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  1. Boondheere;790261 wrote: the problem of this young girl and many other young somali girls who born and grew up in the west is the "Kintir". unlike young girls back in somalia who dont have it this somali girls have 100% Kintir like cadaan girls. thats why they like to show their body and their pubic hair, they are saying like "come and scratch my uncut Kintir" ;) this guy xishood ma leh.
  2. thats sexy, i want to see her wearing hijaab and a bikini.
  3. BOB;787068 wrote: First and foremost SOL is not an adults ONLY website as there are many underage children who read what’s posted on here and don’t delude yourself as there’s nothing sophisticated about a guy seeking cyber attention by coming up with the most pathetic threads. What is so sophisticated about a guy confessing his immoral behaviour to the world other than show how he has a low opinion of himself? Peace, Love & Unity. Ninyahow maxaa uu caytamaysa? Isku xishoood walal. If this topic touches a nerve, then iga rali noqo. I hope you can move on and forget that woman. Waa bilaahi towfiiiq.
  4. somali women outnumber somali men, its not hard to find one. if a former gaal convert can have 3 somali women, then naag somali qiimoba ma leh(no offence to the good somali women). ilaahi amarkiis.
  5. Kool_Kat;786389 wrote: There's no such thing as men/women stealers, everyone leaves on their own free will...Oh how I loath when people say "Caasho ninkii naag Canab ladhoho ayaa ka qaaday", not ka raacay, but ka qaaday? Muxuu yahay isaga markii la qaadanaayo ama laxadaayo, a honey roasted peanut? Naga dhaafa yaaqoo... People, InaJaad has a point...I've seen so many men who like and go after married women and visa versa, even after they find out they're married (which in some cases motivates such individuals even more)! May be those kinda people just like what they can not have or knowing the fact that this person actually has another is a turn-on for them...Whatever the case might be, InaJaad ma'aha dhibka, ee waa tii ka yeesha fal-falaad xumada uu rabo inuu kula kaco...Some women (married or not) like in lagu fal-falaado...InaJaad and the likes of him bistoolad madaxa kama saaraan, I'm sure! well said walaal.
  6. Bluelicious;785970 wrote: Best advice tell him! It's not wrong to like them but it's wrong when you start making a move on them.True some women are in loveless unhappy marriages but still that doesn't justify cheating. Just like there are men who like married women there are women who like married men it's a common problem so keep a close eye on your man or woman because there are man and woman stealers. Maybe the reason you like them is because they are experienced women and you know can't have them and you do it for the thrill. Knowing that you're a panty sniffer I would say you probably do it for the thrill. I don't know whether you're telling the truth or not but if this is true and some women indeed pm-ed you, then I have no words for this i'm shocked :eek: Blue, you're one of my favorite posters here because you're not a prude like some of the others and you're always willing to discuss any topic. Maybe you're right, maybe I like them for the thrill and the challenge involved in being with a married woman. As humans we all ways want what we can't have. Or maybe I'm a philanthropist and i want all women to experience good loving. I dunno. But clearly, cheating is a reality, why that is and what makes married women cheat, i dunno. men cheat for obvious reasons. but what about women?
  7. Sensei;785534 wrote: Look, its obvious that the only perspective you need is that of a psychiatrist. Waali badnaa Soomaalidaan, naagaha la qabo baa ku kac...daa maa lasoo shir tagtay maanta? dee naag la qabo so wali naag ma aha? whats the difference.
  8. Atirisho;785532 wrote: What kind of pervert are you? what is it about married women that turns your on? is it the fact that they belong to some other man or their fact you can't get? the good kind of perverts. and yes, its the forbidden fruit, and it tastes better because its forbidden. btw, i got a few pm's from a married women on sol. im not gonna name names, but it's a reality that some women are in loveless marriage.
  9. Can we have the married ladies perspective? im sure some of you are in a loveless marriage, and looking to have some secret fun with a stranger.
  10. Taleexi;785399 wrote: Ahmed Najaad: Miyaanay dumar la dhalan, dhalin, oo aanu u dhixin af xumaa war ninyahow wax iskula har horaa loo yidhi " Nin reer u weyn iyo naag umilisa ahi, midna siday wax u ogyihiin,wax uma sheegaan Taasi waa taa. dee ma been baan sheegay?
  11. just remember ladies when you reach 25 to 30, that is your expiration date and like spoiled milk, no man is gonna touch you with a ten foot pole.except me, i like spoiled milk.
  12. miriam there are a lot of unhapilly married somali women and they need satisfaction, so im not sure if its wrong. uchi;784987 wrote: Maybe It's not the married woman you are after, but actually the idea she is in bed with a man. Perhaps you fancy men? dont project your homosexual urges on me.
  13. I have a thing for married women, something about the fact they are married turns me on. talow is it wrong?
  14. Carafaat;783699 wrote: Looool. MMA, I had some similar experience with friends back in African and Europe with great deals which actually were ponzi schemes and email scams. I tried to explain it, they didnt belief me either and some even thaught I was being xaasid. Nowadays, if someone doesnt seem interested in any free advice I dont even bother and say Good Luck! And this case is quite similar. Cause any smart business minded person would always be interested in advice, certainly when its free of charge. lol talow how many somali's were tricked by these scams. somali's always want easy money
  15. i subort my country and qabil which somaliland, no matter what. khatuumo is fake state and we will not recognize them. they will be forced to join somaliland.
  16. who's the nigga with the oversized suit?
  17. Bluelicious;776548 wrote: Okay that's mashallah keep it up. Anyways I don't care about what others think about you I think your cool and normal there is nothing wrong with you except for you being a sexual person or maybe you like to joke about such things. Lol you are indeed blunt and say whatever you feel like that comes in to your mind and some some people feel offended by it and others don't. Sometimes you need to keep some things to yourself tone it down a little bit what's wrong with being sexual walal? sex waa caafimad and its a good way to relieve stress.inshallah i hope your having/will have great sex. My advice to you as a woman is when you get married, don't be shy and demand everything from your husband or even boyfreind.
  18. Showqi;776514 wrote: Dotoor InaJaad, I finally get the chance to ask you some questions. First of all thank you for starting this thread. We all know that you are knowledgeable man. Now my question is about marriage. You see I like Somali women, and I will only marry Somali woman. But if I could not find a Somali woman to marry ilaahay amarkiis,, what other nationality would be best to marry? and why? Thank you Dotoore.............. :D Mr. Showqi I appreciate your question and would like to thank you for bringing such an important question to me. I would say go for mid cad who will make you a sandwich, meelkasta ka taabato, and will give caruur cad. Ka fagow waxa madow ama hadi kale caruur laga acudubilaysto bey ku dhalay. Hindida ka fagow wey wada uskag badan yihiin and some have mustaches.
  19. Jacaylbaro;776340 wrote: Why "Sex" is right next to "Islam" horta ???? ,,,,,,, now that should be my first question dee sex waa inuu xalaal ahaado.
  20. Bluelicious;776092 wrote: Looooooool @ i'm well read in the kamasutra damn. So Axmed why is it that some folks think you are kuku? To me you seem like a normal cool person who occasionally likes to be blunt about random explicit things. Walal somalida are jelous creatures, ma fahantay? They jelous me because of my unresolved dedication to the diin and the truth.
  21. Weydii Dotoore Axmed-Inajaad Asalamu Calaykum Waraxmutallahi Wa Barakatuhu Walaalyaal, topigan aan furay waa topic aad suaal iyo talo igu weydiin kartiin. Suaal oo nooc kaste ah waad i weydiin kartiin, ama ha ahaato diinta, jacaylka, raaxada sariirta, lacagta, ama caafimaadka. Aniga waxaan ahay dotoore, macalin, iyo imaam aduunka soo maray. Marka, walaalyaal cagligayga iyo fikradayda ka fai'daysta. Sii fiican baan u akhriyay buugo badan oo ka mid ah "kamasutra", buuga shinees oo ka hadlo raaxada. Jazakallah khair
  22. This topic will be an online advice column. I have generously decided to allow SOL members the opportunity to ask me any advice related questions about life, islam, sex, finances, love, and any other personal problems you have. I'm a doctor, a healer, an imam and a guru. I have experience in many arts, and I'm well read in the kamasutra. The advice is free of charge, however, if you're satisfied with my advice then you're more than welcome to make a donation to my paypal account. So please, let's get started and inshallah you will find my advice beneficial. Jazakallah