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  1. My vote goes to A/qaasim and here are the few reasons that i prefare him over A. Yussuf. As long as he is not blood trusty and has not done any crimin he will get my vote. Secondly, i rather be puppet to Arabs and Djibouti than Xabasha. Third, if defending your country condistered as a terrorist so be it. ;) . Hey somali do not need any arrogant and dictatorship any more.

  2. Libaax niin ragah!

    If that will bring a unite and stablity, so be it. I dont think any somali with his/her full concious mind will opposse such a "mouth watering" idea. And let Hargessa be the Capital, so those warlords in the south will loss attention. :D

  3. hello Nomads!

    It would be fair assessment if we knock this "boo ha ha" off which is nothing but divisive. The topic seems heading not only in wrong direction but fueling hatred, and mistrust toward each other. And thta is the last thing (SOL) we need at this moment.

    The unnecessary war could have prevented easily and sobed peacefully. Had they been smart. Both side made a horrible mistakes. It would be useless to learn history, if you are not going to change ourselves. The important thing here is, what have we learnt from these mistakes? Are we bound to repeat it? At this moment there are lots of innocent Somali people are enduring similar if not worst atrocities. Are we doing something about it?


    I rest my case and lets not behave like Arabs.. ;)

  4. OG, Now you are talking sxb

    That is indeed a perfect position to a caring man such as myself. I hope i will make you and your admin. proud. Anyways, i am around despite the bust of sillicon valley and often trying to read between the line.

  5. The following site contains some humorous antics of that peerless spin-doctor of Mr Saeed al Sahaf, Iraqi minister of information. This guy has become a supper star of a sort, with millions of fans around the world, due to his brave but bemusing utterances/communiques on war in recent weeks. The following site is especially dedicated to him.



    In case the above address is not accessible, try this:


  6. LOL OG_MOTI i like when you said,

    even Animals will enjoy in his administration,

    You didnt mention that a poor Bachelor like me will get a "Bachelorate". That indicates my issue is not been addressed; therefore, my vote will go to Afrique. But hey your surrounded with an impressive crew both Che $ Magnoona will be an outstanding advisers for sure, and will help you see my only problem in the near future.

  7. Certinely, he is one of the best jornalist that i have seen. I am not bias here, but always he carries himself professionaly. My question, though, how good is his somali? A freind told me that he has some difficulity when it comes to somali? How accurate is that?



  8. somaetimes I think arab leaders are fool who does not understand what they are doing

    Dont just only think THEY ARE REALLY BIG FOOLS With no vision at all, the level of ignorance made them obediant to the western influenced.

  9. Nomads what do you think if somalis begun to think about GNH? It really makes perfect sense to me.


    The government of Bhutan measures its wellbeing not just by Gross National Product (GNP), but also Gross National Happiness (GNH). It turns out it is the only country that does so.


    Accountability is a critical element in determining good and effective government. Since the success of development efforts largely depends on the accountability of those involved in the process, there is a need to enforce and promote accountability in the public service. There is also a need to assess the extent to which accountability measures have contributed to make government administrative machinery more efficient, effective and responsive to the needs of the people.





  10. SXB HornAfrique! Afkaaga caano lagu qabay! What can i just hit the nail on its head!!! Undeniably the vast majority of somali people in the occupied land are suffering on daily bases. And i strongly believe its perfectly a legitimate jihad.


    Sooner rather than later we will regain that piece of land. INSHA ALLAH.

  11. Abdulkassim Salat Hassan said he was praying for an Iraqi victory.

    I believe we all should pray for victory and support the Iraqi people BY ALL MEANS NECESARY


    Why should he hide the truth? Despite his fragile admin. I really admire his stand to come out of the shadow. As a somali leader he just showed that oppression and aggression is unacceptable and will not tolerate it.

  12. Shujui said,

    man me personal, i can only conclude that somali's are the biggest threat to their own peace and stability

    Sad and regrateful but its true. One thing is for sure though, it is not in the best interest of Ethiopia to see strong and united somali. As same as the Jewish doestn want to see strong Arab Country. So they will do anything and whatever necessary to keep chaotic, divided and unruled Somali.

  13. For quite sometimes I was aware of that, the xabashi (Ethiopians) are the real threat to Somalia and all Somali origins everywhere. Recently, the next-door University in the city had a town hall meeting held in the campus. The topic was About “East African and the current situation” Ethiopian professor from John Hopkins University was key note speaker and couple of American so call “expert”.

    After a long and very interesting speech, the question answer secession begun.

    Q. Is Egypt a threat to Ethiopia? Asked by one of the listener.

    A .The Ethiopian Professor said, “ Its unlikely at this time Egypt will threaten Ethiopia, however, the threat might be coming from our immediate neighbor”. Clearly he meant Somalia.


    So, do you think a stronger Ethiopia is a threat to Somalia and vice versa?

  14. Mr. President!

    When we do the calculation, North Korea has no much to loss comparing to South and Japan. We are talking about "Nuke" i dont think so call "well equiped" help in this case. The damage will be grave to all side.

  15. I dont think that would happen in the near future. Unless North Korea provok war, the U.S wont mess with those dudes. 37,000 troops + those stationed in Japan would be = roughly you will be looking at 60,000 Troops will be served within one night. Not to mention those ship (carriers)The rest will be history. One more thing, dont forget they are perfectly capable of hitting the west cost of U.S. So what do you think :rolleyes:

  16. One need to question the source of the information (reliablity is the issue). As we all know Propaganda through media is powerful tool these days to win. Lets wait and see how it goes and never under-estimate the determination and will of "niimanka ciraaqi". Therefore, i believe its to early to call.