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True Islamic leadership

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If only Alshabab had better vision and better leadership. what we ought to know is that this 4.5 soon or later will run

out of gas. It's sooner than I thought before another bloody civil war will ignite. It's getting worse before it gets better.

If Alshabab wasn't hijacked by foreign ideology and fairy tales.


They had power of faith and strong self discipline. These goverment officials and all regional goverments are all working

towards making Somalia less of united country, they all go under the 4.5 principle.

Everyone wants piece of the pie and even if they happened to have some, stil not enough. Under Islamic law , this wouldn't be

the case. We would have a leader from any clan and yet be happy. No corruption , no abusing the power , no rapist,no killers

, no theft, strictly islamic way without going back to stone ages. No regional government under trablism.


We need Islamic movement once more . Our country will be united and won't be force to be govern under 4.5

We need to heal from trablism and yet our whole system is based under trablism . Just so you know , every election a civil

can abrupt because group of people didn't get ministry job and start all over again.



African soldiers won't be around to protect these cowards forever that's why we need Islamic movement with no backing of

any foreign extrimist . Who will rule Somalia with fairness . System built by foriegners and being force to us by thier agents will never bring stability.


What Somalia needs today is not proffesors and businessmen , but we truly need people who are devoted to Allah and have

fundamental understanding of Islam not through minds of extrimist, but through the Quran and the prophets teachings.


4.5 is similar to curing cancer with a aids

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There is no magical political system that will suddenly bring about peace in Somalia. Communism, Islamic etc. All of these ideologies would be dependent on Somali leaders, and that's were the problem lies. I prefer federalism as it is a form of damage control. It limits the extent to which federal f**k ups will be felt throughout the country and allots us a few extra years to rethink our future as a nation.

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