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  1. Saferz, He thought it was a sure bet to win Somalia presidency by virtue of your credentials only. Although his Somaliland supporters will continue to argue that he converted because of his disillusionment with Somali politics, I still believe also he is in for a political office. I watched an interview clip that was conducted by one of Somaliland television stations where they asked him directly about his ambitions for running for an office, and he sort of gave a deflective response. Though his Somali speeches brim with colorful anecdotes and Somali political yarns, his conversion story is one that can only be viewed as a colorful and contradictory one. We shall see how long it is going to last…My father-in-law used to hate this guys gut few years ago, and now according to him this guy is unquestionably the most patriotic Somalilander haha...
  2. Professor Samatar is on a mission to mend the rift that has long separated him from Somaliland. The quality of the professor’s academic intellectual prowess has never been in question. If anything his Somali politics scholarship is rigorous and eloquent. The man has a right to change his political convictions, but what I’m kind of skeptical about is his reason for leaving Somalia politics. Although there is some truth to his reasons, they do not tell the whole truth about why he left South Somalia politics. He is taking pride in his scorn of South Somalia clan politics, but the same can be said has bearing in Somaliland politics.What is he going to do when the habar-habar politics in Somaliland rears its ugly head? Will he indignantly cry out “Somaliland is finished?’.How far will his trumpeted political conversion go?
  3. I guess we will wait and see LA ablaze with thick cloud from Puntland warplanes.At an average rate of one bomb every 30sec, the firepower of the mighty Puntland forces will rain on LAsancanod.Stay tuned when the president lands back from Ehtiopia! On a serious note, It would be rash to predict some kind of confrontation between two of the most stable regions, but I think it would also be just as foolish for Puntland to start some war with Somaliland.
  4. Sarfaz, I think one of the moderators edited my post, and rightly so...I was not even hundred percent lol. I don't visit here that often anymore. Goodluck in your studies (am sure you don't need this )and Happy new year!
  5. Saferz, forgive me for being busybody! You posts have been roving through my mind in search of keys to the secret of the institution you attend. I was thrilled when I found out this little secret. Please dismis me as some over excited old uncle (I classify myself as old nothing beats 33).
  6. Waryatha daliin yarro it is hard to meet talented, articulate and intelligent Somali single girl. Better play your cards right. Alpha is probably -in a growl that rises menacingly-gonna punch me in the jaw for inviting competition. What can I say if his impulse doesn't enjoy competition. Boys Let her troubles you with her time.
  7. Safferz is a graduate student.I'm not going to mention what department, but it only took me few seconds to find out. Happy New Year folks..
  8. No wonder you were Unionist like your hero Prof. Samatar..A native informer sell-out..Good story
  9. STOIC

    Not Yet Kenyan

    Haatu, thanks for sharing that history.Mohamed Adow ( Rageh Omaar of NFD) did an excellent job with this documentary. It was very moving piece.It took me way back home. Honestly I have never considered myself a Kenyan. To be integrated into a population means for all practical purposes to be Indistinguishable from other citizens. Somali Kenyans are world apart from other Kenyans.You could see how the Kariuki guy and the policeman were both rude and dismissive. Nacala Kikuyu!!
  10. Khayr;986114 wrote: "Ph.D students are only allowed to singe the tune that doesn't disrupt the chorus". An excellent point. Yasir Qadhi's Thesis on Ibn Tymiyas work comes to mind. After he finished his thesis, he proclaimed enlightment and stated that he was no longer a Salafi. Doctrate earned Yaser Qadhi didn't change because of his PHD from Yale.I think he is more against the Neo-Salafis who literally turn every Youtube video into a launch pad to attack different sheikh on who is on the manhaj today nonsense...I think Sheikh Yaser Qadhi is today one of the most educated Muslim in America.Today if you go to any Salafi masjid (even the Somali once sadly)you can literally sense the peddling of redundant questions that are irrelevant to the community.I lived in Philadelphia (one of the largest Salafi population in North America) for many years and I can personally attest to the juvenile and redundant stuff that have absolutely no bearing to the community in North Philly.These are the same people that didnt build a stronger community. PS Saf..thanks for the link
  11. I get where Xiin is coming from.His take is no different than the online opinion posted by Feisal Roble. Seems like they are responding in spirit of the PM opposing Jubbaland thing..All this is rather obvious, isn't it? Their subjective confidence in their judgment that a new Prime Minister will move things faster (the whole Jubaland snail pace) towards defeating Alshabab is not a reasoned evaluation of the probability that the new guy will deliver! Most Somali Prime Minister act as an agent for the president and the answer that the president will appoint someone who is against his agenda is plainly ridiculous.
  12. If you missed today-the ninth day- you have tomorrow the actual Ashura day....May Allah bring us closer to him.
  13. This is a major corruption case and I can see from some response that there is diverging views on the significance of this resignation, but the short of it is that this is bad for Somalia and bad for the current government. It doesn't matter if you are from Mogadishu or Hargeysa one shouldn't endorse the wrinkles of the way things are done in a corrupt country like Somalia..I guess the international community and the rest of the Somali community should still funnel their resources to this corrupt and inept government because it is the " Somali way" to not form the rules of developed and structured credit structure. Why would anyone undercut those who are bent on transparency? If anything she should have drawn support form the man at the top.I was expecting to see ripples from her departure, from firing those who threaten her life to those who were trying to do shady stuff.I guess it is the "Somali Way" and they will have another chance with the next Governor.How will Somalia build institutions if it can not clean up its financial corruption at the top? Instead of bringing up the commonplace internal battles of President-Prime Minister, the man at the top should have spent his energy in building up a ground-up clean government. This is not limited to this current Scandal.The cries in the street and the office of the President should be uniformly denouncing corruption.I can't see how a government will be happy to escape criticism of their own failures-rampant corruption.But too bad it is the "Somali Way"
  14. Akhi, check out this video..Chill dude Islam is beautiful and no one can corrupt it...
  15. Saf, I have watched a video of Leila Ahmed.I still didn't get it whether she was saying Hijab was a symbol of intolerance or she thinks Hijab was not always mandatory in Islam? You can put up her work if you have the time. I love to read her work on this subject.I'm not familiar with hr work.
  16. Same problem in Kenya.When I was Kenya this past Summer I was really frustrated with the culture of not reading.I couldn't find a good place to read leisure books..Even though my doctorate is in the Science I love love the power of stories and words..
  17. Ibti, Edward Said daughter has a new book out.I just read it the other day in Barnes and Nobles.It was more of a memoir.It offered a great glimpse into the life of Said.He was a great Scholar and a family man..Iqbal Ahmed was a funny man..Few of his youtube videos are down right entertaining..Especially a video he did before September Eleven put the Osama Bin-Laden Alqaida in perspective...
  18. Xaaji, this man Mr. Mooge seems like a brutally honest person. You can disagree with him on how he is bias on Somali politics (every one is actually) but he tells it like it is.He pull no punches and I will not be surprised all these stuff he just put up are true...
  19. Mooge analysis on the Spot..This one I give you five star!I used to doubt you when you called the president corrupt, but too bad he proved to be one.You will think a look at the past Somalia President-PM infighting may provide a clue to the Somali leadership that this sort of shuffle brings no changes..You will think a president that leads a country where corruption flourishes will elects to indulge himself on the most pressing issues! Where is the news about the guys who wanted to steal the money? are they still in office? What did the president say about it? In normal circumstances, a president will address these sort of questions than jumping on to have a power-struggle with his PM.When a business earnings fail to match expectations, heads roll.Rightly so and in this case I guess we must roll our heads for now till the next episode of the sad state of Somalia unveils...For now give us the prediction of who is going to be PM..Is he going to be from your community (Puntland) or the Jubaland folks..Since like Profesor Samatar said these posts are for two Companies (HAG and D-blocks)...
  20. LayZie G.;984983 wrote: The above post is very troubling. I didn't know iney SOL saan kuu haleysay. Aad ayaad u fududaatay. YOu have been reading old Oodweyne posts for far too long, ee nin yahow is qabo, sidaan xal maaha. What part really bothered you Debbie-Downer? The fact that I pointed out why OP decided to post this "first Somali business" or the fact that you are trying to prove to us that after all these years in SOL you haven't take a leap in fighting your demons of finding faults in others?
  21. WArya,sorry I had to call you out on why you decided to make all your virgin posts( I can see you are newbie) about this "first story". I doubt it matters whose winning was announced first . They both won the same night. If anything I think the Minnesota guy deserves some merit for the campaign he run.Minneapolis city is bigger and more influential than Clarkstone for Somalis..
  22. Incase some are wondering why a Lander will be tuning in here and posting this "first Somali" stuff, this guy is ethnically Somalilander as Xaaji will say it.I personally met this guy.He is Silanyo Cousin (Sub-clan politicking haha)... Well both him and Abdi Warsame got elected same night so there is No first in a race..
  23. I hope he finds him. He has good things to say about his friend.The name thing can be confusing. Somalis have Sharci name and real name. Case example; Yours truly.It was hard to explain to my college friends why my wedding invites had a different name. facepalm! Such is the world of a Nomad