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Somaliland Registered Voters

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Gobolka Maroodijeex:-  waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 312,634

1.    Hargeysa:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey   222,975

2.    Gabiley:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey    58,087

3.    Balli-gubadle:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey  14,757

4.    Salaxley:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey   16,815


Gobolka Saaxil:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 78,842

1.    Berbera:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 63,831

2.    Sheekh:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 15,011


Gobolka Togdheer:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 178,506

1.    Burco:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 144,954

2.    Oodwayne:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 23,614

3.    Buuhoodle:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 9,933


Gobolka Sool waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 71,096

1.    Laascaanood:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 29,558

2.    Caynaba:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey  31,052

3.    Xudun:- waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 5,341

4.    Taleex:- waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 5,145


Gobolka Sanaag:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 85,222

1.    Ceerigaabo:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 50,432

2.    Ceel-afwayn:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 12,203

3.    Gar-adag:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 17,962

4.    Badhan:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 4,625


Gobolka Awdal:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 147,031

1.    Borama:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 90,496

2.    Saylac:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 26,547

3.    Lughaya:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 15,185

4.    Baki:- Waxa iska diiwaangaliyey 14,830

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Some interesting facts:


  1. Borama is the third largest city in Somaliland. 
  2. The entire SSC region has less than 55K registered voters. This is a land mass that is almost 30% of all Somaliland. 
  3. There are more registered votes in Gabiley than Ceerigaabo. 
  4. Hargeisa's numbers are not impressive considering it was always considered the second largest Somali city. 



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That is like 6% of the registered voters. Is Somaliland's claim to SSC legitimate if all it could register in that region is 55K people. The actual number that voted is even lower I think. 

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Each region only had few weeks to register. Some of the reasons why the low number of registration including:


1. Rushed timeline

2. Not a very good campaign to bring people out

3. Many people didn't bother b/c they think this is just a waste of time.

4. Many people didn't register b/c of issues like migration - they belief the IRIS data could fall into EU border control.

5. Many people didn't register b/c of the process itself which is a very prolonged & time consuming. i.e. you will need to have the Aqil of your subclan verify that you are a citizen. 

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