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Support your local Somali Restaurant: Number 2

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This is my second topic dedicated to supporting Somali restaurants


Last time it was Banaadir Restaurant, so this time it will be Jubba restaurant to "diversify"


5330 Terner Way

Ste 40

San Jose, CA 95136

Neighbourhood: Blossom Valley
















Comments from non Somalis


This place is delicious. I actually came here when there was only 1 review but I am very glad there are so many now! It must mean business picked up and must be doing well.


It's a Somalian restaurant nestled in a plaza right next to the VTA station off Santa Teresa. My first experience here, I was greeted by the friendly owners and was also given a free sambusa appetizer plate and some orange/tang-like drink. If you have an appetite, go with the sports plate. Perfect for two grown, hungry men. I especially love the lamb and the chicken they serve there. Come hungry, leave happy!




Soooo so sooooo so so good!


I was hesitant to go because when I was told it was an East African restaurant and all I could think of was Injera. Me and injera do NOT mesh.


But lo and behold, upon my first smell! I was drooling! The first taste was another story. Everything is just really so flavorful! I have no idea what that green sauce they put on the side was but it def added 8 factors of spicy deliciousity points! My bf got a wrap that was also bomb.


The prices are amazing! We got huge dishes for less than ten bucks! I had half my plate left for the next day!


If I can "crave" a restaurant's food after one visit, it gets my 5 stars. BELIEVE THE HYPE!


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