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  1. loool Aliyaah thats what I said. You made me go back to my post inaan qaldamey camal. I had a boy....His name is Zack, Zackariya, 50, Vitamino, Jimcaale, Zackalii, Dilqaaye He's had his share of crazy names maskiinka. Thank you abaayo, hugss
  2. loooooooooooool@ depreciating/accelerating asset iga dheh. Maskiin---she got a back handed wack. She had it coming thou. I hate people who use the "Why not me, why her/him" phrase in their lives. Why compare yourself and sell yourself short when you could make bigger and better bucks than the next person? Half a million man intaan sugaayo, if Im that materialistic and equate a successful life to the next million, maan aniga higher aim gareeyo. Yaab badanaa aduunkaan..."Naa orod shaqeyso shafka la'dahay, meesha ha isoo fadhi weynaanine" is what I'd say to this lost cause. Nice 1 sherezade.
  3. Till this day I dont know the physical difference between Parsley and Coriander. I have to literally squeeze the leaves to get the aroma. I must say, the Somali translation to the spices and herbs are very impressive. I dont know whether I'll ever incorporate them in my life but it might come handy someday.
  4. Che -Guevara;768838 wrote: Nina....Is friend still married? They are still together unfortunately. She has developed a heart condition due to excess welwel and went to Germany to get a health check. The only thing thats stopping him in my opinion is that the kids are not legally registered under his name (Somali style). That doesn't stop her from worrying herself to death everytime he is alone with the kids thou. Last time we had this conversation she informed me that she has confiscated all the passports and any documents related to the kids and shifted them to her sister's house (just incase). I dont understand how anyone can stay in an unstable marriage subhanallah. Keeping secrets from your husband/wife, having ulterior motives etc is a whole different ball game. To each their own I suppose. On a related story. My cousin's Somali ex huband tried to kidnap his kids a couple of years back but his plans were foiled by her sister who sensed something odd. The husband borrowed fake passports from a friend for his 4 children and told the mother he will take them to Manchester for a religious gathering of some sort over the weekend. His sister in-law requested to tag along as he had friends in Manchester. After several attempts to disuade her, he gave up and took her with them. Upon arriving in Manchester he asked the sister-in-law to stay the night with his "Male" friend as he had no room for her at the hotel. Her first suspicion was how on earth could a so-called man of the Kitaab request her of such a thing. She refused and stuck with them like super-glu. Needless to say he confided in one of the eldest about the plan and they told the habaryar. If my cousin wouldn't have accompanied them I suspect the kids would be in Somalia by now. My point is------this misunderstanding of the genders had little to do with differing ethnicity and more to do with communication and mutual respect, Im sure. Sorry to hijack the topic, sheekaba sheekeey keentaa aan maqli jirey. My apologies
  5. My New Year's Resolution(s) are 1)Take Mama to Hajj (Insha Allah) 2)Conquer the art of saving money. God knows I have been branded "Futureless human" in the past. Im so bad with my finances subxanallah. 3)Memorize the entire Qur'an (this'll take more than a year Im sure-------Ilaahey ha ii sahlo) 4)Set aside a date to start my Masters and stick to the schedule. 5)Work, work, work like a hound dog. This year waa dharsanahay I wanna make money and then pretend to save it lolz.
  6. My Mama's Land is beautiful maasha allah. Thank You Somalina, once again you made me smile. Amazing pix indeed! The negativity up in here is putting me off my coffee.... :rolleyes: Somalia is breathtaking and rich in natural resources. No need to put our own land down...meel kasto waa sidaaan hadii sawiro laga soo qaado.
  7. Language barrier or culture shouldn't be used as an excused for ignorance. Calling a fellow humanbeing by clicking your fingers is just vile. Akhlaaq bini aadan nimo iyo mid religion midna ma ahan taas. If it were me on the receiving end I would refuse service simple as. Middle Eastern countries and 3rd World countries are not customer service orientated thats why they have to bear this malicious behaviour. I worked in a very popular cinema when I was a teenager and the amount of jaahil's walking through the door was just too funny sometimes. I was pleased this behaviour was not only projected by Somalia. Irish Gypsies, Srilankans, Indians, Jamaicans were equally as bad. When I was promoted to Assistant I got my revenge. One one occasion 4 Somali grown a$$ women started edeb daro with the staff, mesha dhan qeylo and buuq ka dhigeen. The staff that were tending to them were so fed up when I intervened. I refused them entry and refunded their tickets. One of them knew my mom and complained lool. Aniga maaba u joojiyey ba....Hooyadey aa sheegtee Abaheeyna twitter u dira hadaa rabtiiin. There is no need for acting like bushmen in a civilized society. Somalida laakin waxaan la yaabaa,,,,20 years in Qurbo and they have yet to learn about ettiquette and polite mannerisms. Everytime I come across loud people waan ka naxaa. I feel embarrased for them. Akhas dheh
  8. MMA loooooooooooooool@ soo kala dhig dhig ku qosleey. My trip is not a short term plan, Im gonna move there Insha Allah. All I need is a 2 bedroom apartment (with running water ofcourse). -No xaafad preference. -Furnished/Non-furnished---As long as its close to civilization & I can commute to/from work, Im good to go I dont have the details of the location of my office as yet, still waiting. Funny thing is even if they hit me with an address meesha maba kala aqaano, it wud be a waste. I will let you guys know, location might give you a clearer idea,,sax? Thanks bro
  9. The affairs of the heart should be free from the shackles of cast and creed. Whatever happened to falling in love? As long as the suitor in question is down with Allah SWT, we must encourage it. This is what my heart says My mind however sings a different tune. I'd advice Somali's to stick to their own and not step because the inter-racial aspect not only confuses the children but if anything goes wrong (god forbid) the custody battle could get ugly. My friend married a moslem from Guinea (Konakry). Long story short, 3 beautiful kids later, everytime they have a fight he vows, if he gets a chance, he'll one day take the children to his homeland and she will never set eyes on them again. Dhib badanaa aduunkaan. My heart interrupts my train of thought again and says if a marriage is meant to fail, it fails regardless of the husband/wife being your second cousin or Calibesteen (Red Indian) from the other side of the earth. If Allah SWT meant His creatures to be seperate and never meet, Im sure we'd all be on different finkzzz. My 2 Liras
  10. No, No, No Gentlemen. Please dont misunderstand me. I did not mean Im not going to mingle with my family there, I meant I would prefer to be prepared when I get there as far as accommodation is concerned so I dont inconvenience them or myself. Anigoo diyaar eh inaa Masaii infested Airport ka dago ayaan rabaay Insha Allah. Im just being paranoid, Im sure I can lay off the caalacal and look for a place after I get there. In hindsight my comment does come across as if Im anti-qaraabo loolz, my bad. Besides I can't avoid them even if I tried, they will track me down. So I've been busy since I posted this comment. The amount of digging I did, I should be recruited by Al Kabaab. Anywho I was told by an unreliable source that some appartments cost a fair amount, the reason:- they have constant running water as opposed to other places not having that luxury. Waaba naxsanahay ilaahey amarkiis. My fear of Africa and its non-existing amenities is creeping in fast. I tried the Somali online "Kiro" agencies, not very informative. No luck so far......I hate moving to a new country I have no prior knowledge on :rolleyes: I once backpacked through China as a teenager & never was I this shaken about it. Maybe Im getting old...... PS: BTW I appreciate your kind comments & tips, thanx for looking out 4 moi----Keep'em flowing, Ilaahey khayr ha idin siiyee---Jazakallah kheyr.
  11. Never had welwel about travelling anywhere in my life but my imminent trip to Kenya is giving me sleepless nights. First off all last time I was in Africa, I had no teeth and haven't been back ever since. I got a job offer in Nairobi and don't know anybody there. The little qaraabo I heard who live there inaan raadiyo ma rabo, I wanna make it without qeylo and buuuq lolz. Qaraabo are just not on my to-do list when I get there Insha Allah. So here is where you guys come in---Considering the fact that Im ignorant in everything Africa....I need tips on where to find a nice appartment. Im sure a few of you frequent the place I so dread. So hit me with info bal----and thanx in advance
  12. Ar kuwaana---duqdina marqaan mee bareen? Maryooleey caadi ma ahan. Whats next---Kaban in the Pentagon
  13. Bhangra is infectious. Whatever mood you're in----you are sure to move your feet to it. Caadi ma ahan.
  14. On the social front, this was the year my social life took a nose-dive. I lost contact with a few friends and dont even know if I still have them in my life or not. As far as my personal life goes, this year started with a sad note as I lost my favourite Abti in February. May Allah grant him and all the Moslems eternal Jannah ---Amiin. Flip to a positive mode---this is going to be the best year of my life as I became a mother for the first time to my beautiful boy Zack. My life turned around 360 walee and I wouldnt have it any other way. Alhamdulilaah for the gifts Allah SWT so kindly gives us. May He grant the same happiness to all the Farax's and Xalimo's (Amiin)
  15. Asalama Aleikum & Good Morning Earthlings!!!! Maxaa heysiin camal