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Xaaji Xunjuf

Anti Garowe clan enclave protests in buhoodle

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Xaaji Xunjuf;968581 wrote:
Classified mayaa reer budhcad badeed lama tol aha reer Khatumo, reer khatumo waxay la dhiig yihin the Afro Hashimiates

War xaji ha ku Xiqin dadkan the whole baxbax land project is closing up. It went from "i control 6 regions because of my isir" to sneaking in ballot boxes into badhan hahah and buhoodle. Masakinta Iska daa waxba Umay hadhin. They now have Bari and nugaal which is a barran wasteland even they don't want to live their and half of mudug. Hag ba utaliya their wirst nightmare from now on (property of hag) No petrol, 2.5 state, no significance at all.



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XX, for this month of ramadan, try and be nice and post positive threads.


You can start by not using Garowe clan enclave for a start. Baby steps.

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