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    This is the kind of leadership Somalia needs. Dadka siyaasada Soomaaliya wax ka danaynaya ee madax raba in ay noqdaa ninkan oo kale waa in ay diwaan gashadaan oo isha ku hayaan. Good , and honest people are few and far. Dahabku dhoobaduu ku dhex jiraa.
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    Nice discussion here.. MBS want to eliminate Al Saud dynasty with Bin Salmaan one which will start with him. His father is the last among the sons of C/caziiz Binu Saud who ruled the kingdom for the last sixty years. The throne suppose to rotate among the cousins with Mohamed Binu Nayef, as the new generation of Al Saud, but that scenario was eliminated by king Salmaan by making his son the crown prince. In order to create a Salmaan dynasty he must purge and eliminate all his cousins starting with the children of late king Abdullah who hold influential positions in the army and other places. As Gheele said, biting to many things he can not chew might bring him down eventually, but if he succeeds , he will create a forty year dynasty and absolute dictatorship that will rely on brute force. In order to achieve this dictatorship he must eliminate or change three ideas and groups: the Wahabi Culema; the princes and billionaires, and finally the middle east. The Wahabi doctrine. He already targeted to dismantle and eliminate the collision that formed the Wahabi kingdom. On one side you have Al Saud dynasty running the affairs of the state without question, and the Wahabi Culema who safe guard and spread the Wahabi doctrine around the globe specially in the poor and war torn countries, like Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistani tribal area and Northern Nigeria. This alliance is over two hundred years old which was formed by Sheikh Mohamed Abdulwahab and Al Saud warlord of the seventeen century. There is total separation of power among these two groups. Now, MBS said that his government is intended to finish off WAhabi doctrine and return to the original common Islam known to all. HE already arrested those who resisted and might finish them them all. I, Galbeedi would politely ask Mr.MBS to ask his Sheikhs to call back all their representatives in Somalia and the horn of Africa and ask them to abandon the Wahabi doctrine that begotten the Al-shabaab destructive force that are making havoc in Somalia. I do believe that it does not take much other than one single Fatwa released by the Grand Sheikh of Makah , and we might have a lasting peace. Although the international aspect of the terrorism will still remain in the country, the ideological one might be finished with the decline of the Wahabis in the gulf. Since this group was guided and financed by the government, they might change their Wahabi colors and quietly disappear, but if they fight back, expect total mayhem. " Soomaalida dalka joogta ee khudbadahooga Jimcaha Sacuudiga lagu soo diyaariyana fariin cusub ayaa loo so dari, taas oo naxariis iyo nabad wadata , ka dibna dadka ayey dhinac ka raaci, Ma maqli jirtay dhagdheer dhimatoo dhulkii waa nabad" The Princes and billionaires. The cousins and the princes might number thousands but they do not have any support among the people, which makes them easy to target and eliminate. People will be told that do you want thousands of princes or one king " waar ma 15000 oo Amiir oo xoolihiini boobay ayaad donaysaan mise hal Boqor oo ummadda xooleheeda illaaliya" With the public media leading the charge everyone will say, Oh we prefer only one king" . Some Saudi insiders believe the arrest of billionaire crooks had given him huge support among the public. Just like the princes , these men have stolen billions through graft, kickbacks and royal connection. Imagine prince Waleed Bin Talaal is the second largest share holder of Twenty Century Fox, the parent company of Fox New Chanel, the want that is attacking Muslims and Islam day in and day out. Saudi analysts also believe MBS ha kept close contacts with tribes and told them that the money we were looking is sitting right here in our back yard. Reliable reports say that the interrogations of the princes and billionaires is handled by American contractors based in Dubai. The local police and Saudi investigators do see these men as important public and royal figures so they would not put them huge pressure, but the contractors will do any thing to cooperate including water boarding and hanging them upside down. All their accounts in UAE and Saudi Arabia were frozen , and MBS want 70% of their wealth in order to get their freedom. Remaking the middle east. As many of you said the Saudis do not have the institutions to remake or organize their own state let alone others. Absolute monarchies do not build institutions which is based on knowledge and merit. Despite the disaster Syria and Iraq might rebuild and come due to their instituionsm, but if war comes to the gulf monrachies it will be over soon. War of adventure has weakeened great countries like America since 1991. The difference is America has two big oceans and these wars are fought thousands of miles away. With the war in Yemen burning , the vlatile situation in Syria, MBS want to target Lebanon to destroy Hisbullah and challenge Iran. his demise might come from his political adventures to try and remake the middle east. His effort to force the Lebanese prime minister to resign has back fired, so does his Yemen war. He could have invaded Northern Yemen and take Sana years ago but decided to unleash air strikes and destruction of the country which only create chaos and hatred of the Saudis. Finally, it will not be the elimination of the Wahabis, his cousins and princes, or the billionaire crooks who might destroy him but the Israeli led action of targeting Iran that might lead to the end of hubris of Mohamed Binu Salman.
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    The man who bought a $400 million dollar yacht isn't a crook? Where do you think that money come from, certainly not from his piggy bank I would guess. The Saudi Royals are as crook as any conman on a corner street. They all take the oil money from the people and spend it like kids in candy store. Besides it's not the Maryooleey who wants to see Saudi Arabia's destruction nor do they have any influence of what's happening there, we are only discussing what's on the news. And if anyone is in fantasy it's that fat belly kid prince who's trying to bite something he can't chew. Locking up his cousins and other relatives to consolidate power is one thing, but to try to act as the deal maker in the Middle East is completely something out of his league. The Saudis don't have the influence, the institutions, or the military might to be a power in the region. Everything this young novice touches has caused them a backlash and political setbacks. Look at Yemen, a poor country that he orchestrated the misery it's now in and with little gain both politically or militarily. Saudi Arabia is the third largest military spenders in the world and their 4+ year old war in Yemen with their American made toys has thus far produced 50 miles of territory gain against lightly armed rebel group. Not to mention destruction they caused to both human and infrastructure. Then came the Qatar fiasco and the debacle of Hariri's resignation. And now his end goal is to topple the Iranian regime with the help of Israel. What a world of fantasies isn't it. So if I were you I wouldn't bet on MBS or Saudis on a match even if they are 2 goals up. They are economical decline, internally in confusion, and lost any power (if they ever had it ) or influence in Arab capitals. Iraq and Syria, once powerful Arab nations have both collapsed with the help of Saudis and other Gulf Arabs and are now in the hands on Persian Mullah. Yemen and Lebanon are also in the sphere of Iranian influence. So do care telling us about this fat kid's political suicide mission?
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    Many people didn't bother registering or taking the voting card.
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    Gulf to Africa (G2A) Q: When did construction begin? Construction began in the second quarter 2016. Q: Capacity? Two fiber pairs – 20 Tbps Q: Who are the landing parties? The Somali operators are Golis Telecom, largest telecom operator in Puntland region, and Telesom Company, the pioneer operator in Somaliland. Ethio Telecom, incumbent government owned sole operator in Ethiopia, provides terrestrial termination into Ethiopia. Omantel offers landings in Oman. Q: Where are the cable stations? Salalah, Oman, then two landings in Somalia: Bosaso (Puntland) and Berbera (Somaliland), with a terrestrial extension to Ethiopia. Q: Expected completion date? Second or third quarter 2017 Q: Where is the route diverse? Redundant terrestrial links from Salalah to Muscat and from Bosaso to Ethiopia. Q: What other cable stations may be accessed from these landing points? Seamless and redundant connection to all Omantel cables landing in Oman, such as EPEG, SMW-3, FLAG/ Falcon, TW-1, POI, EIG, MENA, GBI, AAE-1, BBG, and SRG. Q: Who own the Somalia cable stations? Telesom Company and Golis Telecom Q: What is the exact terrestrial route to Ethiopia? Currently under deployment and the exact route cannot be disclosed yet Q: Are there target dates for the future extensions? No defined dates yet, currently in discussions with a number of partners. However, the configuration already includes a branching unit with four spare fibers in front of Salalah that are intended to serve the coast of east Africa and surrounding islands all the way to South Africa.
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    A middle-aged woman in Limuru has discovered a libido booster - camel bones soup! Njambi sources the bones from Eastleigh and at times as far away as Isiolo, where the bones are in abundance. She then boils them on a jiko and adds some herbs like muringa (moringa oleifera) and black seed sourced from Ndeiya in Limuru. “Once the muringa and the seeds are added to the soup, it becomes very potent and revitalises a man’s sexual urge in a matter of days,” Njambi said. She added that she did not know that so many men suffer in silence because of low libido. She says her faithful customers are mostly old men, especially those who suffer from diabetes. People start flocking Njambi’s soup den as early as 9am for the soup which has been nick named maandachu soup. Maandachu is the code name for a craving for sex in the area. “The demand is so high. I have been forced to double the bones supply and get someone to look for the muringaleaves.The number of customers keep on increasing daily,” Njambi explained. One of Njambi’s customers, Peter Ndungu, a goat merchant in Limuru, said he learnt of the soup through a friend a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try . “I am now a champion in bed, thanks to the maandachu soup,” Ndungu said. He has become a loyal customer, as are most of his friends in the goat market.
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    Honest man. Mismanagement and corruption is a big problem. However the primary impediment to development is know how and I'm not talking about Phd's here, but ilbaxnimo, the way of life of the people; their houses, their attire, roads and traffic and so forth. Somalis start from a low technical base even by African standards. I'm not impressed by the built environment, by the chaos and mess I see in they cities I visit home.
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    Fiber optic cable has reached Somalia... yaaaaay!! I remember them days when the internet was slow and you couldn't use your landline and internet at the same time. Look how technology has progressed now we have super fast internet and we can make free long distance calls to other landlines around the world. I wonder what the future holds for the internet in the coming 5 years.
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    Great thread with a great message. I totally agree with Abdulahi we should not tolerate fraudsters. It's refreshing to see someone who has morals and principles and is all about honesty and integrity. Change starts with you and at your home. Your character will take you places that your talent can't keep you. Abdulahi Carshe for president
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    May be he is a crook, he just may be a more efficient crook. If he is smart and reforms his economy, his lavish spending will be a bucket in the ocean. Now when you have a 5000 plus princes and their relatives all mooching on the state then it turns into a major drain. No I know maryooley well, they have fantasies of anarchy and mayhem. They see collapse everywhere. I thought you were smarter than this, they had no choice in Yemen, the Iranians were closing in on them. What were they are they supposed to do? It is very unfair to lay blame at their feet for the Yemeni war. Remember the Houthis were on the cusp of taking over the whole of Yemen from the north to south with Iranian support, controlling the ports and all the vital infrastructure. For KSA, that is existential security threat. That threat has been rolled back somewhat, so the campaign is not as bad as some people are painting it. Still, no one can deny the tragedy that befell the civilians but the order of the blame is 1. Ali Saleh 2. Iran and 3. Saudi Arabia in distant third. Your not addressing the issue of the malevolence and hegemonic ambition of the Iranians. They should stop interfering in Arab states. Saudi Arabia and its allies are correct in bringing Qatar to heel, this impish irresponsible double dealing statelet had to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Their pro Iran antics, interference in other GCC countries' affairs through Al Jazeera was too much. Hariri is a fool, he is a giving Hezbollah dominated Lebanon the legitimacy it needs and he is not doing his community a service. Topple the Iranian regime ? Your'e not serious. The Israel bogey too. Nimankan duulanka ku ah dalkiisa iyo diintisaba maxaad ugu diidantahay inuu la dagaalamo. I would do the same as MBS and even be bolder in taking the fight to the devious hegemonic Persians. He is trying to reform his country and economy, that is commendable, I'm not Saudi but I would like for them to succeed. I'm not a hater. The collapse of Sunni power has to do with the disastrous Iraq war and the removal of the counter weight to Iranian ambitions in the region.
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    Guusheenna ninkii Neceb Gidaarka madaxa ha ku dhuftee maxaa innaga galay , Dee waxba
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    One of the most anti-Somaliland websites, WardheerNews, publishes their editorial on Somaliland. @Barwaaqo knows someone who is not happy with WardheerNews today.
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    Meet Sophia, a robot who made her first public appearance in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh on Monday. Sophia was such a hit she was immediately given Saudi citizenship in front of hundreds of delegates at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on 25 October. But as pictures and videos of Sophia began circulating on social media many started to ask why a robot already seemed to have secured more rights than others in the country. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-41761856
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    Maca is a plant and considered a superfood. It's a adaptogen which balances hormones, increases fertility, increases stamina, increases energy, improves reproductive health in both men and women. It also has vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is good for overall health. There's alot more look it up and read all the benefits for yourself.
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    Mooge what this woman accidently stumbled upon is called bone broth aka maraq in Somali. Bone broth is not only made from the bones of the camel but can be made from any animal bones for example beef, chicken, fish etc. It has many positive health benefits of which the most important is healing and repairing the gut. It's the high collagen content from the bones that gives a positive effect on the libido. Moringa is a superfood and black seed we all know. Each one of them is powerful on it's own and has many benefits and when all combined they become very potent and powerful.
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    She's definitely wilding out now that she is in university and has more freedom. It's probably a phase most people have done some silly and stupid things in their younger years.

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