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^^^ yo Cons ..I spread the disease when i speak. infect ya whole body from ya head to your feet. im just the danke in this game to pic up the mic.And just the one to end this ******* life. u proly stunned after just 3 bars,after sixteen i leave you burnt bleedin and scared. you aint gangsta not by far,you soft, fluffy anything but hard. Only 4 more left before this shit come to a close.and where your body is, none will kno.. i can see it in your eyes u dont wanna battle no mo. F*** it, the end, i aint wastin my breath, i can see that you already so close to death. Cons you failed tha test its over who wanna battle me next?...



P:S- we just messin around yaah..holly shit back then we were so evil..

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oh this is simply wonderful!


now there's four gamers...good stuff!


so its set then? thinker vs con & lee vs dig


that leaves socod and pucca to be the judges...aint that right socod? you cool with being a judge?



:rolleyes: dig, pucca does NOT do cheerleading...remember, its 'neutral' judge from my corner.


let the insults continue


*this is about as much fun the jokes section has ever had...i think i might frame, polish and hang this thread* :D

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^^ Waryaa- pucca u still got her battling me' maan I think u guys enjoy seeing her dissed or something' this is cruely'


She is done' she is coming up with line like

i am packing like stan' dont u guys have no heart.


Ok- this is sending her home gift! (advice and tips inside)



call this lyrical quarentine cuz you thought you was harmin me

please you could stick sirens on my head and u not really alarmin me

If you know I am right about this battle then why u still botherin me

Pucca please tell ur gurl to stop following me

Maaan u irritating like sinus!

only thing u have really when u keeping ur silence

Now let me take a minute and give some brotherly advice

Just cuz u s*ck! Doesn’t mean everybody swallowin-guys/ (just u babes ;) )

the rules say 'no bullsh*t', strange! why I am still seeing ur replies

Is like I am in the artic’ i ain't even sweatin these rhymes

Serving her quick – so I gave her the BIG D Order with fries

Making u SHAKE before battle’ like da vibrators in ur purse

U wanna see what bullsh*t looks like, take one more look at ur-verse

Juz cuz u arranged some words on a screen u telling people u rappin!

this battle reminds me of ur birth, it was never meant-to-happen

Tell me lee – when u say u whoop me’ Who u decievin'

I can tell u neva spitted before’ Ufff! u the type to keep the semen

Haha ok enough with the dirty humour I’m sure you hear enough at home

I only was spitting this perverted words cuz well…u heard “when in Romeâ€

U Do what the romans do

My lines stay off the hook like phones in the ghettos do

Everybody know I won already -Just statin tha fact

Somebody tell JLEE it is over- stop returning with crap,

She be fightin with the REPLY button cuz da computer always sendin it back...


ps- this is the message that the screen reads




kix kix kix :D ala maxey dhididaysaa!

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Lol @ Digaale..

this is fun here it goes..


You pick on a girl but I guess that’s your level

Step up your game, and step to this rhyme devil

My sledge hammer grammar leave you twisted like 8

I see through you, you transparent like thong see through

How this for a metaphor, I am bloody like Texas chainsaw

You bloody like a teen giving her first birth

I am on top shitting on whole earth

You soft like Xalwa I see it in your verse

I came so close contributing to your birth

If this was a movie, you’d need to go and rehearse

Verses deeper then the ocean, you full of emotions

And this is just a caution, so beware of my lyrical gun flare


Digaale dangle a rope and hang yourself,

I paint blood on your cloth, blood from your folks

too hardcore push a gun in throat

rhyme strategic, extinct species called the undefeated

and I haven't started I am just getting heated

Somalia’s finest call me your Highness

Mic-vet, you not safe till you buy a vest

as you guessed I bodybag the best,

question what mine, then step up and test


I grant your moms her wish and str8'n you up

Your whole style is a standup comedy.

Go ahead take the mic and humor me

nah! Sit down son this isn’t for you

Next time bring that white boy that got S on his chest


oh yeah Thinker I didn't forget about you LOL


Coming at me you just seeking fame

You blonde-dumb pick a another nickname

I am swift with the rhyme bring end to you fool

I push you from the edge till you falloff like Ja rule

You like Michael Jackson nothing but history

6 bars more then enough for you, taker wack rhyme back to school

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Dead-man walking:


Look at what you wrote

dude only a retard would find it amusing

You are like an obnoxious drunk on the freeway:

You cruising for a bruising:and wacha doing rapping?

Dude your rhymes sound cheap and outdated

Like you just got them out of leeway:

I feel like I'm being sh!t talked to at half-price fam

But what did I expect: Even if you had two hearts,

You couldn't be the man I am: that is just how nice I am

And I called you Stan, cause like that man in that Em vid

All you doing is writing love letters:And from now, Soldier

Show respect when you addressing your betters (General Lee!)

Plus, only thing alarming about you is your lack of reason for being:

Just hang yourself like con said, cause dude

You don't even deserve to breathe the same air that I fart in:

C'mon u are like that man with those 9 men behind him:a shadow stalker

And stop recycling my lines, you rhyme stealer: As for your own advice

Shove that up where the sun doesn't shine:

You the only guy in the hood who had more nines

Shoved up there than the neighborhood concubine ( :D )

Like trying squeeze a penny out of a dime,

You are useless: brainless schmuck,

You the same f!ck who put a hand

over his watch, thinking he could hold time:

And your lines are about amazing as watching paint dry!: Yeah chap

I do fight with my reply tab: not because it sends it back:

It just can't believe I'm battling a man whose only win was in a "make it clap" dance

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^^^ hahaha...ya good Lee



Yo,-Cons-u aint nothing but a Cons the tank

the shit u spit wot is it a prank

Crack house ur hood well u shortly get shanked/

Thinker dats me master and don’t stutter cuz I blast ya /

U be watching sketchy bullets go past ya/

Some be faster speeds penetrating disaster/

So u aint got a chance of living /

the verbs I spit are vigorously dissing /

And don’t tink I be mission Cons....... ur bigger than a ******* politician /

Just before it comes to an end flick back frow ur life brain cells apprehend /

This aint no love story so I kill u in stead /

coz I shoot u dead twice in the head /

Don’t make me lath ur nothing but a wanksta/

Some littal cunt who be tinking hes gangsta /

So don’t try an add expansion to ur lyrics /

U can’t improve that’s just physics /

I aint wasting my time on u small time crime/

U aint got shit on lyrics that are mine /

Just f*** off to ur crack house is that fine...



haha bring it on am just warming up dude !



Two shaay.....

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LoooL@SB' what is captivating'


ala die-hard supporters waa kuwaaas


Anywas- Since this battle aint about how many punches or bars u got' it is just how much u can write' It aint my kind of style'


So i am gonna do tha unthinkable' and give Lee the victory' ( spring break is over) hehehe


So mizz Lee' now ur cheerleaders can all come out of the hiding' icon_razz.gif


Second thing- I didnt like how this dude conspiracy suka punched me' at least tell a dude if u gonna battle him' while he is still in another battle- anyways i dont have alot of time' I am gonna reply once to u' and and kill ur rubish- :mad:


To- Conspiracy

U a fake actor with theories like mel gibson

U couldnt spit hard even if u swallowed a d*ck son**** warming up


Listen You got a horrible flow, even ya mom's a witness

ur skillz are more washed up than tsunami victims

Sad'I never thought somalia's finest was a retard

on the real ur verses hold 'zero intrest' like my visa check card

I am battlin her cuz she got more balls than u and u just her groupie

U see thru me?

Punk I’ll stare at you ‘till you scared and transform

To a fat, hairy, women without no f*ckin pants on.

Then my flow will work u out like kanye West,

cuz beatin me is harder than takin a spanish test.

Sh*t, next battle imma let you borrow my rhymes like a ‘summer-rental’

Your rhymes are too basic go back and learn your ‘fun-da-mentals’

ur a poser a fake, even Pamela Andersons boobs are real then u

someday you’ll look back at this battle and see how ****** you look

talkin about gun flares dude u got more lies than a fictional book

tha last crap u wrote had more 'deadlines' then a due date

u need to 'come out of the closet' stop spyin on ur roommate

People if thiz guy wins It must be the year of the b*tchez

Juz like when i popped his lil sister' we'll have more blood an stichez

she call me yesterday, that's how i found out about his reply on this thread,

so I figured his conspiracy' it was just to give-head

both of his parents are fags' so that makes him *****'made :D

Waryaa it is clear i am killing u softer than lauryn hill,

when i am done wit this rhyme you gonna have ur face on a dollar bill. (The new 0 cent bill)


Ps. This is my last reply to ur nursery rhymes' cuz u just a kid to me

I cant beleive my eyes u da biggest b*tch i've seen since the Statue Of Liberty

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*sigh* i still think dig had some great stuff. And just look at the way he left? hot was a hot exit. its just really sad that you had to refer to pucca as the 'cheerleader' when i was the judge..but you're forgiven for that silly rude title.



as for cons and the two have yet to show your true colors.



lee, darling talented seems with dig throwing in the towel you're the winner *ahem*. now you can either pack and be totally happy with where you are now...OR you can start picking on cons *i say you pick on cons* ...oh and toss thinker a few lines too.



~neutral judge signs out~

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I refuse to be a winner by default: the battle will resume after the quarter is over, insha'allah (can't be certain both of us will live that long :D )

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Kaf,Kaf, Kaf, the King is back, and bout to do it all again, y'all thought i left, but here i come.



Diggy Cedric the Empty

here i come once again, all

up in your fake,copy-paste baraanbur.

man i can't believe you confessed

that you had to take a break to write

your rhymes, and the only thing you came up with was some porno, thinking you were good at it,

but JLee just used that against U, and when

you got even deeper, she just left you hangin

i guess that is why you got your PHd in porno,

and still doin your GED on writin

remindin me that Clarence dude,

i guess Anita just stop you from reaching top,

cuz you never had your act to be that high

that is why i never went beyond 4 lines with

you, cuz it was goin take u a whole day to respond, that is why i choice to fly instead,

and use my break to satisfy my needs

this got me up on some questions too,

why do some people have to fly so high, and some so low, why others have to think where they goin sleep while some wonder why they can't sleep, and why do some have to post,

while others have to postpone :D

but yo i am havin doubts about your faminine side, but let me ask U

is you a sista, and this is for real? :confused:

cuz u dress like one (qaamar), write like one (baraanbur), and if i am not wrong, you is the only SOL man to be spotted at the Sista's fashion thread, for saying some shid like 'just checkin on y'all'


sxb to be fair, you said you were goin back to high school, but i think otherwise, i think you will learn more by posting on these boards than you ever will by writing from the blackboard :D


sorry this is long, just came back from by vacation. but check it we goin make this group game, but we still have to battle to figure who can go all the way, then start the group one.

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War ina Qaaxo ma saan baa kuu dambeysay? yaa


ala wakhti uun hadaan kuu heli lahaaa' waxaad qortay baan ku yaq yaqsaday walahi' inteed ka keentay' intaad maqneyd oo idil mahalaan baa la jiiftay.


I am not even gonna wast time to write to u' cuz u still gettin killed over the last verses hehe



War aniga i dont rap' so tell me why u still beefin

xalal meat and everything' I see u wanna be hero

but when i say "iskeen waryaa!" u pee on ur bambiro kix kix kix war fulay sanaa

I was right about this one- cuz u ran away hehe :D


I verbally perfect never curse in my verses,

ur disses were worthless,

Maan I hate battlin guys who drop the soap on purpose!!//



stay up mr SOAP..

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