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Mn here i come finally, i will see two Restaurants that i want see, the first one is Hamdi, and now Safari. So i will be putting the hospitality received and any other somali place. i also would like to see the somali Malls ,previously i heard about guys standing infront of malls for hunting,am wondering if that still goes around. Over all my main visit is to see somalis business. Here i come Mn!

By the way Safari Chefs, i hope i will not be charged the Basbas it must be free!

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Originally posted by Kimiya:

quote:Originally posted by CLEVER-TREVOR:

bombastic lol...fantastiK..

you have recipe's online right...

same web site..

good luck..

Hook the sister up too. The photos you posted on the other thread looked so good... I've got to try it.


No sound, no image for me.
Youtube it Tenacious
YOUTUBE COMING up was having trouble d/l this file since yesterday but i finnaly got a program up that will d/l it for will be here once it's up...

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^U better get served chicken FantastiK soon ey? :D


CT, have you thought about putting some of the recipes on the web? I know you dont want to reveal restaurant secrets but Somali recipes are almost non-existant on the web. Think of it as venturing into where no Somali-chef has gone before. :D


I googled Somali cuisine/dishes and NOTHING come up.. except a dish about Crabmeat Stew. CRABMEAT STEW? I'm not even sure in xeebta soomaaliya crab laga helo. :S

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^Was I that subtle. ;)


I second the Somali recipe collection idea. I'd even by a book on the subject. It'll be another first CT :cool:

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^^ Yes yes someone pliz convince him to put those recipes on the web or a book that we can buy, and no one jump to conclusions that Kimiya, Serenity and I can't cook :D we merely want to promote Somali cooking!

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^^^yeah right"! All three can't cook everyone :D well they can make toast, and kimiya and Serenity also can make English Tea, while hodman makes American Coffee smile.gif But i agree a Recipe book is a good idea, very good idea in fact. :D

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^^ hey now I feel all exposed :D

well at least am trying...Ibtisam what can u cook my dear? Coffee? Tea or none :D

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Hi guys,

Sorry i haven't been able to write back to all of you

I've been extremely bizzy,with the new Restaurant

opening up and doing catering all around town.

The thing is americans live off the tv, after

that brief segment,people have been flocking

from every part of town to come and eat that

single dish,funny.


Thank you guys, and my lil'bro ten-J thanx for

posting that on Youtube looks great,


About the recipe Ideas, I am willing to share

with you all or any thing, From Pre-marinating

to prepin your vegatable and to it's finnal

presentation of ready to serve.When your trying

to Impress your wife/ husband/ family/ freinds now

you have a freind who can help.Think of me.


The perception of African food isn't quite

welcoming in the west,maybe of the whole

continent of Africa it self.Africa is the largest

continest with the most divesrsed cultures,

yet how could the mindsets of the west be all the same about Africa?


Just somalia alone has over 200 n' plus dishes and

influences,so imagine all of the African countries.


Somali Food is the only food in the world that

has influences ranging from Middle

eastern,Italian,Indian and also African,

Imagine the fusion!

Soor in somali is also called Ugali in east

Africa and Fufu in most West african countries,

So we somalis do with it is serve it as breakfast

with Caano Ciir ah, with sligh Sugar

mostly practiced for (Suxuur) in the Rammadan

either for lunch with Costo iyo Hilib Ari or

Suqqar iyo *Suugo Which is Italian Origin,

Bariis Isku Karis also Known as Baryanni In India

Spices can be cinnamon,lemon pepper, ginger,

paprika, garlic, ground coriander, cumin,


In addition,

The Basic Idea of our Venture is to provide a

the best Gourmet Somali Platters available on

the planet.Food is something to embrace and have

a wow at it,I have somalis that approach me and

say "Hey Your Food is not somali, Than i asked

them tell me what Somali food is?If they can't

answer that,I take the courtesy and time to

educate them,or even maybe take them to the

Kitchen(not likely)if insisted.


Anyway long talk made short

We have an amazing food as people

the world needs to smell it and enjoy it

and we need to embrace it.

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Originally posted by Jacaylbaro:

quote:Originally posted by Muj. Red Sea:

Waryaa that is great stuff.


My brother which his name is Mukhtar was there over the weekend, he had meher lunch there, you probably met him?

WAxaan moodayay inaad lahayd afsoomaali mooyaane wax kele dib la iigu arki maayo ,,,

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