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Do we really say "Ooga Booga Shooga"

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I was surfing the net and came across a funny post that says when Somalis say

"ooga booga shooga dooga" they mean establish comprehensive trauma recovery. Surprisingly enoguh even google translate says that



With my limited Somali language knowledge i could tell there is something wrong,i even got the nerve to ask google to remove this non-sense translation ?


If you agree with me, then would you join me and send a feedback to google asking them to remove this translation.


bless you

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Hey dude, you could be partially correct.


The sentence is wrong , but two of the words could mean:


Oog = Salaada Ooga= establish prayer.

Doog= Xanuunkii waan ka soo Doogtay= I did recover from the illness.

Shoog= not Somali.


Feel better?

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