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    Somalis and their emotional outbursts are at display here. If Jubaland is one city state, what would SFG be? Another one city federal government, NO? Neither JL nor SFG in Mogadishu have any meaningful power to dictate one another as they are both toothless incompetent administrations each controlling one city and few surrounding towns here and there. So why don't we come up with a solution where these Federal admins (including SFG) and their toothless leaders come together and save this broken nation instead of calling the dismantling of the little system that's in place. There's no going back to authoritarian one man's rule as some of you yawning for, and there's certainly no one with the power to forcefully remove any leader, so let's all come down from the high horses we're riding and for once drop this destruction tendency to every freaking little issue out there.
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    Blah blah blah...waa nala aqoonsan waaye calanka hala badalo...yada yada yada...JWXO ayaa xabadjoojin ku dhawaaqday ee calanka baluugga hala badalo...blah blah blah...Eritareeya iyo Soomaaliya ayaa xiriirkooda kor u kacay ee calanka hala badalo...yada yada yada...Jabuuti ayaa ka xanaaqday arrintaas ee calanka hala badalo...blah blah blah
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    Since history is written by the victors, Oromo maxaa loogu diidanyay iney sheegtaan cirkiyo dhulka iyo inta u dhaxaysa. Qarnio ayaa luqunta lagaga taagna. Ha mijobaxsadaan.
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    I have a feeling he's one of those Qurbajoog crew who frequent Mogadishu cafes with their shiny laptops and entertain each other with make-believe stories of how this clueless SFG will reign over Somali peninsula in due time.
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    I am still trying to understand who are "we" you speak off? Most Somalis are content with these "pathetic tribal admins" in which the SFG is part and parcel of it. Otherwise they wouldn't exist. I am not sure which universe you live in, but these federal states and SFG are dameer iyo 2diisa dhagood. The SFG is made of Somalis from Federal Republic of Somalia, unless you're speaking of another Somalia that's alien to me. And while you at it, do tell those mighty ARMY of yours to at least flash out the AS ragtags from South Somalia.
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    Nothing new, Waraabe is been Waraabe here. Every now and then he has to throw some meat to the media to stay relevant politically speaking in his neck of the wood. There are young and rising Turks on the opposition camps and the old guards including this lad would soon be things of the past-that I think is what rattles the likes of Faisal more than Caarre or the conflict in Sool.
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    Somali galbeed is in the most critical situation it's on the brink to be invaded by galla hordes. Who are will about plundering and killing lynching and machhttas. This can be a unifying factor since all Somalis live in kilinka shanaad. There is a war in babile in negeyle in Liban distict and moyaale and in southern hararghe region They are attacking us on all fronts. Djibouti is being encircled by the habashas and Arabs. And the guy in the amisom bunker doesn't seem to care. I know the djiboutians are very dissatisfied horta hiil walaal wey beenowday.
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    Is Axmed Madoobe in Kismaayo? Adisababa inuu ku maqnaa moodaaye, begging their new overlord regarding Ileey safe treatment. I thought Shariif and Gaas would be far much worse than Madoobe when it comes about anti-dowladda dhexe, but this Madoobe dude is increasingly becoming the most anti-dowladda dhexe. Meesha inuu tabar ku haayo muu moodaa mise Kiikuuyada isku haleynaayaa? From Maxkamadaha to Xisbul Islaam to Xabashi jail to madaxweyne maamul goboleed ku sheeg to this increasingly anti-dowladda dhexe stance. That saldhig Xabashida waxee ku soo siiyeen ma'ogi because ever since si kale asagoo ah ayuu soo noqday.
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    Ah, the days when Che was very sympathetic to Oromo cause.
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    Tallabo, Sadly the TPLF used somali mercenaries and sent them to the heartland of oromo heartlands to put down their uprising. Hopefully this will move on and they will understand that Somalis are the best ally they can have once they see that Abey Ahmed is an amharisied oromo rather then a true oromo.
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    Xaaji it has been genetically proven many times that Somalis have nothing to with the Arabs. beesha dhexe is also part and parcel of **, as the saying goes; blood is thicker than water, whether you like it or not. the Bani Hashim fairy-tale of the old days is obsolete and no longer relevant in any sense.
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    Kii hal kombiyuutar gacmeed helay wax qoroowna laba ka bartay wax ayuu iska qoraa. What a rubbish article. Intuu u wadaa ka wadaa. Least he could have done was to source his fabricated historical events. Popular myths like the original meaning of Gaalkacyo ayuu lasoo shirtagaa and present it as unquestioned fact. Eesh caleeg. Since when did Hargeysa become an Oromo word? Isn't the word itself mid issharxaayo ah? Har-gees ayuu leeyahay. Harta geeska. I believe that city has a har ama meel biyo fariistaan.

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