaydh had two objectives: (a) to impress Somaliland leadership, and (b) to generate the false impression that he has grassroots clout. Silanyo bluntly told Galaydh that the situation is worse than he had initially forecasted when they first met in Abu Dhabi and coined ‘now you see, now you don’t’ strategy. He added that he can no longer confer with Galaydh on further dealings. Thanked for his past endeavors, Galaydh unceremoniously left Silanyo’s estate, dragging behind him a ton of humiliation and failure of his grand scheme. The conspiratorial dialogue began when Silanyo consulted the International Law lawyers involved with the recognition of Sudan as a sovereign nation. The lawyers advised him to establish mini-satellite states out of the constellation of regions (Awdal, SSC, and Makhir state) inhabited by non-***** clans. Sources close to Silanyo, requesting anonymity, have confirmed that Mr. Galaydh contacted Silanyo, requesting that he give him one more chance. Agreeing to install Somaliland military muscle in the region, Mr. Galaydh would be the overseer of autonomous regions under the umbrella of Somaliland leadership. Mr. Galaydh invited Jama Grad Ismail to Minnesota. Minnesota is home to the largest Diaspora community from SSC. Mr. Galaydh, an unpopular, and polarizing figure in Somali politics, was welcoming Grad secretly because he feared the other members would not welcome him if they are aware of his involvement. The pictures from the meet-and-greet at the airport were later leaked to the Press. Today, we are acutely aware of the forces that seek to break away from the union of Somalia, and further petty malicious attempts will be subject to scrutiny. Silanyo and his cohorts from the non-Isak inhabited Regions have engaged in fraudulent acts of conspiracy. The result has been consistent, utter failure for the last three decades. It will take more than Silanyo and the likes of Galaydh to unscrew the light bulb that is Somalia. Long live Somalia: united, peaceful and prosperous!
  11. You guys who are from Northwest of Somalia such as Burco and Hargeysa, you should know that Somaliland will never get international recognition and also your follow Somalis who own share with you the country will never approval on Northwest secession. Therefore, You (****) must stop the one clan ideology and we work with other Somalis, who are trying to bring peace and unity for our dysfunctional county. SOOMAALIYA SOOMAALI BAA LEH !!!