The Wadani party should keep it's leadership for now and get ready for the election of 2019.

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There is a full force campaign by the Jeegaan administration  to not only weaken but also fragment and eventually destroy the Waddani party before the election of 2019. Mohamed  Kahin, a warlord who runs the interior ministry in Somaliland , had publicly declared that the WAddani party is fighting within itself. Laba grab ayuu noqday.


Others hired by the Jeegaan to spread disinformation have come out and declared their intension to fragment the WAddani party. Among those hired to fragment the party are central committee  member Aadan Dhoolayare, and dismissed  former secretary Mohamed Uurcade and probably Hirsi Hassan hiding behind the curtain.


Non of these men except Hirsi were able to bring any votes  to the party. The majority of the community of Uurcade were either voted for Faysal Waraabe or Ina Biixi . Uurcade,  the man who was acting both as spokesperson and secretary of the part was unable to bring any meaningful vote from  Hargeisa. 


Dhoolayare was one of the first to concede the election defeat before even the chairman and the party agreed on strategy. He encouraged Ina Biixi to cancel  and arrest the leaders of the  West Burco community who called a   " Shir Beelled"  to sort out things and comfort the Jeegaan tribal strategy. People like INa Dhoolayare had always acted like mercenaries who will do the bidding of those who pay him the most. He was minister during the regime of the Rayaale government , but changed party at the last minute to support Siilaanyo for tribal reasons.


Last summer, he visited Alberta to encourage and organize the Waddani party members in the province. An Awdalite who was the chairman of the Alberta wing of the party, invited me at the evening event and told me to listen to the one of the top leaders of the party. I showed to the surprise of some people and sat In my corner and listened while people asked him questions about the inability of the Waddani party to fight back. 


When  they asked him about the arrest of prominent Waddani members  by Siilaanyo,  and their inability to demonstrate for their grievances,  he just shrugged off and gave answers that  was befitting of a Jeegaan member. He said, "our country doesn't have insurance to cover property damages caused  by demonstrations " he continued, " During the Rayaale administration which I was member , we even shot demonstrations and governments have a duty  to do these things to keep the order". He was talking as a member of the Jeegaan. When people asked him about the corruption involved about the finance minister Samsam, he just shrugged off and said, " in our culture it is difficult to point the corruptions of a lady or call her names".


Looking back, I come to realize that the reason chairman Cirro was reluctant to challenge forcefully the former Jeegaan administration was basically he was surrounded by people who were not only weak but also had ulterior motives within the party. These kind of people must be purged from the Wadani party. If the chairman gets tough and honest lieutenants the fortune of the party could even grow bigger.


Chairman Cirro should stay now and lead the election of 2019.


I was one of those who criticised  chairman Cirro during and after the election due to his behaviour toward the departed old man Siilaanyo. Yet, at the moment , there is no one other Chairman Cirro to unify the party and organize the next face of the party. Premature party  leadership contest or party convention at this juncture is a recipe for disaster. There is no one more honorable than chairman Cirro In Somaliland  politics at the moment.


For the last few months after the election, chairman Cirro had acted tough on both issues of inflation, Tukaraq skirmishes and the Berbera port issues. He demanded  the disbanding of the former election commission who failed to hold fair and free election. The Waddani party should never allow those comminissioners to hold anymore elections. These  public servants had failed and allowed the registration of tens of thousands of under age kids and other illegal means to take place at the last election.. He is the only credible force for real opposition in Somalilnad. Today, Biixi and company are scared to death from the Wadani chairman and are  using paid operatives like Uurcade to weaken his standing and resolve.


At this juncture, chairman  Cirro ,  not only represents the real opposition, but he has the best credibility among the  people, the region and the international community. For the last few months, Ina Biixi felt  both the power and the prestige of chairman Cirro by trying to bring him on board to help his agenda. Ciroo has accepted some of the invitations to discuss the next elections, but also has declined when the weak Biixi tried to get a boost from the Waddani party to implement his weak agenda.


Due to the fragmented nature of the Somali culture where everyone is his own chief (Keligii Suldaan) and the evil intensions of the Jeegaan, the Waddani party must keep it's unity and hold it's convention when all underlining issues are resolved behind the curtain. In the next few years, if a different strong  leader emerges in the future to  carry the flag, then, and only then you might think to replace chairman Cirro . Yet, the experience gained by chairman Cirro in the last election could be a great assets that will help him to win the next one. There is also another unique issue among the Somali politicians where every disgruntled, fired or  fool who loses the inner party politics would cry foul and say, " the party is broken in two" (Marka uu arko in laga adkaaday ama awood waayo, waxa uu odhan, Baarlamaankii ayaa laba u kala jabay, ama xisbigii ayaa laba u kala jabay). It was Chairman Jawaari who claimed that the parliament was broken in two blocks.


Now, this loser Uurcade,  who is appointed as secretary,  has no legal authority to hold a convention without the party executive. I do not know very well about the rules of the Waddani party, but in most party politics, the candidate of the party usually appoints his campaign team and the executive team that must answer to him.


AS we speak, chairman Cirro,  temporary chairman C/qadir Jirde and vice candidate Mohamed Cali , who form the senior core of the party want to postpone the party convention and rebuild the party while holding accountable the weak Biixi administration who is losing both on economic issues ans regional issues.


Let  Mr. Uurcade,  Dhoolayare and those who are  hiding behind the curtain  to get out of the party and join Kulmiye or any other entity. I heard some people talk about Dr. Gaboose who was a member of the Siilaanyo cabinet. The doctor has no business in the throat cut Somaliland business. He was one of those used by Siilaanyo and promised to replace him. He was briefly a minister and was discarded immediately. While a member of the Wadani party during last election, he disappeared without helping the party. The god doctor is nothing but a vehicle to fragment the party at this crucial state before the 2019 election.


Deja Vue all over again.


in 2011, Cali Waran Cadde destroyed the UDUB party after he lost to Jamaal C. Huseen who fulfilled all the necessary requirements. After that, he sold the rest and joined Kulmiye. This fool, Waran Cade,  is thinking that the Jeegaan would transfer the Kulmiye party from Biixi to him, but if he believes that, he is not only naïve but also a fool. Just like Siilaanyo and Waran Cade conspired to destroy UDUB once and for all, Uurcade and Dhoolayare are doing exactly to do the same. It seems those from South Hargeisa , and Waraabe family are always bought and sold  people in the political market place of the Jeegaan in Hargeisa with no change in sight .Waran Cade destroyed Udub, Faysal Waraabe eliminated UCID of Jamaal and now Uurcade and Dhoola Yare are trying to destroy Wadani. Yet, this time they will fail miserably.


The plot of the Jeegaan is to fragment Waddani like they did to UCID and then bring the whole issue to the Jeegaan controlled court(Kadibna Gar been ahMaxakamada Jeegaanta ha lagu qaado). Unlike UCID, the Waddani party is united under the current leadership and will not accept the false convention proclaimed by Uurcade and others. The party also must warn the Jeegaan not to interfere with the internal party issues or the whole system will be disbanded. No one would accept a Jeegaan managed chaos at this stage. 


Uurcade and others are not happy about the political and electoral moves done by the party executive especially chairman Cirro. This week , Uurcade, Shiine Dheere and others were replaced by the chairman. Shiine Dheere , who is from Awdal is a good man from an influential community,  but his own close cousin is the deputy chairman of the UCID party and according to Somaliland tribal politics that would fragment their votes.


I do believe that the WAddani party must keep the block or the last constituency that gave them hundred of thousands of votes and bring in more regions. On that note, chairman Cirro has brought in as the new deputy of the party someone from the Sool community. While keeping the last  block , Waddani must bring Sool and Sanaag which could put them easily on the winning block.



The short term strategy of the party .


1- Reject and never compromise the dismissal of the last electoral commission.


The old way of electing the election commission must change. The seven commissioners were appointed by the parties (3), Guurti(2)  and the president(2). That formula must change. You can't have the president and his party to send three members with multiple authority. Each party must choose two and the Guurti must appoint one. That is the only way to assemble a fair and balanced commission.


2-Do not make  any leadership changes of the party at the moment.


3- Do not hold any conventions until all underlining issues are agreed and consensus found among members.


4- If possible, the municipal elections must be done first in order for someone else to form a third opposition party that could replace UCID. Having an opposition party helping the Jeegaan was the worst thing that prolonged their rule. Faysal must be defeated or forced to give up the leadership to someone else. You can not have two ruling parties and one opposition.


5-Hold Muuse Biixi and his group accountable and put fire on their feet. Do not associate with him. Muuse can not take the pressure well, so when he cries for help or useless pip artisan coordination, reject you must.


6- Keep and increase the Awdal support. Reach out Sool and Sanaag and keep the last block.


7- Reject the UAE base in Berbera which will endanger the people and put Somaliland in foreign conflict. Yesterday the Houthie missile had hit central Riyaad. A large number of residents could not go outside and the worst is yet to come. The billion dollar American anti missile patriot could not even intercept.  So, never compromise on that issue. If one single missile hits Berbera port, no foreign ship will dock that port just like Aden, Yemen.


8-If Biixi and company break the law, arrest innocent people or steal public assets, Mobilize your supports and hold strong demonstration to show the public anger and frustration.


9- You must expose and defeat Muuse Biixi and company before the election ( Doorashada ka hor waa in aad dadka tustaa in uu ku fayl garoobay xaggii dhaqaalaha iyo maamulka.


10- The chairman must appoint educated , energetic and credible critics who must be ready to answer every government move. 


11- Finally , create a  powerful media  branch of the party that must expose government corruption and Jeegaan nepotism within the public.


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Uurcade from Gabiley has already been sacked.  WADANI is not like UDUB which the Gabiley community had a power in it.  It is managed by the West Burco/Awdal community.




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