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Using Accents to pick up girls..When asked, dude says Somalia..looooooool

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I wasn't necessarily hinting that Ngoge & Aphopis are the same person. Just that someone who's been on this forum for less than six months can hardly be a veteran, unless! he's been around longer..:P


Sherlock who? :)" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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5;901565 wrote:
You're a sick and twisted man. And you're trying to mess with the completely wrong person. I can see right through you. If you think I'm like you,the type that does fake nice in public, think again. I don't need your fake smilies and bullshite. What I need is you to let me be. You lost, I beat you in your own game (when you still called yourself Marx and made that silly
) accept it and MOVE the fc:uk ON.

take a chill pill Bonnie!


how can i let you be? when you're quite obviously mad about me babes!


i remember that thread and how you led me was like msn strip-tease! i didn't ask you to PM me and give me your msn! you gladly handed yourself to me......i wasn't too keen but if you think you can lead me on and leave as quickly as you came, then you're a vile human being whose not worthy of mention!

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