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Wiil Cusub

Egal Int. Airport Hargeisa

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nuune;977105 wrote:
War orod jidka fakkinka tag!

Waaba meesha uu degen yahay;)


Addresskiisu waa:

AL's Residential Estate,

1 Fakkin Street,

Daanta Daanyeerada


Maroodi Jeex



Meeshaasi waa caan marnaba kama anbanaysid, dadka oo dhan ayaa kuu tilmaamaaya oo ku odhanaya "ma meesha Ina Blonde inner circlekiisa kula tunto":p

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The Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi yesterday laid the foundation stone of an extension to the existing passenger terminal and build extra facilities necessary for the terminal. This includes enlarged modern arrival and departure lounges to cope with the increasing number of passengers using the Egal International Airport.


Speaking during the stone laying ceremony, he said, “This is the fourth time the Egal International Airport is undergoing expansion since the current KULMIYE government came to power some three years ago”. He went on to say that the idea to expand the departure and arrivals terminals came about after consulting with the three main carriers which use the airport namely Daallo Airlines, Jubba Airways and African Airlines. International airports often have many airlines represented.


“We are now receiving an ever increasing number of flights and passengers using the airport facilities since the airport was open compared to one year ago when only 90,000 passengers used the airport ,now we hope the number will rise to 500,000 passengers by next year since we now have longer runways and facilities to accommodate almost every type of aircrafts which are commonly used for international or intercontinental travel and now Egal International airports will also serve as hub for places where non-direct or transit flights may land and passengers switching planes”, stated Hon Hashi.


The Minister of Aviation Hon Mahmoud Hashi also reiterated his commitment to continued work with local operated Airlines (Daallo, Jubba & African Airlines) in any future development and expansion of the facilities at the Egal International.


Another notable contract of US $ 800,000 was awarded to Daryeel, a local construction firm following successful bidding to refurbish, renovate and build extra facilities necessary for the terminal.


The same includes enlarged modernizing arrival and departure lounges, as well installing five new wind turbines wind data monitoring station will also assist in powering the airport.

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