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SoL Nomad of the Year for 2012

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Mooge and Apophis made good impact on SOL arena.


1. Mooge introduced a sense of honesty regarding political views, he acknowledged what the seniors such as Abwaan, Abtigiis and Xiinfaniin wouldn't, his source is the local fadhi ku dirir, Hotel Something in Eastleigh. We must commend this action. His outspoken nature against HAG was also something we have yet to come across.


2. Apophis, though he reminds me of a said banned member (or one that is here already *wink* *wink* *wink*), he is a new sense of originality. An Atheist Jubbaland supporter, Apophis has understood and mastered the fine line between trolling exacting no toll, to cleverly hit between the lines. His adversaries see none of it. Writing god instead of God will go unnoticed by the masses, but some see it, some see his work at first hand, and we shall commend it.


I vote for Apophis. I will send him a friend request.

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Dad badan oo aan aniga ka kow ahay list-gan uma qalmaan dad kale oo ey ka mid yihiin juxa, J'baro iyo kuwa kaloo badanna waa la dulmiyay :)

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