Top Tigray generasl have resigned while Ethiopian military cheif general Samora Yunis is pressured to step down.

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deg-deg-r-wasaraha-ethiopia-aby.jpg?resiAddis(SBN)Wararka naga soo gaadhaya wadanka Itoobiya ayaa sheegaya in uu hirgalay mid kamid ah qorshayaashii Raysal-wasaaraha cusub ee Abiye Axmed Cali, kaas oo ahaa in qoomiyada Tigreega awoodeeda aad looga dhimo.

Xog rasmi ah oo soo gaadhay Wakaaladaha Wararka ayaa sheegaysa in ay iscasileen qaar kamid ah Janaraaladii ushashay qoomiyada Tigreega ee awooda badan kudhex lahaan jiray wadanka Itoobiya, aadna looqadarin jiray.

Sida xogta aan kuhelayno waxaa shaqadii iskaga tagay Puntlanders General Takelabirhan Walde’aragay iyo General Kinfe Dangew oo labaduba udhashay qoomiyada Tigreega, waxaana lasheegayaa in Janaraaladan culays lagu saaray in ay shaqada katagaan kadib markii lagu eedeeyay in ay lunsadeen malaayiin lacag ah oo ay lahayd shirkada korontadu.

Sidoo kale xogo oo aanaan wali la xaqiijinin ayaa sheegaysa in ay shaqiidii katageen taliyihii ciidamada Itoobiya General Samore Yonis iyo taliyihiin ciidanka sirdoonka General Getachew Asafa, kuwaas oo sida lasheegay cadaadis lagu saaray in ay shaqada iskaga tagaan ama la eryo
Halka wararka qaarna sheegayaan in maalmahan is casili doonaan ama shaqada laga caydhin doono labadan general ayaa ah kuwii wadamku gacatooda ku jiray gaar ahaana Kililka 5aad

Is casilaada Samore Yonis iyo Getachew Asafa ayaa haday rumowdo qoomiyadaha Oromada iyo Axmaarada uga dhigan guul taariikhi ah waxayna ahaayeen awoodaha kaliya ee kuhadhay gacanta qabiilka Tigreega, waxaana meesha kabaxaya cabsidii ay kaqabeen dhinaca ciidamada.

Janaraalada is casilay ayaa lasheegayaa in ay shaqadii katageen kadib markii culays lagu saaray in ay sidaas yeelaan isla markaana looban qaaday aduun lacageed iyo waliba amaan lasiin doono, waxaana lasheegayaa in ay shaqada iskaga tagi doonaan saraakiil kale oo Tigree ah kuwaas oo hadaba lagu daba jiro.

Xukuumada Cusub ee Abiye Axmed iyo Dameke Mokonen ay hogaaminayaan ayaa utafa xaytay sidii ay xididada ugu siibi lahaayeen qoomiyada Tigreega oo in badan talada wadanka looga dambeeyay.

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I this video, he praised the Oromo youth called Qeero which the zone five liaison officer OO said were Al-Shabaab..

As I said, if he want t survive, Mr. Abiy has to clean house as quickly as possible. 

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By the same token if that is significant to you:

Abiy went to Tigray

Placed a rif on the monument of the Weyannie

Named Students from 60s, fighers of 17 years of armed struggle from Afar Tigray as the heroes and framers of today's Ethiopia

And to tease some of you he spoke in Tigrigna

He also reminded in Oromia that Oromo needs to live in peace with other Ethnics most of all the Somali, Afar and Tigreans.

He praised the armed forces for keeping law and order and memorialized the police and soldiers who lost their lives in the last years.


That all is insignificant to the challenges to reconcile what Ethiopians want and what the big powers want.

The British are openly askeing/telling Ethiopia to side with them against Russia. Its very uncharacteristic of the British they stated this not behind closed doors, but openly in the media.

The Americans want to press Djibouti.

The Egyptians want to cool the relation between Sudan and Ethiopia.

These are more critical issues than conflict of villages. QERO means Sahabab. One is in Oromo language the other in Arabic.

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he must cut while the knife is hot. 

He could appoint them high places in the cabinet, but must purge them from the intelligence and the army.

OO, all these issues you stated can only  be done after he consolidated power.

The geopolitics of the region is played by the leader who controls the country.

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9 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

The geopolitics of the region is played by the leader who controls the country.


The geo politics is an important part on your way to control a third world country. American interest may be more important on some issue rather than Oromo or galbeedi's wishes.

Do you think any Somali can be president of Somalia without his stand and action being known by the geopolitics players? One leader may want to appear nationalist or internationalist depending what is good to the masses to hear, but in reality its something else.

The relationship with Sudan and Djibouti is critical to Tigray, but not so significant to the Oromo. What do you think he will do?

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6 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:

But I gather, our Galbeedi has a tendency to put all his "political eggs" on one basket case call "wishful thinking". And that is why he is still in here hoping that the Oromo will take over the Ethiopian's state and everyone else in Ethiopia will get in line for such an absurd proposition. Which is the reason he still of the opinion that Mr Abbiy Ahmed will be in a position to dismantle the security service of his country on the basis of getting the Oromo's folks into those institutions.

Its just that in his enthusiasm our galbeedi forget what the Oromo is. He thinks that an Oromo PM can do even same as a Tigray or Welayta PM was able to do.

The times are completely different. The first order of business of Abiy is calm Oromo and assure the Somali and Tigray that the Oromo will be loyal to the federal structure they installed.

galbeedi can not understand that the Somali in Ethiopia is the top champion of federalism, autonomy. The Somali wants to manage his business by himself. Period. The Somali does not want even soldiers from other places. The Somali will do the fighting himself if necessary.

No matter how much Ethipianism the Oromo preaches, will not violate anything on this principle. Thus the Amhara are now in total chaos. Don't know what to do ether to be total opposition or hide for some time.

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    • By galbeedi
      It is official. The era of despot Cabdi Illey is over in the Somali region. 
      After closed door deliberations, the DDSI party had elected Mr. Ahmed Shide as the new leader which officially ends the 11 year painful rule of Illey. 
      This selection will pave Mr. Shide as the new president of the region very soon. Also, the Liyu police has been disbanded as the security force of the Somali region. For the last few days the Liyu have been looting and pillaging communities while abandoning their positions. 
      Also, members of Illey family are been investigated by the authorities for the theft of millions of dollars. 
      It is an end of a painful chapters for a lot of Somalia. A very small group of blood thirsty group,  created and organised by the Tplf and Cabdi Illey have been overthrow thanks to the Oromo uprising. While many Somali including my self were looking to preserve the old order for the sake order and continuity, millions of Somalia want the total demise and the removal of the tyrants who oppressed them for so long. Just like the Oromo celebrated the demise of the Tplf order, for the millions of Somalis the end of Illey and his henchmen is a great relief and a new era of freedom. 
      There were some security concern about the disbanding of the Liyu police and the threat of anarchy and outlaws in the countryside, yet for most people, their disbanding was a relief. Analysts believe that the Liyu is too criminal or murderous to be a force that might fight for independence or even tribal reasons. They were trained to kill and abuse Somali and will not be needed in a land where people are seeking justice and freedom. 
      It is mind boggling how a small ruthless group had managed to oppress and control millions of Somalia for so long. They acted like there is no one else but themselves.
      Now, Illey and his supporters must accept the new order and collaborae for the peace and development of all Somali. He and Tplf wanted to finish off the Somali and createa long  civil war between the Somali and Oromo. There were a lot of victims, but we hope the worst to be over. He gambled to the lives of thousands of Somali to save the Tplf order. After he lost the gamble, he continued to the destructive route until it is too late. 
    • By Old_Observer
      Very sad news.
      Nothing is known yet from the police, but the media is reporting that he died from gun shot and the hand gun colt has been found in the car.

    • By Old_Observer
      Why didn't you bring the most important news for you, the oil well to be drilled announced by Abiy?
      Why this go around to bring civil war among Somalis? What do you gain?
      Why is the area where the pipeline to pass more useful to you than the area where the prospective well is?
      Why cover with Iley why not say the main motivation for you the trade route?