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  1. Odweeyne, it has rarely, if ever, been easy being a patriotic Somali for our friend.One only remains as adaptable and animated as long as one of his kin is holding the steering wheel. Let us wait for another round of heartfelt and poetically worded patriotic Caravan ( God-willingly) in few years. For now our friend has raised his hands up till the next episode.
  2. SP is just regurgitating E.R Turton of University of Zambia paper on I-clan poll tax agitation in Kenya. Nothing new....
  3. Alpha, do you have the book by the title " the mourning tree" by Mohamed Barud in your collection? If so can you send that one my way. I have tried to find this book in North America and can't get hold of it...I know you hate Sand-dweller writers( case in point that British writer) but I need this book badly! We can work something out....the book is only sold in England...
  4. ^ I had similar incident. I was sitting right next to the bus driver (shout out to Sabrin express crew who treated me well) . The Somali soldier who was asking passports and id's was a mean MF. I had to flush my US passport and they scrutinize it and gazed with suspicion.But my street demeanor scared them haha..I was ready to curse them out when they gave hell to an elderly Somali who forgot to get the Chief signature on his lost ID replacement form . I had on baseball cap low and you could tell I was an outsider. The funny part is when I sat next to a drunk Kenyan and he started asking me questions about Somalia and America. He got confused when I started speaking to him in flawless Swahili..We are global like that...
  5. Mohamed H. Farah, PhD Assistant Professor of Neurology Johns Hopkins University Axonal Regeneration in the Peripheral Nervous System Peripheral nerve damage and diseases are common health problems that often result in long-term functional deficits. Peripheral axons can regenerate and reinnervate target tissue following nerve injury or disease in young rodent animals. However, human axonal regeneration is very slow and both denervated Schwann cells, which provide a permissive micro-environment for regeneration, and target tissues are at risk for undergoing atrophy and death, precluding functional recovery. This situation underscores the critical need for agents that can speed up axonal regeneration to restore function. A prime candidate for enhancing axonal regeneration is inhibition of Beta -Amyloid Cleaving Enzyme (BACE1). We published a paper showing that genetic deletion and pharmacological inhibition of BACE1 markedly accelerate axonal regeneration in the injured peripheral nerves of mice. However, it is unclear how inhibition of BACE1 improves nerve regeneration. We postulate that accelerated nerve regeneration is due to blockade of BACE1 cleavage of two different BACE1 substrates. The two candidate substrates are the amyloid precursor protein (APP) in axons and tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 (TNFR1) on macrophages, which infiltrate injured nerves and clear the inhibitory myelin debris. In the coming years, we will systematically explore genetic manipulations of these two substrates in regard to accelerated axonal regeneration and rapid myelin debris removal seen in BACE1 KO mice. Equally importantly, we are evaluating a new and very attractive therapeutic approach (e.g. pharmacological inhibition of BACE1) to accelerate nerve regeneration in preclinical rodent models. As experimental models, we employ peripheral nerve injury in mice, and toxin-induced peripheral neuropathy in rodent models. We use combined approaches of morphological, electrophysiological and behavioral studies. These studies are highly relevant because faster rate of outgrowth associated with BACE1 inhibition could be useful in speeding nerve regeneration in human conditions. Axonal sprouting and regeneration in motor neuron disease models Distal axonal degeneration is a hallmark of motor neuron diseases, and precedes clinical symptoms onset and motor neuron death both in animal models and human patients. Surviving intact motor axons extend axonal sprouts as a compensatory mechanism to denervated muscle areas, suggesting that an early intervention approach might be to enhance axonal sprouting. Recently, we characterized degeneration and regeneration of a pure long motor nerve. This is the lateral thoracic nerve (LTN) that innervates the back muscle, the cutaneus maximus muscle (CMM). The LTN/CMM system is an ideal system to investigate axonal sprouting and means to encourage axonal sprouting in motor neuron disease models. The LTN is comprised of fast-fatigable ??motor fibers and contains some of the shortest (to the high thoracic region) and the longest (to the region at the base of the tail) motor fibers in the rodent body. It innervates the CMM, which contains type II muscle fibers. The FF/type II motor axon/muscle classes are amongst the most vulnerable in the widely used mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the G93A SOD1 mouse. We plan to test whether genetic reduction and pharmacological inhibition of BACE1 can enhance axonal sprouting in the LTN and reinnervation of the CMM in G93A SOD1 mice at early stages of axoterminal degeneration. PS I personally know this dude..One of the Smartest Somali scientist at John Hopkins University.Very humble guy! Now this is a Scientist...take notes Haatu....
  6. Haatu, why you mad bro? These people didn't even attend the meeting and they still got a cut. Part of the game is to see who outsmarts whom and takes home the prize. Watch out now they may lit up a cigar and puff in your face while asking you who is the boss? Calm down there will be no war and no fallout..
  7. I honestly sympathies with him. Seems like government did an intentional sabotage of his speech...doesn't look they have a very good working relationship. They should demand a full explanations. Either Hassan sheikh is looking for trouble or he has a very closed minded advisors... Still this doesn't look good
  8. Uchi, my apologies.Thought you were taking a dig at Somaliland... As for President Hassan I doubt he left Somaliland out intentionally. I think he was more of talking about recent agreement that he signed with the stakeholders. I doubt though did he signed anything with Puntland recently?
  9. Haha..I don't blame him.Lately this place has been going down.It is not as lively as it used to be...
  10. Waar I just make an observation that's all.,no witch-hunt on my part..Now if someone was expecting anything more than a diplomatic pep talk from Kerry then they must be in for a rude awakening...this is Xaji Xanduf territory wonder why he took a break.. I can see his name below
  11. Nuune, I see you edited... I guess if you take a dig at an open goal you are starting something..The words of Kerry/Hassan was actually a standard diplomatic pep talk, but only leave it to you guys to Spin it...
  12. Actually Che I had second thought about posting that, but the guy above me let me have an open Xiin multiple post about SL last few days sort of showed a man in mourning who wanted to deflect the hot story of the week...haha
  13. Reer Puntland, do not show your wounded fingers for everything would knock up against it...wa taaalo .They say there is a dignity in suffering, nobility in pain, but a I guess a failure in Brussels is a salted wound that burns and burns.. All these threads are not coincidence, right ? Haha
  14. Libaax, nothing is unbelievable this is Somali politics after all..the Puntland guy had the Somaliland talking point if you listen to him closely. He was clearly drawing the line between Puntland and Hassan administration. Talking about them being on developmental stage.The response from the Sherif of Mogadishu was rogue.He could have handled it better..
  15. Only thing that comes to mind after clicking that handle is that it is the work of some slimeball... No sensible person will be spreading such hate!
  16. People are still not happy with Silanyo administration of handling the renovation. We still need answers and it is only healthy to be skeptical of the government propaganda...whenever they say Madaarka that is airport, right? I have Somali cable box that transmit all the Somali channels and looks like people in Hargeisa are talking about this Madaarka
  17. "Dr" you just blowing your own horn.I admire though your discipline in trying to sale Puntland accomplishment and I must put in some word of praise for your ego-driven mantra.All you did here is present some hearsay as a fact. My original question was if HAG is that powerful how come they never stopped the leaked video? To me all these accusations of the president/HAG is just a way for your ego( and the writers of the piece you posted) to hang onto something to convince yourself how important you to fight another day and put your ego aside.Go enjoy the two billion dollars saxiibkeen..
  18. It is both foolish and curious to see you guys upset about sitting arrangement. After all governors are supposed to sit in the periphery! Were there no other news channels that could have shown Farole speech? I doubt every Somali news agency there were HAG...I guess Puntland ego loves the grand gesture!
  19. Hmm.If we go by your conspiracy theory then we can safely assume Madam Fowzia is not the right person to change stuff, but she is not the wrong person, either..hahaha.How could this happen? Guess there is crack in everything( and that is how the lights gets in..haha.).I will love to read the final document where SL is concerned. I just read the diplomatic piece Somaliland put out before the meeting, I must say I'm impressed. More than anything else the response crystallized a focused engagement with mother Somalia.
  20. Anderson Cooper just had a lady that knew him in Texas. According to her the guy was frustrated with theNavy benefits and the contractors not paying him the right amount.He was a Buddhists trying to learn the Thai language-very ambitious brother. Seems like a case of depression and taking it out on the world..she had good things to say about him and how he did contract work in out how white people will not blame mental issues...obviously the brother had some life frustrations that shouldn't have escalated to this level...
  21. 2 billion dollars is a lot of money that can make a big difference! Too bad though pledged money has never been a guarantee of an outcome for Somalia.Handouts has always been a hellish vision for Somali because it always robs them the sense of responsibility.What do I know maybe with Hassan and Farole pocket full of money is all the missing dowser for Somalia?
  22. Nuune, hope you not kidding with that if not then you have my reapect. I was still in diapers in 82.
  23. Damn Nuune..never knew you were so old that you sat in school next to Egal
  24. You made an effort to copy a picture of Xamar and post, so if that is not PRE-occupation, then don't know.