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WarDegDegAh: PM AbdiweliGaas Ayaa Qalinka KuDuugay Aqoonsiga MamulGoboleedka KhatumoState Of Somalia

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^ waa in denial wax fahan.. All somalilanders are losing in every end..This year has been a bad year for them so far...


Puntland oil exploration,Khatumo formation and recognition.


Somalia having a stable goverment and the world finnaly focusing on somalia and coming to their aid,


They are running out of cards. They can no longer say "hey were stable and the south is anarchy so please recognise us."lol




and oh yeah puntland is building stronger military right under their noses .lol

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Abdul;808439 wrote:
What reality???You dont know reality even if it hits you in the face.

Siyad Barre used the somali name & the somali army to attack otha clans & destroy somalia along with his tribal agenda.Abdiweli is using the somali name and will lose too....they both your cousins.Your little games neva dry up & keep repeating the same mistake...that's why your group always crying loud about greater enhance their incessant crooked schemes.Where most somalis want somaliweyn to better thmslvs,you on the otha hand see as a tool to power & fulfil your little agendas.FAIL...

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Wikileaks and other reliable sources also point to collusion between President

Abdirahman Farole and Prime Minister Abdiwali M. Ali that they own shares

through their families in Horn Petroleum (51% owned by Africa Oil) which was

created recently in July 2011 just after Prime Minister Abdiwali M. Ali came to

power at the Transitional Federal Government based in Mogadishu. The ownership

structure also looks one sided with the Oil companies owning 70% while the

Puntland Government owns 30% – the real question is where are the Somali

Parliamentarian at both the Puntland and TFG level who are to debate strategic

issues of this nature and why are they silent on this issue?



That's why you need to run gov't :D

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