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  1. glad that Google translate corrected that mistake now. this is the original video Thanks all
  2. I was surfing the net and came across a funny post that says when Somalis say "ooga booga shooga dooga" they mean establish comprehensive trauma recovery. Surprisingly enoguh even google translate says that With my limited Somali language knowledge i could tell there is something wrong,i even got the nerve to ask google to remove this non-sense translation ? If you agree with me, then would you join me and send a feedback to google asking them to remove this translation. bless you
  3. Odey;887205 wrote: Consider the following in your plan; 1. The elderly. This group, particularly if they dont have a support system are extremely vulnerable 2. Orphans- Make sure those that you send the money to help the actually deliver on this(So many greedy people out there) 3. Mothers raising kids- Particularly if they are married to a poor man or divorced and have no support network 4. Your own "Walid", Grandmothers, Abti's, Adeer's whom you feel are needy. I could not agree more with Odey, but would start with my close relatives first. I have been doing that for the last 15 years and hope Allah will accept it. One more thing is once you start send money you need to continue sending it because i found out that they some how plan their spending around what your are sending. So send the amount that you know you can continue sending it on regular basis. In Ramadan or Eid you could send more as they say Barakada Ramadan bless you
  4. May Allah accept him in paradise just curious is your cousin's name AbdulRaheem?
  5. Originally posted by General Duke: just out of curiosity what proves that this photo was taken during the doctors graduation party? I don't know if it was mentioned in the Somali written part, but i could not catch it
  6. Cooool I never imagined such somali audio books do exist
  7. Aslamo Alikom I enjoyed reading these scenarios and was calling back memories when i saw others (sometimes me ) doing one of these things. However, i would like to comment on one case The Reckless Lane-Changer: A Reckless Lane-Changer is a person who was unable to join at the start of the prayer, but still wants to participate. When entering a highway, there are specific guidelines as to where, when, and how you are to merge onto it; you cannot simply swerve over when you wish! Likewise, when joining the congregational prayer which is underway, a person cannot join during Sujood, Tashahud, or just any other time that one sees fit. From what i know a late comer should join the prayer at any point without waiting for Imam to stand up. Of course the raka'h will be counted only if he/she joined before or during rukoo.