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  1. amiir godane doesnt care for some ****** cartoonist opinion
  2. war somaliland haku darin, we are a qaran nation. not some tribal place.
  3. chimera hunno, dont promte ur husbands clothes to us
  4. war april fools mar hore bay dhamaatay. lol peacefull galkacyo
  5. talow ma gunter the german buu ah ninka?
  6. 'Liibaan';707900 wrote: Miskiin Duke, you still fighting the wrong war with Liibaan, SSC people are already doing great job, they defended Buhoodle heroically, they liberated Kalshaale, Hogoogane, Meygaagle, Widhwidh, Kalabaydh, and Balihadhac. Now SSC Army are only less 30 KM away from Laas Caanood, today most of Southern Sool, and whole Cayn are under the rule and the control of SSC Movement. I know the pirates and the somalidiid are xaasidiin, and they don’t want to see SSC people and SSC Movement to succeed, thats why they insulting and calling SSC “terrorists”. Fortunately, no country in the world believed the lies of the two clan factions, thanks to SSC diaspora. No one cares about the fans of Warlord Siilaanyo and Warlord Faroole in this forum, they are misguided. abti forget these bintilanders and join yoyr abtiyaal
  7. horta mida hore, valentiina hunno raga ka dhex bax. tan labaad, reer buhuudle iyo las canood waa dad somaliland ah, oo abti unahay as the ppl have shown. the pirates of pirateland don't know how to share. in somaliland, reer SSC can be president if they want because we have democracy not pirateocracy. let us remember abtiyaal(ssc), we have some same dhaqan and we share more things in common than you do with the pirates. lets work together. vive somaliland
  8. gaaladan horta maxee xayawaanka ilaahay u layaan for ciyaar. wallahi this makes me angry, maroodiga is beautiful animal. his company shud be boycatted.
  9. Aaliyyah;707650 wrote: LOL..u crack me up!!! i left soem comments for u too
  10. you should flash your boss, i bet he wud enjoy that
  11. Malika;706996 wrote: Looooooooool - your response is funnier then what the person said about you..Lool. Horta are you sure your a newbie? something fishy about you. suashaas ma jawaabi kari on the grounds i might incriminate myself.
  12. SSC are with their ppl in somaliland. pirates shud just stick to garowe and bein pirates
  13. dee somaliyad waad tahay, laakin wadankaga waa somaliland. sool waa somaliland, las canood waa somaliland, kalshaale waa somaliland.
  14. Abokor Omar;706902 wrote: Some are sober enough to judge the man by his actions others are blinded by qabyaalad into supporting him and ignoring the facts. I mean how can ONLF supporter fight Ethiopians in His region and support AY their protege who invited them to the Somali capital in a mad plan to cease power. Hypocrisy is an art. sax abti, dadkaan qabyalaad un bey odaygan umada la'yay u difaacyaan.
  15. galmudug doenst like bintiland. there is no unity
  16. this iz not right, yaa dadkaan iga qabta. this is my latest comment i recceive "porn addict, u need to get married and stop lookong for porn videos at sol you pervert!" war ilaahay ka baqa ee iga xishooda, nin mutacalim ah baan ahay.
  17. aliya hunno ur somalilander, dadkaan waalan reer somalia waxba haku darsan.
  18. waligay starbucks ma aadin. waa iska shuqul liberal gaalo
  19. subxanallah, naagtaan bantuga ah shahada ku ciyaaraysaa.
  20. shaqo'laan, arts iyo waxaas waa shuqul gaalo.
  21. somalia and somaliland are two difference cuntries first of all. somaliland is a developed country, while somalia has war and is not save.
  22. waryaa miskiin macruuf, maxaa ii inkiraysaa, noo ga sheekay the malayas abti.