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  1. mohamedj!

    I am affraird i lost you point here! What do you mean by "they could have been raped free somalia"? elaborate here plz?

    I hate to say this mohamedj but you lack coherance in your point not to mention the inconsistancy. As far as i am concern Observer had his point cleared "First thing is First". Somali has to be united then we can one can be concern about the other in the mean time lets not forget those who are oppresed by the Xabasha. If you think it much better off to be under the Xabasha then the any bad bad somali dectatorship then that is different. SXB the entire injustice you mentioned has happened to almost all somalis. Dont propagate it as "holecoust" which particularly intended to the ppl of north. By far unity is much better for nomads whether you like it or not.


    Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.






  2. hello Nomads!

    The main problem is the "interest" however one can prefare not to take the interest as the same time can be a day trader. Every Muslim should abstain from any type of interest.


    Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional




  3. Wonderful thougth!

    If somalia would have had a united and an stable Central Goverment, we would have regain that land a dacaied ago. By a nature i am optimistic person and that one day there will be a time when we get to be called GS (Greater Somali) or US (United Somali). A time will come the five star will appear on that lovely flag of ours. Realisticly we are not in a postion at the moment. But hey MeriDian well thought keep it up sxb "immagination is better than knowledge" Albert Einstain.


    Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is Optional.





  4. anonymous!

    I believe you meant different "ethincity" not a somali. That is how i understood you Question. Am i wrong?

    If that is it. The answer is simple they got happiness.


    Growing old is inevitable Growing up is optional




  5. FAAQASH? Xamarawi?

    Is that all? Very poor and unconviencing reasoning. Shukri i hate to say this but you lost the game b4 you started it. It seems you are tilting toward you freinds and I totally understand peer pressure. Guilt by association is always a failur's conclusion.

    In the mean time i wish you all the best and some one who is not "FAAQASH"


    Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional




  6. Alisomali

    your name says it all. Its your land after all and as long as u claim to be a Nomad. You should be free to leave and travel anywhere in the S/land. Did you hear romurs lately?

    As long as you are a productive all somali needs you. so dont hesitate sxb.


    Growing old is inevitable however grownig up is optional




  7. Who let the dogs down!!!!



  8. Sis Safi cant agree more, Well said. What can i say! i wish you could publish this in a daily New paper all over the U.S dear.

    One of your great admirer Bachelor says May allah bless you Safi. Keep up the good work walaalay.

  9. Hey Motercycle!

    Let me make some correction instead of "Friend" let me call it "acquaintance". PUNCH him..hmmmmm. Isnt it the violance which all makes us stateless people? beside he was way stroger than me so i wont mess whit such ignorant and mucile Let me answer your Question. I DO MARK (BLACK)IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCE. Inever consider myself Black at all time so does many Spmalis. Anyways Mr. Cruiser i see you got a nice blondy hair i wonder if you are a somali?

    Take care guys.

  10. Thanks sis,it is a wonderful and beneficial topic. Lately i my eyes getting weaker and weaker and i am seriously considering to reduce my computer use but that is what i am doing for living. Whereas your information was a valuable THANKS once again.


  11. Thanks sis,it is a wonderful and beneficial topic. Lately i my eyes getting weaker and weaker and i am seriously considering to reduce my computer use but that is what i am doing for living. Whereas your information was a valuable THANKS once again.


  12. hello there!

    I have an answer for your question. We the people of somali are NOMAD by a nature...ignorant and arogant...yet we pretend to intelligent...we fight because we dont worth to live...if we are somali most of us our "iman" is questionably weak...we reather to prefare and die for our "qabil" than to live in peace and hurmony...that is truth nothing but the whole we like it or not.


    My wishfull thinking is to live with peace and hurmony whereas the truth is we cant achieve that in the near future.


    the Bachelor.



  13. Hello there!

    good point indeed. Many somali dont consider themselve as "Black" which really bothers me alot. We (somali's) are Muslim but not Araba even though we are in Arab league which is just a punch of jerks. Proud to be Black and Somali but not Arab. No doubt that, We and the Arabs have many thing in commen but that is not a good qualification to be an "arab". According to my Arab freind we are still called or known as"caabiid".

    Finally we need once again to be aware of who we are before we find outselve in a state of nowhere and stop deluding ourselve.


    Peace to all the Nomads