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Somalia: Puntland sets int’l presence condition for talks with Federal Govt

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Reer Gedo kulaha war go and listen to former defence minister. He said 98 percent of the so called SNA is from local warlords and clans. Thats why embargo is not lifted and financial is not coming through.

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Tsk tsk .... Poor 2.5Buntland im feeling sad for them so far away from reality so close to Madness. Their bluff was seen right trough , Moqadiso people said no talks whats next.

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SOMALIA: Speaker Jawari hails MPs’ efforts to mediate between FG and Puntland


Mogadishu (RBC) The Speaker of Somalia’s Federal Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari has hailed the efforts led by Members of the House to mediate between the Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland to end the rift within.


In a Press Statement released on Sunday, Speaker Jawari strongly noted that the mediation initiative led by the parliamentarians hailing from Puntland was inline with the goodness and the interest of the nation as he encouraged for its continuation.


“As speaker and the chairperson of the House of People of Somalia, I welcome and commend the role played by members of the house to find an end for the small rift and diversity of views emerged between the Federal Government and Puntland.” the statement read.


The Speaker added that in accordance with article 61 of the Provisional Constitution, the legislators while fulfilling their responsibilities shall be guided by the

best interests of the nation as a whole.


“I support and encourage the utmost efforts done by these legislators to find solution for the diversities of views between the FG and the Puntland State of Somalia.” he added.


The Speaker of the Parliament gave 30 days ultimatum to end the mediation and bring a better solution for the crisis that emerged from the government in Mogadishu and the Puntland region as a member state.


The Speaker’s press release came a day after MPs from Puntland who met with President Abdiweli Gaas in Garowe returned back to Mogadishu.




RBC Radio

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