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Wife wanted

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Wife wanted, must be able to dig, clean, cook worms and clean fish.Must have own boat with motor. Please send photograph of motorboat.



Once in a lifetime offer, to get yourself the original, genuine article.One of the most handsome and smartest bachelor's around is now looking for

a wife.



Wife required to complete the formula of my life. Must be numerate and understand complex algebraic logarithms. Needed to help further my

family unit.



Well there is definite room for improvement in my life. The speed of my current flows of information and processes is slowing down and the

injection of a wife into my life is bound to improve efficiency.

Compatibility could be an issue.



Wanted a sturdy, reliable, low depreciating wife.



Wife required to complete my life. Please only level headed applicants.

She must not have her heads in the clouds, but have her feet firmly on the

ground. Her heart must be in it for the long haul. And she absolutely

must also be aerodynamically sound!!!



Wanted wife who takes interest in me and credits me with her service.



Required a girl - 5'8' 36' 24' 36' with a good head for figures. She

must be averse to making unnecessary expenditure and her very nature should

be one of generating as few expenses in my life as possible.






I am looking for a wife to cure the emptiness in my life. However if you feel the need for a second opinion then it's fine by me.



I'm searching for a wife to fill the space in my life. Someone to share

my universe. Must have looks that are out of this world!

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Reminds me of a great song by Nanko:


Damn man, Your life must be so happy,

You've got your wife and some lovely kids,

As for me, I'm here trying to look a life



Lucky you, you've got a woman to go home to

I've got to find me myself a woman

What I wouldn't do man

Lucky you, you've got some kids to attend to

I've got to find me myself a woman

What I wouldn't do now

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