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  1. Originally posted by opportunist: ...only superstitious halfwits with a desperate need to feel validated think that God made everything. Nice! I wonder what percent of the human race you just insulted.
  2. Originally posted by Socod_badne: Do you disagree with violent Islamic extremists? Do you disgaree with violent Christian military invasion of Muslim nations? CASTRO - Sometimes I wonder who truly rules the West: politicians or the TV?
  3. Col Cabdi Qeybdiid nin lagu dag-dagi karo ma aha, I guess.
  4. But cheering Islamist fighters, their faces covered by jihadist scarves , and technicals displaying quotes from the Koran, have gained the upper hand. The first time I read this article, this phrase caught me way off guard: jihadist scarves. Are they refering to the cimaamad? Aduunka heerkaas buu marayaa maanta. This ongoing conflict in Muqdisho will, on the int'l stage, eventually bring up the unanswered issue of: "Who is a terrorist?" GW Bush's "war on terror" is the reason the USA is supporting career war criminals to fight against so-called "terrorists" in Somalia. Some in the Western press have already asked the inevitable question: "Aren't the warlords themselves terrorists?" The Islamic Courts are, according to the "war on terror," terrorists because they wear cimaamad and promote Islamic law. In Muqdisho, the only and real terrorists are the warlords who have killed, raped and robbed with impunity for 15 years! I thought poet Abshir Bacadle made a good point during yesterday's anti-U.S./warlord demo in Muqdisho when he asked the public if there have been any assassinations of intellectuals and officers lately. Of course, the answer is "no," which means the warlords were behind all those assassinations of prominent Somali citizens but always blamed the Islamic Courts to attract American dollars. The Bush admin needs to explain who is to be considered a "terrorist" to the world. I sense another foreign policy disaster for Bush and his cronies.
  5. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^ This is a very posative step. Other warlord millitias could easily be incorporated into the recruits. Dude, did you just reply to yourself? Seriously... Xaaraan-ku-Naax didn't want to come to Baydhabo when he was the Boss in parts of Mogadishu. The day he's empty-handed he decides to seek refuge? I would suggest the TFG detain this war criminal [bootaan Ciise] but, sadly, the TFG is full of war criminals.
  6. The newly crowned Garad Jama Garad Ali may also be urged to initiate a peace process between Somaliland and Puntland for the good of his people in Sool in general and Las-Anod town in particular. Before uniting Somalis, let me remind the Garad to represent and speak on behalf of his desperate people , whom are caught in potential conflict at home. Now, "desperate people" is not a phrase you should use to describe your honorable hosts who welcomed you into Las Anod with open arms and in the spirit of Soomaaliwayn. Some people just ain't grateful. In the case of war, the population of Las-Anod will, therefore, face extremely precarious humanitarian crisis. The majority of the population, estimated as 35,000 , will be forced into displacement inside or outside both regions. Most of the suffering will be faced by the innocent women and children in Las-Anod town . I wondered why he refered to Las Anod as a "town," but his population estimate explained it. 35,000? Whatever makes you sleep better at night, I guess. The war on Las-Anod is not going to be like the relatively smaller scale war that South Somalis have seen for the last decade. Interesting use of language. "The war on Las Anod..." This man must have balls the size of Texas behind the safety of his computer screen. I don't see a war "on" Las Anod - I see Somali people living peacefully and hosting fellow nationals from all five sides of our expansive land. And what the hell was so "smaller scale" about the wars in southern Somalia since the '90s? Somaliland is currently better equipped militarily and economically than Puntland administration. But nevertheless, Puntland will certainly seek military and logistic support from the Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government in Baidoa. Sure. Somaliland is better than everyone else militarily and economically. The Ethiopia-Eritrea comparison was way off the mark. How can you compare war between two heavily-armed national militaries and war between two of Somalia's clan militias (a war "on" Las Anod by SNM militias will automatically be considered a clan war of aggression)? Anyways, if I remember correctly, PL donated militias and battlewagons to the TFG in Baydhabo as part of Somali "national" army. Yet, the SL super army still can't pass the political and military roadblock at Adhicadeeye and the blue-and-white flag of Somalia rises in Las Anod. Reality on the ground. I consider this a "niyada isku dhisa" article to boost the morale of the diehard fans. Perhaps its the break they need from the ongoing Guurti term-extension dilemma and other recent developments. With all that's going on, today is the day to defend "Somaliland."
  7. "Somali Christian" - an oxymoron. At the end of the day, as the saying goes: "Nin walbow Naftaa, Nabiyow Ummadaa..."
  8. Originally posted by naden: I agree with the notion as well that the end of times as expressed in the revelation is unknown. Personally, I don't think it matters much . What is important for humans is to live, grow, create, and explore as much of their world as possible. Who cares about the end? I worry that a philosophy that finds any enjoyment of life and living in the present disdainful is the force behind the emphasis on 'signs' and what not. "Who cares about the end?" :confused: I most certainly care about the end. I care for what happens to me after I die. You want humans to "live, grow, create and explore." But you forgot "die." After all those activities you mentioned, there comes a time for each one of us to die. The ultimate question I would ask myself after I die is: "What was life about?" There must be an order and purpose to existence. Or do you think that all of this world is for absolutely no purpose? Originally posted by naden: When questions about faith or belief arise, I try to approach it with an open mind. I think it is the least that I could do as it is undoubtedly one of the strongest influences in my outlook on life. As for ahadeeth and their authenticity, it is not so important . You graduated from "who cares about the end?" to another classic: " not so important." Next to the Noble Qur'an, ahadeeth is the second most important source of Islamic belief and ideology. Therefore, the authenticity of ahadeeth is very, very important because the sayings and traditions (ahadeeth) of Prophet Muxammad (scw) must be reported correctly. Those sayings and traditions help guide believers to the Islamic Way of Life. Since you told us what you dont care about and what you don't consider important, I have 2 questions to ask: What do you care for? And what do you consider "important"?
  9. Originally posted by General Duke: The one Horn and Codetalker inhibit is the latter.. To suggest that LAS ANO or SSC is not in Puntland is a very bad joke. What the hell are you talking about? I never said Las Anod is not part of Puntland. To the contrary, I believe that so-called "officials" from Somaliland were mere guests of PL admin in Sool region during the Garaad coronation ceremony, as confessed by self-proclaimed SNM "Mujahid" Ibrahim Dhagaweyne, who said: Nin Somaliland ahi ma tegi karo, badhasaabkii Somaliland u magacowdayna shirka hortiisa ayaa lagu dhirbaaxay oo ina Xaabsadaa dhirbaaxay, arrintaasi waxa ay ku tuseysaa in aanad waxba ka ahayn... However, unlike you Mr. DUKE, I don't see the world as black-and-white. Sool and Sanaag regions are "disputed" between two administrations in N. Somalia and military forces are stationed within miles of each other. Don't let [clan] patriotism blind you from facts. SNM militias are over 100 km into PL territory.
  10. Hey, its the racial version of "hand-me-downs." The Arabs get treated like sh!t by Westerners and so they [Arabs] in turn treat the less-privileged like sh!t. Unfortunate, but that's reality.
  11. Kalsooni... Dr. C.M. Geedddi waxaa kalsoonida siiyay Baarlamaanka qaranka oo wakiil ka ah Umadda Soomaaliyeed ee isku-bahaysatay Afarta iyo barka Beelood. Mana jirto Cidd kale oo uu kalsooni iyo ic-tiraaf uga baahanyahay ama u haysa. Madaxda Maamullada gobollada iyo kooxohu Waxay u kala baxayaan : Dawladd-Diid iyo Dawladd-ddoon. Laakiin kasooni iyo ictiraaf DF kuma laha. Shirkada shidaal-baarista... Waxaa la abuuray Sharikadu Sawir ah oo laga diiwaan-geliyay jasiiradu aan magacooda la maqlin sida Maldives. Shirkadahaas Shakliga ah wuxuu saxeexay Madax-waynuhu u saxeexay Heshiisyo badan oo lagu siinayo IMTIYAAZ ( ROYALITY) Macaadin iyo shidaal. Oo keligood xaq u leeyihiin BAARISTA IYO SOO-SAARIDDA MACDANTA IYO SHIDAAKA KU JIRA ARLADA PUNTLAND. Sharciga... Heshiisyadan lama soo hor-dhigin golaha wasiirada Puntland. Sharci-yaqaanadana laga lama tashan.. Golaha wakiillada Puntland ( Barlamaanka ) ma ansixinin loomana sheegin arrinta gabi ahaanba. Lacagaha la sheegayo in sharkadahaas bixiyeen Ma jiro wax soo dhaafay madax-waynaha iyo Dillaaliinta iyo dillaaliinta.. Khasnadda Dawladdana wax lagu shubay ma jiraan haba yaraato eh. Talo... 1- Madax-wayne Cadde Muuse waxaa la gudboon in uu u soo jeediyo Ra’iiska xukuumadda Jumhuuridda Soomaaliya iyo dad-waynaha reer Puntland- CUDUR-DAAR CADD IYO RAALLI-GELIN RASMI AH. 2- Waxaa kale oo Md. Cadde ku waajib ah in uu macdanta iyo shidaalka Arlada Puntland ka saaro SHAKIGA, SUUQ-MUGDIGA IYO XANTA. Oo uu heshiisyada uu galay u soo bandhigo golayaasha Puntland. " XALAAL IFTIIN BAA LA QASHAA ". More @ Faallo:Madaxweyne Cadde Muuse oo sidii Maxamed Dheere u hadlay... - Puntland Post
  12. Good move. Now everyone knows Col Hiiraale doesn't just "say" that he supports the TFG. He is proving it.
  13. ^ Laascaanood is, arguably, "between" PL and SL, but it is most definitely a pro-Somalia city. Is that what you mean? But the coronation event went as planned - well-organized with the correct political message. Essentially, both "middle fingers" up for you-know-who.
  14. Consort Pvt, LTD., is partly owned by "some" PL ministers. Now, Range Resources, LTD., published a letter, naming Libaan Muuse Boqor to its board of directors. Still, "some" of you don't see anything fishy about this Puntland-Range "deal"?
  15. codetalker

    Eight Lessons

    Masha'llah. Eight powerful lessons to remember. Esp: I made my good deeds my loved ones, because they'd stick with me when I need them most, in my grave. So true.